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Can you explain the difference you feel in stage 1 vs stage 2 of dragon reborn.

Thank you

  • Am more patient and kinder to people on ST2 when compared to ST1

  • By the time am on the third week of ST2, my fear of illnesses (especially regarding my eyes) is gone

  • There is still reconcilliation in ST2 but it doesn’t make me lazy like in ST1

  • More energy in ST2 whereas the energy was used up in ST1 to fuel Dragon Fire

  • Motivation to clean up diet on ST2. In ST1, I wanted to eat more carbs and junk food

These are what I remember so far


Thanks @raphael
What i am seeing is that once the sub starts working one cant identify changes because you cant remember your old self.
The sub changed you to the new you that you cant remember your old ways…interesting.
Most of the time people cant see changes because that became the new person that they are already.


I agree, @pacman. Normalization, as SaintSovereign calls it


I wonder what Q+ and Ultima+ are.


Q and Ultima: Play 5 days and rest 2 days per week
Q+ and Ultima+: Play 2 days and rest 5 days per week



Saturday, Sunday
Days 41, 42
Rest Days

  • Highly non-reactive to things that would normally perturb me like other people’s moods and their opinion of me

  • I now wonder whether am changing my personality type from INFJ or it is more likely that I am becoming a healthier version of INFJ

  • Am a bit undecided on adding Ultimate Artist to my stack mainly because a part of me want to incorporate my older customs (one of which has UA in it). These are Terminus customs though so that’s another reason why I am undecided. Maybe I should test run them this week and see how it goes

  • Will add my customs to my profile inspired by @Voytek and @Azriel


I like to quote myself too.:grin:


This is definitely DR I can feel it strongly also…
DR is pure Gold


Absolutely! Am one week away from Dragon Flight and am sure that I will end up not giving a flying fuck


I can’t like this post twice lmfao


@JCast, the master of not giving any flying fucks his statement is gaining popularity, lol!


Not there yet but closer every day. I was thinking that @Fire and @SaintSovereign should consider a one stage audio Dragon Reborn lite as it were for people that want a foundational foundation before going on to other programs. Obviously gender neutral


“I like to quote myself too”
-Abraham Lincoln


I should probably point out that although I still have a lot to work on I am nowhere near the stress or anxiety case I used to be and I can easily shrug off shit that would previously make me a nervous wreck. The biggest being is not to take the shit people say personally. People will say a lot of dumb shit that says more about them than anything.


You’re joking?! Lincoln said that?!


Now that’s what I’m talking about!:sunglasses:


Ofcourse…am joking :grin::grin::grin:


It really comes down to self awareness which is something I feel Dragon Reborn deals with but isn’t mentioned in the sales page. People live in a bubble of their own delusion on auto pilot. Rarely if ever aware of why their lives are the way it is and how they are responsible for it. How often do you hear someone say " is this my fault? Is what’s happening because of me? "

I highly recommend this book


In my defense, I didn’t read it anywhere on the forums and I have been giving flying fucks (or at least trying to) long before I came across Subclub

So this similar attitude of the subtle art of not giving a fuck between @JCast and myself is proof enough that DR helps with:

ST1 Dragon Hot Fuck
ST2 Dragon Bloody Fucking
ST3 Dragon Flying Fuck
ST4 Dragon…well that’s what dad did