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Maybe create a new title and call it God Amongst Men


Haha yes. We could create a custom from those titles but there is something about Subclub making a title on their own. A massive one which takes into account everything and we just have to name embed it if we want

EDIT: okay, you mean SubClub could call it “God Amongst Men”. Awesome title!


To be honest i think khan covers all that…no one ran khan in full from stage 1. So im assuming Khan still has so much to be unlocked.


Khan does cover a lot but it doesn’t cover physcial shifting like Emperor Fitness or creativity like the upcoming Renaissance Man or… we can go on. But that’s exactly why I desire a title similar to Khan but with all the updated tech and modules that Subclub wrote after Khan


Upgraded Khan or Khan V2
Sounds like a good suggestion @raphael


Yup! A major overhaul of Khan would do the trick. And also free upgrade :stuck_out_tongue:


Lets tag the members


Hmm maybe I should start a separate thread? Now am suddenly feeling lazy lol. Will do in a while


Yes yes yes :heart_eyes:


High five :pray:. Will make a separate thread for it although I do wonder whether it is too soon to ask


Awesome. From my point of view it doesn’t have to be a free upgrade of Khan since it has probably taken a lot of work to develop all the new technology.

I just think it makes so much sense to release a new or updated status/social/seduction sub with lockdown (hopefully) soon coming to an end.


Oh I’d so be here for that, I completely get what you’re saying but yes please.

The God Effect.

Please don’t get me too hyped on an upgraded version of Khan please - I need to stick to my stack :joy:!

Omg my current custom in Khan mode would be everything. Jesus, y’all giving me some ideas hahaha.


Am totally down for that


Haha! All aboard the next hype train. Chooo chooooo


Maybe I’ll post something around New Year’s Day?


Made a new thread for this:


Will answer over there then.


No issues, bro. Everyone is free to talk what they want on my journal. I love listening to all of you


Day 38 and Week 3 of Dragon Blood
Day 3 of Lion Q
Dragon Reborn ST2 x 2
Lion Q x 1
The Executive Ultima × 1 and a half

  • Woke up early in the morning. Noticed that am doing this when playing The Executive since 2 days. And since I woke up half an hour early, I played another half a loop of The Executive

  • Productive day of reading and planning for 2021

  • Like I mentioned in the previous posts, I was undecided on whether to choose Mogul or EoG. After giving the thought over to DR and forgetting about it, I got the idea to run Ultimate Artist instead of the Wealth-specific titles

  • Ultimate Artist was one of the first titles I played when I joined SubClub (along with Khan) but I admit it didn’t go down well due to my lack of action regarding choosing to use my creativity to earn money. At that time, I was too involved on social media and I used UA to “earn” Likes, which worked but there was no monetary or real world value to it. It was fun and creative while it lasted but nothing substantial came out of it in the end

  • This time since I have been off facebook/instagram for over 5 months, I can direct UA towards more productive and financially viable creative pursuits

  • Will add Ultimate Artist and Limitless Executive (LE) next week (so will be purchasing LE over the weekend)

  • Dragon Reborn is a perfect form of self help. If you lack direction, never fear, the Dragon is here

@Brandon - here’s the post since you wanted me to tag ya!


I definitely had some financial gain on Emperor, just didn’t reach my intended goals, and in the last few months, have been treading water. relatively speaking. But I agree with what your saying about EOG