Dragon Reborn - Viivek S Arora


I have a quick question : What’s the difference between The Beast Within and Beast Unleashed ?

Do we have to listen to supercharger after listening to the subliminal track or before listening to subliminal track ?

Is listening to supercharger mandatory ? What happens if we don’t listen to superchargers ?


Update: Jan 12th I listened to 2x Stage 2 Dragon Reborn
And then 1x Beast Unleashed.

Effects: Stage 2 Dragon Reborn - Nothing noticeable yet.
Beast Unleashed - I went insane on work outs…I exerted myself to the max…I did some where around 160- 200 pushups, Burpees, Running, Pull ups, all of a sudden! Then I went heavy on the meals with raw eggs and protein shakes…Goat leg soup…

And then, it reacted as food poisoning, and since then am suffering from Diarrhea. I am not sure am pissing from my dick or my ass…lol!!

13th Jan - I completed 2x of Stage 2 Dragon Reborn. Skipped Beasted, as was out of energy to workout…was just struggling to get my upset stomach right.

14th Jan - I completed 2x of Stage 2 Dragon Reborn, not sure about the effects. And then I thought of bringing in Paragon Complete Ultima, for my upset stomach, cause it’s meant for healing.

Paragon Complete had some very strong effects, and I found my ears go numb, I immediately reduced the volume to 11%. It made be dizzy and I slept for 2 hours during day time, (1 hr and woke up…slept again for 1 hr, I don’t normally sleep during day time, am a beast!).

But Paragon made me sleep, so I realized it’s very strong and has some effects. So I listened to it twice (2x in a day) and went to sleep twice.

Jan 15th - Upset stomach continues to upset me, and I bring in medicine to treat it. I skipped listening to any of the subs, and jsut rested as much as possible, and had a light day.

(Waiting for expert reviews @SaintSovereign)