Dragon Reborn Journal by Dragonrider


I would read at least two more journals and at least for 3-4 months. Now just stick to the plan.


He may be as young, he sounds so innocent and pure :smiley:
Just kidding, guys. Forgive me.


@Dragonrider seems like the healing is hitting you Hard!!


Perfect. Being reborn requires dying. :+1:t2:
Both of you have pretty good energy sensing abilities. :ok_hand:t2:


And on a certain level you accept only the truht from your friends and want that.
We have this thing going on since 7 years: what is really going on with you.
That and many many more reasons are the reason why he is my Frend and not just a God company.

Now people stop misreading/interpreting without knowing the circumstances


Actually it’s way easier then RegenerationQ because DR gives very much energy

Regeneration and my other healing custom subs feel like a mellow river gently and slowly

DR feels like : Here Dragon Power, now out with the shit


Day 2
Wil start in 2 - 3 hours withe the first loop.

I don’t want to dye anymore. I have this feeling of everything has started to change in a realy God direction. I search now for reasons to life
I see that many unhealthy automatic internal processes are obsolete.
Very interesting and God stuff this DR,and this after 2 loops of stage 1
Now I want a custom with that


Day 2
1 hour befor the 1st loop, heavy depression arises.
Now I battle depression


Holy shit this was heavy.
I needed to sing a healing song during the loop to destroy depression.
I didn’t thought that I have to go this far
Boooaaaa and the toilet looks ugly :grin:
Now I feel some warm energy in my stomach



I am keep an eye on this journal welldone do far


Day 2
May this sub work better than ever :wink:

5 min in and headache arises, this time on my upper left side and pressure on my right side

State : I can not let me beat
I can not let others mistreat me any more
No more mistreat
From now on a stand up for myself and draw the line.
I thought I have no line but I have and Wil communicat from now on
I was naive to let people do what they want, because I didn’t feel any pain (had so mutch that I was numb)
I look good after me from now on
I treat myself with respect and worthyness from now on

Healing Fire rushing through my body
Rage in my stomach disolving
Fire from my feet burning upward burning away submissive states

It nokt my head out for 20 min
My whole head feels like a reactivation
What was numb is now alive
I don’t resist what I feel and let it happen, fuck I am scared of feelings

Loop is finish


Day 3
I stood up, lighting a cigarette and then i see my old state floating befor me:
I don’t care if I life or die
I don’t care what happen to me

Then I workt with that for 5 min until I saw a burning Bird spread his wings on my chest an now I am interested in having a super duper life

Now I go back to sleep


Thanks for posting a journal. And the best for your healing.


No problem Amigo

Its a Journey that makes the way free and I am happy that this Product exists.


Day 3
I start today with 1 loop Sanguine ultima
And 10 hours later the 1st loop of DR st1


I have to say this DR is heavy.
I don’t want to continue listening to it
This is very hard.
Maybe I skip today’s loop or push through
Never had something like that in my life.
Boy is this Powerful


Your not alone, this shit have been whooping my ass also, will it become better after some days, who knows. But did you run 1 loop per day? I feel fine in the evening.


I’m on my third day, and today has been way easier than the first to.

Might just be a coincidence - I think it will be very up and down.


– it will be your worst enemy, your closest friend, your wisest advisor, and one of the most powerful tools that you will be able to use again and again throughout your life

:point_up_2: This is defenetly true
I am at worst enemy stage
Exited to progress
The phase shift is heavy–from stopping to continue to let’s go in 2 hours


Normally I woud go for another loop but I give it a rest for 2 days.
I can feel that it is Stil strongly working and I Wil end up in a massive reconciliation if I proceed now.
Solwly is my approach this time