DRACARYS! - Raphael's Primal Ascended Dragon Journal


@pacman Are you sure?


From your experience with it, personally, is Khan the title to rule them all?


Ultimate Artist core is in the Wealth section of the Q store.
So maybe not a bad choice at all my friend…


I agree. I should have been more clear and said that Mogul and EoG are “wealth specific” as opposed to Ultimate Artist which is “wealth through creativity” which is just what I need

UA is one of my all time favorites for its creativity factor. Found myself with fun ideas when using it. Now time to leverage those ideas for fun and profit


your making me want to use it aahhh!! lol. No :sunglasses: I will run it in the future oerhaps with a custom w EOG/QL Stage 4/ and UA -pending renaissance man doesn’t make that obsolete


I just quit my career as an ultimate aritst


This is exactly why I didn’t make a wealth custom cause am waiting for Renaissance Man to be released

My guess is that Renaissance Man = Ultimate Artist + Quantum Limitless + Ecstasy of Gold + Modules in the Q Store like Ultimate Writer + Polyglot + Index Gate + All the other skill based modules


what a gorgeous combination-of course Blue Skies will be in there too and probably new beginnings.
Hopefully it is a Q or Q+ 4 stage sub with an Ultima. Also would be cool if it had some Emperor Fitness or something in there-Leonardo Davinci the quintessential model of a renaissance man purportedly could bend an Iron Horse shoe with his bare hands. But I’d take a full more effect use of what you mentioned than needing to include anything physical.


@khan yes im sure @khan has many more benefits to be unlocked. :blush:


That would be very good

Very much hoping for Q Plus and have an Ultima like Dragon Reborn

Yes. Although since you mentioned physicality, I guess RM would be perfect to also learn and gain skills related to the physique like dancing, singing, exercise, body building etc


@pacman. I am referring to this. Are you sure no one ran Khan in full from stage 1?


@khan did you run @khan in full?


@pacman Yes. Each stage is awesome. I hope one day there is a Khan Ultima that includes all stages.


Did you make a journal that you can link to?


I’ve been waiting for a Khan Ultima of Stage 4 to come through.


Day 39 and Week 3 of Dragon Blood
Day 4 of Lion Q
Dragon Reborn ST2 x 2
Lion Q x 1
The Executive Ultima × 1

  • Have noticed the past few days that my fear of going blind has disappeared. Previously it felt like I was wrestling a wriggling snake that I just couldn’t escape. Now the calmness of Dragon Reborn extends to my health as well

  • It’s almost an hour close to the new year over here. And as usual there is a desire for quick, big changes. There is also a feeling of not being heard by the Universe. Must be reconcilliation ofcourse. But a general feeling of being ignored exists

  • No matter how hard it is, I need to take responsibility for my life. It’s a huge burden for me especially since I frankly haven’t done this in my youth or 20’s or 30’s either. I can blame whoever I want for the circumstances I am in but to what avail? Seriously no one cares. And I should remind myself that that is a good thing instead of feeling self-pity for myself. Go out there and get what I want instead of hiding behind the comfort of disability

  • When I was a kid, I had this desire to live in a state of perpetual holiday with no responsibility. I wonder whether that desire translated into a life with neither authority nor responsibility and manifested health issues so that I can live in an eternal state of being protected by family. It’s a dark truth to face and I should take accountability for that too and to break away from this cycle of slavery of depending on my parents, I need to offer this up to my inner Dragon

  • Writing it all out, made me feel a whole lot better. Writing is indeed thinking and we get a sense of clarity when we put everything down in a journal

  • Here’s to everyone’s desires being fulfilled in 2021 (along with an end to this blasted pandemic). HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!


“We must not blame the wind for blowing but either choose to go against it or fly on its wings, there’s only silence between…” - Voytek


Beautiful! Thank you for that, @Voytek


Renaissance Man is coming out


Day 40: Friday
Week 3 of Dragon Blood
Dragon Reborn ST2 x 2
Lion Q x 1
Ultimate Artist x 1
Limitless Executive Ultima × 1

  • Running Limitless Executive Ultima and Ultimate Artist made me dream of traveling from earth to another planet in the same universe which was similar to earth. Ended up trying to understand why the cultures and religions were similar in both planets by playing some sort of detective. It was a very unique dream which am sure was a result of the creative aspects of Ultimate Artist and the deductive aspects of Limitless Executive

  • Throughout the day, a part of me wanted to simplify my stack. And since it is rest days for the next 2 days, I will make a decisio on this by next week