Dragon Reborn Custom by Dragonrider


Ohhh my God how did this happen.
This is shit now. I have 8 customs prepared and payd. Al between 21-23 modules

Thank you @Hermit


I need to test a few things

  1. Washout for a week(never did that, now it’s time for that)
    2 solo custom for a week 5 days 1 loop per day
    2 days off

I think the problem is I did 3 weeks DR, Elixir Ultima 10 times +1loop Executive and 1 loop RegenerationQ custom the same day, made me into a Salad

after this 2 weeks, ( washout then DR Custom solo) if I am stil in Saladmode it’s the custom.
2 custom makes 40 modules+ that can be the problem
Even 1 custom plus another major title can be overload

And if it’s the custom then maybe split it in 2 days listening for 1 loop. 15min at morning 15 min after 8 hours, next day the rest with the same procedure

I need to test this the next couple of months


What a coincidence, I actually wanted to pm SaintSovereign about it in the next days.

So my first custom was a 21-module one, and I got EXTREME reconciliation:

After that, I build another custom with just 14 modules, but in TERMINUS strength, and I am now getting close to no reconciliation in comparison. The reconciliation on my 21-module custom was something else entirely, I never ever experienced something like it. I still got results, but I felt very uneasy in that time period. And I was basically having reconciliation with no break even after just one loop. It is very hard to describe but it felt like a nagging feeling in the background all the time. Like that the sub wasn’t working with me but against me or did not get accepted by my subconscious mind. Now after months of running my Terminus custom, and then a Ql custom which is made with Pragya, Merger of Worlds, and other modules to help with running subs, @Hermit urged me to run and try one loop of my fist custom. I did, and again while running it I had this feel “I don’t accept this”, and then later went to bed instead of working like planned and felt very uneasy. This custom stays un-runnable for me. I thought that it might be related to some modules or the module combination, but this looks more like a common pattern with 21-module customs now. Maybe @SaintSovereign you could investigate further what exactly is causing this. At least, I personally would everybody suggest to NOT GO beyond the 20 module recommendation.


I woud stop the machine to produce anything that’s over 20 modules.
I was dumb for not asking if a core counts as a module but seriously it’s 800 dollars to build my customs.
That’s a lot of money
Better stop in the future the possibility to go over 20 modules in total.
If the problem is already known please stop it.

@SaintSovereign @Fire


I am going to test it out

I Wil Wright in 1 month again here.
If the same happen I pm Saint Sovereign
If not I delete my posts about that


Today after 5 horrible emotional overload days I am walking in the streets and in one moment I came to the point where I Coud not hold/bear it (al this emotional shit) any longer.
I instantly vomited on the street a super dense one.

:grin: Now I feel as if a couple of mountains are gone and I have fire in my heart all the time.

As ugly as it was the last 5 days, if this is the reward I get, I am going to do it again :joy::joy:

Don’t be surprised if I complain in 2 weeks again :joy::joy:


Back again after some abstinence

  1. The 21 modules are not the problem it works fine
  2. I learned that with a DR Custom I don’t have to mix in anything else, except the Elixir Ultima

Now many things happend, where do I start🤔

First of AL and this sounds crazy but for the next 4-8 weeks I stay on ST1. Out of curiosity or impatience I took out the pendulum and ask myself how long I need to stay on DR st1.
Between 4-12 weeks.

I can lisen to 2 loops a day now, but I still need time to let the sub work and continue when I am ready.

I had a couple of vomits during the last 10 days and they are mainly because of this 1 loop of RegenerationQ custom I did 10 days ago.

I was going through the topic of death the last 2 days and can let it go now, I found a new life supporting state and energy.

I was sitting yesterday in the hamoc and ask myself if there is a way that the people of this world can live without a external authority/government… And then it struck me like lightning : yes, feel life as Worthy.
It was feeling of worth and it override me and its still here.

Tomorrow I go cooking for my brother and AL the people who live in his house. I plan on making a super spicy curry with meat and one vegi.
Today I was shopping and instead of meat I decided to go with a vegi curry.

I think this is it. This one Realization hit deep and I like it.

Sure I can tell you a few shit story’s, even slight horror story’s but they are al down the toilet riding in the pipes😂


Today something unbelievable happend
I struggle since child with my super sensitive perception. I was always working to dampen my senses/feeling… Because I can see things in me and others that let me no space for relaxation, except when I am at home. When I am one on one with a person I can say/see/hear/feel wher the other person is/energetic movement in the body of other is easy/natural for me to observe and so on and so fort.
Today I rolled a cigarette after a sauna and I Coud not roll it properly because my fingers where very soft. So I rolled the cigarette anyway but with no care.
Then it hit me for 20 min so hard.
Sharpen the saw and polish the diamond.
Instead of dampening I polish my abilities from now on.

What a fantastic experience
Thank you @SaintSovereign and @Fire


My last post is 13 days ago.
Not so subtle changes happen.

I am very relaxed
I have quiet in my mind
I can lisen to 3 loops per day.
I continue for 2-4 weeks dr1 custom
Its working sooo good and every week gets better and better.
I can hardly describe what is going on and this means something
I like it very much, how smooth it is and how it makes me feel.
I change the way I talk to myself, to a good an warm manner
I let other people have theyr view without the need to change them or force my opinion on them, because I go my way and they go their way and I know my way leads to fruition in multiple ways and if someone wants to join me, this person is welcome.
I stopped to get angry and upset with how the people are and instead direct my energy to self betterment.
I search for actions that fulfill me/my life

Let’s see what happen in the next 4 weeks


I am 1 day into break days and I feel that I am ready for stage 2 of DR.
I never had that. This week or Next.
I already created a custom for that.
Now I am somhow ready for st 2 so let’s go


I startet Dr st1 on 20. November and started Dr st 1 as a custom on 20 Dezember.
I wantet to switch to ST2 2 weeks ago but somehow I know that I can go another 4-8weeks on st1.
Since yesterday some realy deep shit is crawling up

Boy o boy what a ride, now I realy know why Subliminalclub said “be ready”
I have this notion of standing in a fire and old burnt crust is falling down.
I knew I had to procceed
I wantet to switch 2 weeks ago because I thought that st 1 doesn’t do much anymore (but I knew it’s working like crazy, I Coud sense it working in my head the whole time)

I said to myself 2 weeks ago-this is going to be a good week.
I never said that in my life
This is going to be a good week I sayd 2 days ago and now so much shit crumbles

Great product, Bravo @SaintSovereign and @Fire


After I fired my father and mother last year, I fired my brother today.
Now the topic of family is finish and a whole new capitel without restrictions begins for me.
Finaly I can breathe and a new level of confidence is arising