Dreams Interpretation


Here’s one perspective:

The aggressive forces in your dreams represent the parts of yourself that you typically restrain and subdue. You do so possibly because you are threatened by the potential chaos or damage that they could cause, whether within your mind and life or to people around you. That’s why they are showing up as dangerous, violent, or malevolent forces.

As you face them squarely and head on, your relationship to them will change. They will begin to work for you rather than being perceived as threats.

As far as practical points to help facilitate the process, bodywork and expressive work. Engage in activities that engage your physical energy and willpower. Could be as simple as ping-pong or basketball. Or could be running, hiking, or simple workouts. (Whatever body-based activities you do will give you a chance to see the positive, constructive sides of those same forces within you.). Expressive activities (writing, singing, or even to some extent meditating will allow you to facilitate the processing and reorganizing of your perceptions and feelings).

Not the only way to look at this, but it’s one view.


U had a dream last night about my uncle and aunt…they just sat on the couch…and never spoke to me…my aunt and uncle were busy with their phones but my uncle looked at me once or twice…the end…
What could it possibly mean?


The Saged app has a section on dream interpretation so you may get more active response.


Thanks so much and really appreciate your detailed reply.
I got quite busy in the last few days and forgot to listen to the subs. Strangely I feel much lighter and overall my dreams and state has been more positive. I took your advice and have been working out - and pushing my intensity - trying to give it everything I’ve got. Also, been doing meditation by Emily Fletcher and Wim Hof breathing so perhaps it all is helping.

I will cycle back on to the sub and see how it affects my state again. It’s just that the dreams get so intense that I am afraid that it could do some real damage with regards to anxiety and stress.