Drugs and Subs 🍾


Subliminal wont help this one. It’s up to the individuals constitution/fortitude. Other than that salvia is actually highly suggestible (Visually I dont know about other senses).

Don’t know anything about it.

Is it as artificial as natural sweetener?


I am definitely down to test this


All I hear is the stories from people saying it is so intense they don’t ever want to do it again. It’s also one of the strongest ones.

Not entirely unsurprising, I got a hatchling yesterday:

Now to hope it survives, those guys are pretty hard to come by. Ground up leaves are easy enough, but I like the idea of having a live one, even though I’ll probably never partake.

It’s the most well known DMT. So popular among tourists because if the widespread outlawing of DMT that some middle-American countries created farms for the plants to support their economy and prevent extinction.

One day I’ll give it a shot, although I really don’t like the purging. And I’d better be healthy, it’s not entirely without risk to shut down the body’s ability to break down DMT. It stops breaking down other things as well, things that keep the veins in your head from exploding. Hence, there’s actually a MOA diet to follow.

Funny guy, huh? :slight_smile:

Obviously I meant that by bombarding the subconscious with subliminal messages, bypassing the critical functions of the mind, you’re definitely using tools to “improve” upon natural processes.

So let’s call it an overdose of Stevia then, shall we?

Take a notebook. Or better yet, a voice recorder. And if you end up quoting the entire script because you can hear what the subconscious hears, remember it’s copyrighted. :wink:


Do you dream more or less when you smoked on a certain day? I find that in periods of more smoking I don’t dream/remember dreams. This goes hand in hand for me with subconcious processing, but as I agreed before, there are pluses as well to smoking…


The last time I smoked Salvia
my jaw tightened and I felt somewhat paralyzed,
then the room filled with water and suddenly I was on a ship on the ocean
More specifically I was a colored egg in a the crow’s nest of the ship.
Then a monkey with wings stole me in it’s feet and started to fly off away from the ship, I freaked out
then I came back to the room and I was screaming ‘the monkey’s got the eggs’
and all my friends were laughing hysterically at me. 5 seconds had gone by.
I had no desire to do it again after that


@Azriel, I hope you know that every sentence of that entire brief post, up to and including the last sentence, was art.


I’ve literally copied it into a file.

That was beautiful.


HAHAHA :joy: thank you


I’ve turned into a poem call Salvia
I’ll put in the collection
for when I publish my random musings poetry book


I’ve had this ‘theory’, (too weak to be called a theory, really).

Those materials and substances that we refer to as ‘drugs’ are basically external (or exogenous) chemicals that (closely enough) mimic the effects and processes of organic chemicals that are internal (endogenous). I’m oversimplifying it but anyone who has studied biochemistry can explain it in more detail.

It’s a bit like finding a key on the street and discovering that it’s close enough to the shape of your house key that it can more or less get the front door open. That can be a particularly big deal if you were, let’s say, not always given easy access to the house key for some reason. (Maybe you’re 10 years old and your parents don’t think you’re responsible enough yet, or something). Now with the ‘external’ key, you can come and go whenever you want.

Drugs are like ‘keys’ to various doors all over our bodyminds. Whether we’re responsible enough to manage any given key properly is up for debate.

Anyway, as with all of our various characteristics, different people have different levels of various endogenous, organic chemicals. I’ve sometimes thought that, biologically, I might naturally just have more of some of the ones that are related to psychedelic experiences. I’m not having full-blown or even mild drug trips or anything, but I have found a tendency to have reveries a lot throughout life. I felt that I didn’t really need any more help going in that direction. (haha. if there had been a drug that made you very grounded and engaged, I might have experimented with that.)


More than that, if you can recall the experience with enough clarity, you don’t even need the assistance of the drugs anymore, you can place yourself in that state any time you want. It will never be exactly identical, but it is still eliciting the same neurological and biochemical reactions in the body.

Of course, it’s often the precise recall that is the problem. Maybe with some more Mind’s Eye.

The interesting part is that since it would take a conscious effort to place oneself in that state without the drugs, and some drugs supposedly cause “ego death” and allow the subconscious to take over, what is actually happening? You can’t have it both ways. How can you lose or give up control and surrender to the experience when it requires that control to put yourself in that state?

It’s a theory I’ve been working on actually, one where we don’t actually ever give up that control, even if it may appear so. So far, psychedelics have not been “trippy” for me, but intensely philosophical. Heck, a couple of weeks ago I figured out the meaning and purpose of life in 5 hours. :slight_smile:


I used to listen to hypnosis audio after I smoked weed…sure at the moment I felt pretty good and had all sorts of symbols and insights and never went further than that…and definitely didn’t create any long last change…at least I haven’t notice any improvements…I guess with subs…I might experience the same thing…


It is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.

-Shakespeare, Macbeth


O day and night, but this weed is wondrous strange!

And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.
There are more things in heaven and earth, Malkuth,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

– Hamlet Act 1, Scene 5 (SubClub Edit #2)

Although cannabis may have some health benefits, from what little I know about it, its benefits are primarily psychological and conscious. Natural psychedelics on the other hand, have been known to boost the communication and synaptic activity in the brain and create a lasting improvement.

That said, even with psychedelics as strong as a three-day ayahuasca retreat, the immediate and noticeable effects do dissipate. Even if some deeper part of you is changed.

So always use the momentum, don’t wait too long.


Do any of you guys get addicted to drugs?


If you know what you’re dealing with and if you’re responsible there shouldn’t be any issues. At the end of the day, it is a matter of ‘know thyself’. If you have many addictions, perhaps smoking cigarettes or something like that, I would totally strain away from anything that gets you into a deeper even more dark reality.

We live in a consumer society, life pretty much is an addictions so do keep in mind that addiction is far from ‘drug’ related; most drugs shouldn’t even be labeled as drugs but as therapeutics and the other way around, lol.

Anything you can get in the supermarket under the cookies & sweets section is some of the most addicting drugs in existence – yes sugar is more addictive then cocaïne. It takes willpower to refrain from addictions and that willpower is gained mainly through living a healthy lifestyle.


Microdosing would be the way to go imo. I dropped acid and tried listening to subliminals(not these). Of course that wasn’t my first intention I actually had a bad trip. I went to the sub to pull me out of it. But as a whole I think acid really just scrambles your brain and perception, like throwing a watermelon onto pavement to paint a better visual. In that state you’re not really in any position to collect and form cohesive thoughts let alone integrate a complex script from subliminals.

I remember I was trying to explain complex music theory, why dissonant sounds tend to be universally perceived as unsettling. I didn’t get very far. Acid is like thinking you’re on the verge of a breakthrough and you have it on the tip of your tongue but can’t get it out. 9/10 it isn’t nearly as profound or revolutionary as you believed in the moment. It just feels that way.


From my personal experience, I think weed can be an aid during reconciliation but only when used in a solo or ‘spiritual’ session with meditation for example, as opposed to recreational/with friends. However, it’s possible to end up in a daily rut and then it can become more of a hindrance. Physically, it can affect your REM cycles during sleep and thus theoretically affect your brain’s processing power for subs, particularly with long term use. Psychologically, it can make you complacent with your current life and thus give you no desire to improve or get out of your comfort zone. Only you can decide when it stops being an aid.

Psychedelics are a different ball game altogether (although weed is technically also a psychedelic). There are too many unknowns… I would say it’s definitely a case of knowing yourself, knowing your drug and simply being responsible.

If you’re not familiar with the psychedelic experience and don’t have a baseline of what is happening to you, adding in a subliminal track with a dense script could be a disaster waiting to happen. The lines could blur very easily and it may be difficult to process what you are seeing and feeling. You may end up gaining no insight whatsoever, or even end up having a bad trip. On the other hand, you could end up receiving some breakthrough revelations about yourself and your reality… depending on how philosophical you are.

In my opinion, psychedelics are tools just as subliminal tracks are tools. They are powerful and both require responsible use.

Just my two cents :slight_smile:


Anyone using minds eye might be interested in piracetam, and is cheap. 1 Tbsp amplifies basal visual activity, but it was just the mundane stuff like swirling colors and whatever.

Already have a developed visual system and currently looking more for verbal thoughts (inner voice) to be “easier” to control. If I do not want to say something my inner voice takes over my thoughts and flow state is interrupted.


I had a strange experience with weed edibles…
When i used them some time back i felt really scared …all negative…tyen i stopped…

Recently after runninh my stacks alot i noticed i dont get scared and paranoid when i have them but i feel so happy and good…so im wondering if weed or thc makes the sunconcipus mind more pronounced in that the concious mind cant filter out. Meaning my thinking patterns are not so negative like before no wonder the difference in experience with the weed edibles.
What u guys think?


Pot smoking can keep memories cemented. So I imagine if you are in a good place, pot wont change anything. There is the issue where the memory deficit from pot might limit the learning speed of a new subliminal.


mice without the CB1 receptor show enhanced memory and long-term potentiation indicating that the endocannabinoid system may play a pivotal role in the extinction of old memories.

this system is known to function in several other brain structures such as the nucleus accumbens, amygdala, hippocampus, cerebral cortex, cerebellum, ventral tegmental area (VTA), brain stem, and superior colliculus.[56] Typically, these retrograde transmitters are released by the postsynaptic neuron and induce synaptic depression by activating the presynaptic CB1 receptors.