DRACARYS! - Raphael's Primal Ascended Dragon Journal


You will be more manly than Chuck Norris.


Really looking forward to see how Lion Q works out for you.


I actually really love both names dude. I hope LionQ gives you exactly what you want and need.

Love this, what a great way to take action. It reminds me that even the smallest step such as this can lead to massive action and aid in the growth we need to achieve our goals.

This is magical. Like I said above, just something so simple can change everything.

I’ve felt this on my runs with The Executive, it’s a powerful sub to play even if you don’t get results straight away. It can help kickstart you onto that necessary momentum.

I’d be interested in your results for this.


I chuckled out loud at that :grin::grin::grin:


Me too, dude. Thank you!


Yeah, I feel the same, my man

I agree. That’s the great thing about the subs here. Just push a bit and leave the rest to the power of our DR (and others) programmed subconcious


Exactly, that tiny bit of action mixed with these subs can make some life alternating results that make a big deal.


@Brandon - I got a breakthrough regarding choosing between Mogul/EoG and the answer is: NEITHER!

The DR (doctor) recommended Ultimate Artist to me. Yup! That feels right alright!

Will elaborate my reasons for it in my next journal entry today evening


Wow that was pretty quick. How did you ask? Anything specific that you need to get that answer?

Sounds like a great answer to me, I’m sure it’ll go well with however you use it. I’ve never used Ultimate Artist but as a dancer and choreographer I really should ultise it in some way/shape or form.

Looking forward to it, please tag me :pray:t4:


Just ask DR “What do I need to do?” regarding whatever doubt you have. And then forget about it, believeing that DR will give you the answer. I was doing something else (ordering stuff on amazon and looking through my older customs) when the thought hit me: “Hey! How could I forget Ultimate Artist?”. Try it, man. You will get the answer that absolutely feels right for you


Wow man, I can’t believe (I mean I can but still) how simple it is and how we can mess something as simple as that up and allow ourselves to overcomplicate it.

I’ll get onto that now as I’m about to head to sleep.
Thanks again man.

P.s. I’m glad you made your decision on which sub will help you, I’m thrilled for your success to come to you.


It’s only appropriate that the great Raphael would run Ultimate Artist
Between DR, LionQ and that you’ll be a dragon riding lion with paint in your wind whipped mane :sunglasses:


I’m trying this
I’ve been torn khan with HOM and stark, without stark…Emperor with DR-add eog or HOM still etc.
I’ve asked DR and let it gooo!!!


Oh man! Congrats! Ready to read Writer’s Journey again?
Or you’ll head towards illustration?


maybe this only works when you get to stage 2…


I’d love to keep updated on what you end up choosing - as you know your journey excites and inspires me so please do keep me updated on the outcome of your choice using this method too.


Of course-!! -lots of circuitous deep analysis at the moment-some intuition, FOMO, two paths diverge in a wood…testing…I’ll get there ! and you’ll know about it :)!
I may even start a new journal if I move off Emperor.


Sweet dreams to you!


Ahahaha! Very soon I will have a whole circus of customs named after animals. Maybe a Stallion Ultima for a Horse Biggus Dickus :smile::smile::smile:


Lmao–what about Donkey Destroyer Ultima!?