Early Emperor v4 Impressions Thread


Speed of results is a major focus on all QuantumTech powered subliminals. As such, we’re trying to see how well it’s working. Help us out, post ‘em here. Dreams included.

Thanks much.


So, are we looking for Emperor v4 exclusive reports, or another QuantumTech, like a stage of Quantum Limitless is still welcome feedback?


For this thread, Emperor v4 only. I’ll make another one for Quantum Limitless.


Saint, I’ve been running it exclusively since yesterday morning. First impressions were the new beginnings module hit me early on,though I know I was probably looking for it. It was a mixture of sadness and remorse for my false fronts, but it did not stay with me, meaning it did not linger throughout the day.

For Ascension, I was not looking for those traits throughout the day, but later in the day I shook a man’s hand and it was like another part of me made sure to do it firmly. I never lost eye contact with the guy in the process, and I was very aware when I did it.

For S&S, I had been listening to the sub less than two hours when we had to stop at a gas station. I recognized the cashier, and I said hello to her. She responded very positively, and I stopped and faced her. This may mean little to others but I’m normally not so direct with women. I faced her straight on, and it was like something else was controlling my body. We talked maybe 20 seconds about early morning happenings, and she gave a sweet and sensual farewell. And when I was leaving work today, the receptionist made one of those remarks that made me think “was she trying to convey something to me?”

I’d like to let it be known that there was no stress in all in these interactions. In contrast, it was like some part of me was trying to convey a message to each person, though it was not the normal me doing it.

I even felt motivated to push through yesterday since a lot of things went wrong on the job. Numerous things. I just had this drive to keep going. I have not started a journal since my wifi went out yesterday. I’m actually typing this on my phone.


Following the alternative listening pattern, I choose to not play the sub during sleep last night. No major dreams happened which is normal, but I’m becoming much more aware of my own internal roadblocks to success. I’m a feeler, and if something feels good, I’ll try to encourage it. This sub is making me grow, but a part of me is afraid.

I awoke a few times last night. Nothing unusual, but often I would feel that joy and excitement of good change and growth. Very shortly after, a muffled sadness would emerge, indicating I was afraid to move forward. This too is not new. I just have no desire to stay in that spot.

I’ll have my Wi-Fi tonight, so I’ll start my journal


May be just me but I listened to v4 just for 2-3 hours now and I feel like many things that I ruminated on before and that made me angry start to come up out of nowhere.


I have been running V4 at 8 loops overnight for 2 days now. Occasionally during work hours i will run 2 loops of God like masculinity.

First night extremely vivid dreams of my mother and my brother who i have lost contact with. In the dream i was crying. Never had such vivid dreams before.After waking up first 30 mins infelt sad and vulnerable then got over it.

On waking up first day after listening my productivity and organization skills sky rocketed. This however not that much different from V3. Where i had the same results after one night of listening.


Same here. I ran v4 only a couple of days but I’m having major intuitions on behaviors that I need to change because they don’t befit an Emperor. Another thing that I noticed with v4 and not v3 is that I’m looking forward to challenges. Here is a thought : “Growing my business to multiples 6 or 7 figures in 2020 is going to be challenging? Good! Let’s get started”. I’m really starting to crave challenges. @SaintSovereign, what did you and @Fire put in that sub? :grinning: I’m feeling excited about challenges instead of fearing them. And oh by the way, self esteem shot up too.


I think it’s the New Beginnings working :slight_smile:


Honestly my days run smoothly and honestly I feel like I’m in control and without fear or doubt of my success. Plus this is perfect since I’m in an actual copywriting mentorship too.


A shot of… QUANTUM TECH. :: rimshot ::


Something has definitely shifted within Emperor v4. I’ve started looking at things quiet differently. I’ve been reorganizing the lot and been having major insights on how to put the puzzle pieces back together. I’m also running subliminal’s on my laptop screen, not sure if it has anything to do with it. Probably not.


Interesting what happened today. I was on my way to the client site, I am usually a creature of habit and take the usual route to the office. However this time my mind asked me there has to be a quicker way of getting to the site.

So from a distant I looked at the building and the car park behind. My thoughts were there had to be a cut through that would by by pass the usual route and get me their quicker… So I began exploring and wow and behold I discovered a route that gets me to the office 10 mins more quickly.

This had to be the QL kicking in in V4.


A Quantum Tech Rimshot? We are trying to add new information import holes? :joy:


Another occurence just happened. I just got some challenging financial information in the mail. Usually I would have tried to find ways around it and delay the unpleasant outcome. Instead, I decided to face the situation directly and resolve it for good however unpleasant the process might be.


I’m feeling like a loser. I m feeling lost. A want to reorganize my life, earn more more and more. Fuck women more more n more. Im getting this sense of urgency. I’m losing my confidence and positivity.

Since the age of 8, I could lucid dream and remember my dreams. But in last two days I’m not able to remember my dreams properly. It’s like I know what I saw but I don’t know how to describe it. It’s there in my head. It’s super confusing.

I normally sleep 6 hours and once I’m awake I can’t sleep again, but now I’m sleeping 10 hours. And I’m able to sleep again easily.

Headaches with your subliminals is a gigantic headache. Painkillers fail in front of them. This might be because I haven’t listened to your subliminal or any other Subliminal for 40 days prior starting V4 because I was experimenting with magic. Still, why headaches.

Also, @SaintSovereign, can you confirm that the entire script of sex mastery is included, will it help to run it separately or the version in Emperor will do its job just fine. (When I was listening to previous version I was more concentrated on my business so lust life suffered a lot, hence I don’t know how well this version of Sex mastery that is included in Emperor works)

I will post my dreams, if I remember them, which strangely never happen before. I usually dream of poems, songs and stories which I remember vividly.


I, too, am curious about this


These two symptoms in conjunction with each other is textbook reconciliation. It’s a nasty combination and I wish we would could figure out how to prevent it, but the solution eludes us right now. A headache across the front of the head is generally caused by extreme stress (from the subconscious reconciliation). You can alleviate the headaches by making sure you’re very well hydrated (generally works for me) and taking a natural NSAID, like tumeric. Aspirin will work too.

Depending on the severity, it’s also a sign that you may need to cut back on the number of loops. Remember, these subs are exceptionally powerful. I’d put their power up against any title on the market – start low, slowly increase.


Yes, the entire script is in it. It should work fine, but given the fact that it’s part of a much longer program, it may require much more exposure to start kicking in. Running the standalone gives a faster, more immediate benefit. It’s up to you and your priorities.


I wonder if Emperor 4 is the first subliminal to use New Beginnings or QL is also have it?