Drugs and Subs 🍾


I wasnt into subliminals when I was experimenting with mushrooms to gain healing and to know myself better.
I used to grow my own mushroom and had some wild trips, but after some months I felt it was enough and stopped.

Some months after that (8 aprox) I discovered Sub Club.
Since then I have no desire to use any kind of Psychedelics.
In the future… who knows?

Its sounds interesting to blend some mushrooms with Alchemist and/or Minds Eye.
On another very different trip with company, I would definitely use some mushrooms with Libertine Ultima.


I still want to try out what happens when you run subliminals while under the influence of psychedelics. Even Saint recommended against it.

I figure maybe at level 1 or 2 it may have benefits, but if you go for full on level 4 or 5 where reality breaks down it may cause some funny side effects.

Annoying though, I appear to have a very high tolerance for shrooms. A while back I actually slept through a trip. And I need at least twice as much as other people.

Still, psilocybin is the only “healthy” natural psychedelic, so it deserves some experimentation to find the best combination.


What I would do is microdosing with mushrooms while using Regeneration or another healing sub.

Microdosing is actually very useful, it has none of the effects one can expect from a psychedelic, so you can do your regular life, but theres a lot of research on how microdosing helps healing depression, anxiety and many dissorders related to trauma.


What about micro dosing with weed edibles?


I have no idea, to be honest Im not much of a fan of weed.
I believe its healing effects are way overhyped.

Or maybe Im just tired of how many people nowadays smoke or consume edibles all day long and justify it as “Its medicinal bro”

I guess you could research into that :wink:


I personally felt the physical effects of it…when i play soccer i feel the breathing is easy and after the game i have less muscle pain and ofcos i sleep very well.


What Ive used is CBD oil, one of the 2 active components of marihuana.

THC is the one that makes you high and CBD is the one that relaxes you and kills the pain.

Its very powerful for pain control and relaxation but you still need something that heals the root cause of the problem.
When I used regeneration I did use some CBD with great results.

CBD oil is legal in many countries, THC on the other hand, not so much.


Hallo People
Enjoy the psycodelic ride if you have acces.
Lisen to subs afterwards the moment you feel it’s the right time.
This is my take on
Enjoy :blush:


Since you guys are my family I’m saying this. I haven’t smoked weed in a year due to my location and I’ve been working for a month to get some within the next two weeks and I’m almost 100% positive it’ll help my sub journey because I’m just way happier and better with weed in my life


Yeah, I tryed the old superchargers while on shroom last winter. It was cool, but I can’t really say if it changed me more than the usual.


Why do you think you need weed to be more happy in life? Do you think weed give you happiness or its the illusion that weed gives you happiness? Maybe look within yourself and really ask the hard question as to why you think you need weed in order to be happy? Curious to find out because I used to smoke weed a lot but since I quit smoking it almost daily I’ve been much better off. And I personally know people who use them as a clutch even though it gives them anxiety and shit like that …


Weed has helped my game tremendously in combination with making me enjoy my workouts a lot more and making my deep thought sessions a lot more grounded


Weed is ok once in a while but really

It can open the way to a lot o fshitty things if you do it too much. The lack of awareness, and the dependence it causes (thinking one needs weed to have fun) is shitty. You may say it’s not the case but been there done that. Eventually I had to relearn how to have fun in life without weed.

Again, once in a while is a different story but please for the love of God dont do it every day guys. Or even every other day, etc. It’s really not good for you.


@friday i appreciate that its old thread. However i wanted to add my 25 cents. When I get sever rconciliation i take phenibut which does actually help me. Phenibut is not something i would recommend using daily or even weekly. Its more of a last resort when you are stone walling even after you have stopped listening.