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@raphael I believe I may have said it once or seven times.




7 TIMES!!! Must be all those 100 DR loops a day


To elaborate on that a bit more. It’s far easier and there’s less work to say life isn’t fair or that people are sabotaging you . Doesn’t matter if its true or not


Agreed. Whether it is our fault or not, it doesn’t matter. We are ultimately responsible for ourselves


Thankfully as of lately I have been running less than a tenth of that daily


The “insight” book looks…insightful. Will check it out too, @JCast


There was a show several years ago that is probably still my favorite called Californication. A lot of guys admire the main character because of how he was with women. I liked the fact that he was whats called a Truth Teller. Said things no one did or wanted to hear most of the time. Real self awareness does that. It gives you the ability and by extension almost the responsibility to be as honest and as real as possible 24/7


It’s my favorite tv show. I watched all the seasons. Hank Moody being both a serial seducer with an IDGAF attitude and a writer, had me hooked on the series


I’m not sure I will ever be at the point of not giving a fuck entirely it’s definitely more about learning to be very selective about the fucks you give as Mark Manson said in his book.


Well yeah. Unless we want to be totally heartless. Feelings are natural. We just need to use them for the people/things that are worth our energy


It’s funny, I loved Californication when I watched it a while back and thought Hank was a really good guy to learn from and so I started a rewatch a while back thinking I would love it again.

Weird thing was, this time around, although there were elements of Hank I admired, overall he felt repulsive to me. I respect his relaxedness and IDGAFness, but so much of his behavior is childish and self harming. And his story, how he loves his wife and kids, but he just can’t help but fuck things up and drive them away, it was heart breaking. If you’d asked me 5 years back if I would want Hank Moody’s life, I’d say fuck yeah. But back then I had no real concept of guilt, or heart break, or how it feels to let people down. Today, you couldn’t pay me to have to walk in his shoes. Goes to show how our perspectives change as we go through different things.


@ichigo - I would agree. The only thing I find problematic in the series was Hank Moody’s oneitis for his wife and not being able to let go. If he was honest about being non-exclusive and was happily single and let his ex-wife to live her own life, the whole thing would have been better. But I guess that’s how they do drama in Californication to whip up some emotional storms. Personally, I just learn from his relaxed seducer’s attitude and leave the drama out of my life when it comes to sexual relationships


The more I learn about manifestation (Goddard in particular) as well as heal, the more I realize that we as people just tend to make everything more complicated than they should be. Relationships perhaps exemplify this trend. Look for Dragon Reborn to simplify things.


Day 43, 44: Monday, Tuesday
Week 4 of Dragon Blood
Dragon Reborn ST2 x 2
Lion Q x 1
Limitless Executive Ultima × 1

  • I ran my 2 Terminus customs along with the above stack for Monday and felt it was too much. As if my subconcious was being pulled in so many directions. So I dropped them

  • Also dropped Ultimate Artist from the stack since I didn’t want to dilute my playlist

  • And oh a happy day it was on this Tuesday morning waking upto the news of the Paragon Ultima release. Was expecting the physical healing title to come out in another month’s time but now am super excited to try it. Will do my first loop(s) during my afternoon nap today

  • Will also drop Limitless Executive Ultima for now. As much as I love this Ultima for its rapid productivity and thirst for learning, I need to focus on physical healing

  • So the new stack will be DR + Paragon Ultima + Lion Q. I did think of dropping my Lion Q custom but it’s helping me heal parts of my masculinity. Am getting Khan-like vibes with its “Primal + Ascension cores + other masculine modules” in it and feel more manly without the sexual aspects. So will keep Lion Q to work on myself and outgrow some of my boyish nature

  • And regarding the dream I described on the Paragon Ultima thread where I dreamt that I was a Primarch slaying Xeno-dragons (and immediately waking up to the Paragon/Primarch release), I distinctly remembered that I felt no fear during the dream. Normally, aliens that look like the ones in the Alien movie series (and the Tyranids in Warhammer 40k or the Zerg in Starcraft) would frighten the heck out of me if they presented themselves to me in real life. But in the dream, I was just killing them left and right with a blaster while protecting some type of hospital. And the Primarchs and Space Marines of W40K do have fear bred out of them, so the dream was canonically correct

  • But the more important point I wanted to make about fear is that even though Dragon Reborn is accelerating the lessening of my fears, I also do feel that the heightening of my masculinity thanks to my custom Lion Q is helping with that by giving me a masculine edge. And that’s the main reason I won’t be letting of this custom anytime soon even though I want to focus on physical healing


we liked each other’s post almost simultaneously lol
The Quantum Field runs deep


Haha yes. I was thinking the same thing when I saw the notification. Was like “damn. The coincidences are just too good to be true today”


I think running Lion Q, DR, and Paragon would be a great stack.
You can always UA when you get to DR stage 4.


Amen. Earlier I used to fear wanting things like sex or money because that made me a “bad” person for wanting them or thought that wanting abundance would turn me into some sort of liar and thief inorder to get women and cash

With Neville, we get to know that that’s just plain nonsense and we don’t have to go the wrong way to manifest whatever we desire


Exactly! Am planning something like that. Will run UA when I feel stable with my current stack. It will also prepare me for Renaissance Man by then