Dragon Reborn - Viivek S Arora


Thanks! :slight_smile:

I had play and forget method with stage 1,
I will only stick with the plan and schedule mentioned above :slight_smile:



If you’re having difficulties with porn, there are some modules you could read about:

Stop Porn and Masturbation
Eye of the Storm

It might. Running too many Ultimas can be tiring, and what is fine for one person might be too much for another. I’d encourage you to think about which Ultima you want most. Perhaps PSIT?

If it were me, I’d listen to 1 loop of PSIT during week days. Rest on weekends. If one week goes well, then I might add another Ultima at 1 loop for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.



I don’t normally have porn addiction, it’s just at the time of arousal eyes need something!
Isn’t that a good sign of subliminal is working, cause I wasn’t doing anything sexual, I was just relaxing while biting on snacks!


Voldemorts army is growing weak! We have yet another leaving the dark side… But some old habits take time :rofl: if you know what I mean​:rofl:


Hello, @vivekarora83. A belated welcome to Subclub, man. Hope you read the manual for some initial help.

You can experiment with your stack, no issue. But the standard advice is either play 3 main titles + 1 Ultima OR 2 Ultimas

Here’s the instruction manual. A lot of your questions will already be answered there:



You can say that or Recon is sneaking up in another way. Not so obvious for the user to identify.

Like a snake going around your body so calmly then when it finally has you locked its too late to move



How did it work for you, if I may ask?


With Stage 1, I haven’t felt anything noticeable yet,
But am sure its working in subconscious mind.

Let’s complete all the stages. And now I will go with the recommendations here.


Any idea how many hours /day you got exposure on average?


Possibly that is what’s happening but I don’t feel that’s the case. Recon is very sneaky though.


12-15 hours on average.


Day 3: Listened to the mp3’s as planned.

2x DR and 1x PSIT,

Am not feeling any effect today.


Did it cause any recon?

My exposure was 20+ h/day. Didn’t feeling a thing related to recon.

Had to drop the exposure for the holidays and work schedule this week.

Next month will be 20+ h days with Stage 2.


No, no recon at all,

May be you must also drop down the number of loops as per the guidelines to 2.
May be play and forget becomes too much to the mind and mind gets habitual of the messages showing no effects. In other words immune.


Naah, I get great results :wink:.

But I still wouldn’t recommend my method to anyone else.

I’m not sensitive to subs. But I still got really great results, measurable with the growth of my family business.


what you meant by recon then ?


If you got reconciliation with these loops? Seems lots of people can’t run it so many loops.

Did you notice any results?

We are all different. Hence there are no definitive answers on if something will work for you.


I remember reading about reconciliation in insctruction manual, but completely forgot about it. Got to read it again.

No, till now no effects,
I will continue following the instructions…


I think that’s a good idea.

Just remember what I wrote about deciding to assume it works for me in an earlier post. I’d link to it but I’m on phone atm.

Edit: Here’s the link.



Last week I forgot to take a two day break, so I continued listening to them till Friday (Jan 9th), and then took a break for two days on Jan 10th and 11th.

Not sure about the effects with Dragon Reborn Stage 2.
PSIT has a great effect, I noticed I get better text message ideas while listening to PSIT.
I even asked a girl out whom I was just on text over couple of months. But she rejected it. (That’s a different story)

I get feelings of arousal for no reason while listening (or soon after that) to PSIT.

Now, today it’s 11th Jan, and I want to focus more on working out. Hence I will be replacing PSIT with Beast workout, till Friday (15th Jan). I will start over again with PSIT from 18th Jan. I will be getting a Tattoo made on Jan 16th, so will not be able to workout for couple of days till it heals.

Hence, plan is to go HARDCORE on BEASTING this week.

Here is what will my playlist look like :

Dragon Reborn - Stage 2 2x
Beast Unleashed Ultima - 1x

Till 15th Jan, and then break on 16th and 17th Jan.

From 18th Jan, Beast will be replaced by PSIT again.

Please let me know if there is something wrong in doing so.

(Will be reporting back with effects of Beast on me here)