Dragon Reborn Journal by Dragonrider


I felt that this morning when I woke up. It was clearly processing in me, so I passed on loops.

I listened to a single ultrasonic loop during and after lunch, then a masked loop once home. Paying attention is our lifeline on DR, for it’s making a ton of changes in us.


I have yet to run anything today myself. I will probably run a loop or two before bed


Wow James. I’m used to you saying the exact opposite, like running numerous loops.

It sounds like DR is hitting you deep


Day 5
After 2 days pause from AL subs I did today another loop.
Same procedure
20 min headache in a specific area and then a shit load of feelings appear. For 10 min.
After that I start to feel a fire in my back in the sakral area that starts to burn through my whole body. This time it knocked me out in my bed. I couldn’t move just laying there.
After the loop some heavy energy arises: death wish
This time I Coud pull me out of this energy in 5 min. I feel it looses power.
DR is fantastic. I whish I Coud lisen to more loops or a custom with just st 1 in it but
1 loop is enough, I can’t do a second one.
Its still heavy processing/working in me.

Thank you @SaintSovereign and @Fire


What apart from DR you’re listening to right now? What’s your current listening routine? How many loops per day?


Hmm I have no routine I do lisen to my Intuition whats the best thing right now.
But to name it, here is my list I am using.
Customs :
C1 Ascension, Daredevil, Inner Circle
C2 HOM and Khan st4
C3 RegenerationQ with 20 healing modules
C4 Primal Seduction and Sex Mastery
C5 Alchemist st1+2
C6 Spartan and Emperor Fitness ST4

The Elixir

The Ponit is I started with C1 for month then include C2 and then it hit me strong - I need solid healing first. So I startet with a custom with Regeneration, EoG st1 and Survival Instinct but I needed to change that to RegenerationQ as single custom. Since exactly 2 months I am doing healing customs.

I had this weekend a tarot session over 3 days with a Maestra and she pulled out the people who sacrificed me in past life’s so I had to do some banishing/cleaning rituals and now this victim mentality and death wishes are out of my system. I found it very strange that when I lisen to healing subs the topic of suicide and discontinue shows up. So I needed to dig deeper and found the cause😉
Today I lisen to the 4th loop and I am excited what Wil happen


After 45 days of RegenerationQ and the Elixir I need exactly 1 loop per custom for 1 week

Example : I lisen to Emperor Fitness 4 times until now and I have the modules Master coordination and Thunder in it. This works so good that I was going in one month from 3rd league to 2nd league in Foosball/tablesoccer. My reflexes can even be dangerous for 1st league players. And this after 4 loops.

My understanding of why this works so well is this: if you remove shit from your system/ psyche/body… You gain space. This space wants to be filled again and then the subs have no resistance and can work without hindrances.


I would rather say it’s making your subconscious more susceptible to positive programing since a lot of negative programing has been neutralized and your minds doesn’t have to struggle with holding up those negative beliefs, has more energy you can channel into the right direction. Thank you for your explanation, I’m really curious how it goes when I’m done with my healing (Elixir+Regeneration-42 days in total).

Why didn’t you run Elixir and Regeneration for more than 45 days, if I may know, please?


I needed a break for 1 week and then DR is coming out. So I am on DR now and it’s exactly what I wantet RegenerationQ to do.
I Wil do 4 months + DR


Day 6
In 30 min I start the 3rd time I play DR.
Somehow I needed to process 3 days to and I am ready now


30 min in and I have the whole time headache.
But now starts a warm cleaning wind
37 min in and warm fire is in my belly moving upward - very pleasant
Now headache start to disolving
This is so pleasant I am sitting in a fire since 20 min


4 hours later an I am sitting in a very pleasurable fire. Now it holds very long.
Still little bit headache but I am going for another loop in 2 hours

I had a song coming up during the Loop: Fire Fire burn away AL that cannot stay, right away

Its a nice directing song


Yesterday I did 2 loops
Last loop before bed or let’s say when I go to sleep. 2min after I start the loop paranoia arises.
That somebody is here to get me and so I was working on that. I stood up 10 min ago and I have this fear sitting in my belly. Yesterday it was a full blow in my head, today my head is relaxed almost clean. now I deal with that.
I watch where in my life I had this state first and some memories pop up.
On the same time I sit here very relaxed, knowing that this shit is leaving now for sure. I can let it pass trough my system and dissolve


Personally, I was feeling miserable in the morning. I ended up saying something along the line of “purge all this in the fires of the dragon” so that I could direct my frustration and let my subconscious mind running DR resolve it


Nice one Raphael.
How do you progress?


@Dragonrider - very slowly, my friend. Am only 3 days in. Feels like am dragging my legs and wings. Like a new born dragon baby.


And something else happened this morning.
I stood up and had this warmth in my heart, I say I forgive everybody whatever they did or not did to me, I forgive whatever they said or not said to me


Yes it’s my 4th day also
After 2 days I needed a break for 3 days😁 never had that.
Now DR starts. And I am excited what Wil happen.
Wishing you the best Raphael


Wishing you excellent results in return, @Dragonrider!


May the Healing double on you