DRACARYS! - Raphael's Primal Ascended Dragon Journal


Day 44 (Part 2)

  • Ran 2 loops of Paragon Ultima when I took a nap in the afternoon

  • Felt a strange sort of heaviness in both my arms when I started it. And slight warmth in my hands too

  • Also felt very heavy in my head and went to sleep

  • Woke up feeling refreshed and hungry. Had a handful of almonds

  • Will keep Paragon U in my stack permanently. Allow it to work on all my health issues and give it loads of time to do so

  • Will report any changes as and when I notice them


I also felt a strange heaviness/rigidness, but after listening to a couple of loops of Paragon.


The similar experience makes it very interesting. Am hoping the healing will extend to my eyes and ears especially


Just keep listening, it will get you where you are supposed to go. Its a powerful aid in your journey.


How DR affecting your eyes mate?
I noticed mine seem to improving alot on DR.


Very much so


Agreed. Planning to use this whether I change my stack or not. Maybe until the end of time itself haha


Okay so I didn’t say anything on this yet until I wanted to be sure but sometimes I do feel an improvement in seeing things farthar away and also a bit more vision out of the corner of my eyes after having used DR ST2 for a while

For this reason, am planning to stack ST2 along with ST3 (which will be next week). And then after one month of ST2+ST3, I will run ST4 by itself (which includes ST2 in it anyways)

What are you noticing regarding your eyes, bro?


Clear vision less floaters…bright colours etc


Excellent! Now that you mention it, no floaters here either… woah!!!


Well done


Thank you and high five to you too!

PS: hearts for all the above comments postponed for tomorrow cause I ran out of them for today lol


Will this be a Paragon dominant stack now?


For now it will be a Dragon Reborn dominant stack. I want to complete DR before I focus whole-heartedly on Paragon. I must admit though that if Paragon released before Dragon Reborn, I would just focus on Paragon

And yes, I do understand that DR will help with Paragon but am so tired of my health issues that I just want to get rid of them and hence my saying that


Day 45: Wednesday
Week 4 of Dragon Blood
Dragon Reborn ST2 x 2
Lion Q x 1
Paragon Complete Ultima × 3

  • Restarted my Carnivore diet yesterday. Major meal is dinner but not doing OMAD right now though. I have a glass of milk 3 times a day (for morning, noon and afternoon) to satiate my hunger pangs and a handful of almonds once in a while. Already lost a kilo today

  • Have decided to keep my loops of Dragon Reborn to 2 and my Lion Q loop to 1. And increase Paragon Complete Ultima loops to 3 a night and play 1 or 2 loops of it in the afternoon. Will focus on physical healing and the only reason am running DR now is to complete all the stages. Am sure DR will help my physical healing but I need Paragon more than DR or any other title. Guess my stack is ending up being Paragon dominant (major title) like @Michel asked and like SaintSovereign has confirmed:

  • Did feel more blurriness in my eyes today. My initial sense of WTF was replaced by the thought that this might be physical healing reconciliation. A feeling of getting worse before getting better. Am also reminded of the fact that when I get my eye treatments, my vision is more blurrier after it. So possible that the Paragon Treatment is doing the same

EDIT: forgot to add that I felt a strong sense of rage in the morning that lasted a couple of hours. Must be a combination of physical and emotional release


I don’t know if your able to take these but

Bulletrpoof Octane oil really helps with hunger for fasting for me. As does high quality black coffee-(which you might not be able to do) I also add grassfed butter to help, but it effects the fast slightly.

Genius Supplements make two great supplements one for Keto and one for gamers but they both may be applicable.

Called Genius Keto --it has Alpha GPC in it which is a choline supplement and can help with processing/recon according to some

Genius Gamer- is a minor stimulant with stuff for eye protection/improvement

Both of those products help with hunger pangs as well.


I used to have black coffee with ghee before but am skipping caffeine especially since it is plant based. And since milk is part of the carnivore diet, that’s okay. Will also be stopping almonds later


Did you notice that when u fast you process better?


I haven’t noticed that much difference. The only thing I notice while fasting is my growling stomach haha


This sounds like a PUA product. Could you tell us more about this, especiall the eye protection/improvement? Have you noticed vision improvement?