DRACARYS! - Raphael's Primal Ascended Dragon Journal


Gamer like video Gamer, although I suppose it may help for some hot eye contact across a room.

I haven’t used enough to comment on the effects for my eyes but I know the ingredients well and they are quality and quality sourced. I have friends who approve highly of it.

You can read about that ingredient here


Too early to say


Day 46, 47: Thursday, Friday
Week 4 of Dragon Blood
Dragon Reborn ST2 x 2
Lion Q x 1
Paragon Complete Ultima × 4

  • Dragon Blood stage is over and after 2 rest days, I will be moving on to Dragon Flight

  • Have decided to remove Lion Q custom for now. Need to focus on physical healing. I can always add Lion Q back if I feel the need for it

  • Will be running Dragon Reborn all the way since it will help Paragon Complete Ultima (PCU). Maybe run PCU standalone after I complete DR and DR Ultima

  • Nothing new to report yet but am willing to be patient

  • It’s interesting that I don’t feel as excited to journal on DR when compared to other titles. Must be emotional tiredness and the healing that is taking a lot from me


Is it possible for you to start acting towards what you would do when/if more fully healed.
I have found following what I love, although difficult to do at times for many reasons, is the most curative thing of all, sometimes it gives room to resolve physical issues, or let the subs support with this more fully (watched pot never boils) but at the very least it ups ones emotional state which benefits health and even if it didn’t it’s what you would want to be doing anyone?


@Azriel - It’s a good idea.
Will see, bro. At the moment my mind isn’t feeling right. Reconciliation probably


Day 48, 49: Saturday, Sunday
Week 4 of Dragon Blood
Rest Days

  • Had a very unwinding feeling this last week of Dragon Blood. As much as I wished for more physical healing from DR ST2, I think it gave me enough emotional/mental benefits for the time I spent on it. Also, am leaning more toward Paragon Complete Ultima to deliver the physical benefits so won’t worry on whether I will be maximizing DR. Right now am finishing all the stages of DR since I promised myself that I will (inspite of getting myself PCU). And as repeated many times, DR will add to what PCU has to offer. But am not getting hung up on what DR will offer. Will do DR ST3, ST4, U for a month each along with PCU and see how it goes

  • Sunday was “travel day” to another city (same country). So was busy with that car trip. Reached safe and sound. Any bit of travel I do now feels like a luxury and I am all the more thankful for it

  • To summarize my Dragon Blood experience, I feel more myself compared to any other time in my life. But to get there, I felt loads of reconciliation at random which involved sudden fits of irritation and rage. Luckily I kept it to myself and didn’t bite anyone’s head off. There were many moments I felt disgust for many people in my life and about myself it but it wasn’t exactly rational or objective. Just seeing red when being washed in blood

  • To continue the ST2 experience, I have to add that there were many times I wanted to start all over again. This meant starting a new subliminal stack, moving to another country for a fresh start, buying new things. Maybe it had something to do with the new year but am more certain that it was DR working its magical reconciliation

  • ST2 continued ST1 for me. The change from the first stage to the next felt smooth and even though there were more bumps on the road in the second part of DR, I didn’t feel like ST2 was in another place altogether when compared to ST1 in a psychological sense

  • “The healing continues towards a grander plan” was what DR ST2 was for me. If ST1 was being melted into a pure core with destruction and fire, ST2 bathed that new me in anger and blood. Dragon Fire and Blood indeed


DR cleanses auras as well? They use the word energy i assume its the same thing.


@pacman - i think it does. I even forgot that I once mentioned the possibility of that since there might be very good reason why I felt like I would blow up any second, part of the reason being aura cleansing (among many other cleansings). But how can I know that for sure? I just do :grin:


So that body heat is from aura cleansing?


I felt that only on the first day. Possible that it normalized after that

And whether that is specifically related to aura cleansing, I cannot confirm. Lets just say that DR cleanses everything


Day 50: Monday
Week 1 of Dragon Flight
Dragon Reborn ST3 x 2
Paragon Complete Ultima × 4

  • Okay! This is just brilliant! Do you know that feeling of trying to not care at all about what others tell you or tell about you but you just get so bothered when you hear it? For example, I enjoy being single but when relatives keep badgering me to get married, I just lose my mind. Either I lose my temper or sulk. Well, no more of that now

  • The interesting thing is that after the first night of playing Dragon Flight, I woke up to the feeling of my inner dragon telling me “Don’t worry, bro I got your back”. And it was true! I felt no worry at all

  • More than that, I felt that what previously worried me, was no bother at all. Why sweat the small stuff. It’s all small stuff. As they say

  • So no sooner was I out the house when I met some relative on one of our family visits and he told me in front of everyone “haha time for you to settle down haha” and I just looked elsewhere without a hint of irritation. Just mild annoyance in a “fuck you” kind of way and the guy hastily changed the topic. This is an excellent reaction instead of trying to defend myself which would just be me trying to justify my actions when really I don’t have to explain to anyone at all why I live my life my way! Well, previously I knew that. But now, I really feel it too. And believe!

  • Like I predicted before: Dragon Flight will help you not give a flying fuck to what others think of you. And that’s just how life is supposed to be

PS: In ST3, I don’t feel any reconciliation at all like I did in ST1 and ST2. I feel like Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion, Snoopzilla, Snoop X (where X is a variable :grin:)

PPS: There were many situations throughout the day that would normally irritate me (like the way my parents talk to each other or the way other people drive or being ignored or etc but I just shrugged all of them off oh so naturally. Being chill: it’s a great superpower to have


This made me think “yeah! ST2 had me remember loads of past details: past regrets, past girlfriends especially all those “ones who got away”, past mistakes, etc. But ST3 has me living in the present, living in the moment. No wonder I feel worry-free. Who knows? Maybe ST4 will have me living in the future” lol


Now that you mention it…

“No I think it’s time I decided when I do what I choose. And so should you.”


I feel this alot lately, I keep wanting to wake up from a my life which seems like a dream, but not real.
Or just drop everything and start something new. The pull to living fully from the real me and what I care about and saying fuck everything else is strong. As is my ability to be more myself in my current environments.


Day 51-54: Tuesday to Friday
Week 1 of Dragon Flight
Dragon Reborn ST3 x 2
Paragon Complete Ultima × 4

  • Running ST3 of DR makes me feel incredibly content. I thought reconciliation would hit me anytime but if it’s there, I don’t feel it as much. Life feels very positive now, as if on the cusp of something great happening

  • If anyone wants to be free from their self-imposed chains, run DR. By the time you are running ST3, you will feel that it was your own mind that was the prison. And lies were the bars on your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual cage

  • There are still moments when I feel dissatisfied by certain things but there is no sharp pain involved in feeling it nor any sense of depression. Now it is more like, if I take action, I will be able to solve anything. Nothing is impossible. So why not start? Why not start indeed…


This is beautifully said and gets me really excited for DR Stage 3!


Same, I’m getting close to switch to ST2. I’m excited to play different stages of DR, it’s like an achievement.

There are times I’m tempted to drop it so I could add something else, but that’s the thing, I sometimes feel so “fixed” inside that I forget I had so much damage in the first place.

I’ve realized that the fact that I forget that from time to time tells me ST1 is truly burning whatever trauma was there.


Indeed! It’s a very beautiful feeling on DR ST3. Dragon Flight is rightfully named cause you feel so light as if you are flying. Can’t wait for you to get there!


Exactly! Feel like we are taking a giant leap between stages the day before we make the change. But the actual transition between stages is so smooth that we end up forgetting all the reconcilliation we previously had

ST1 and ST2 did make me feel like switching a lot. Completely over that with ST3

That forgetfulness is very natural on DR lol


Did I tell you what I did earlier this week?


What was it ?