Early Emperor v4 Impressions Thread


Heard quantum limitless st3 can solve that problem


Kind of makes sense though that while your car is being tuned up, you’re not able to just gun it around town at top speed.

This Emperor listening feels (to me) like that kind of tuning up process. Occurring over a period of time. Like going through rehab to strengthen an injured arm. You don’t go back to the gym when you’re right at the beginning of rehab. You can still lift things, but at first you do it carefully. It’s because your primary job at that time is to heal and to build a stronger, improved structure. (replacing that V4 engine with a V8 or even V12 engine).

If this metaphor is accurate, then I think what makes sense is to work on your tasks, but to do it in smaller steps, and allow yourself to be a little slower at first. You can still get them done; just wait until the tune-up is done before you press the accelerator all the way down. As the change takes and becomes integrated over time, you’ll be able to do more and more. And ultimately, you’ll be able to do much more than you were originally able to do before that tune-up/upgrade process.


@Fire be testing Emperor Fitness Lite in v4 as well? :sweat_smile:
Wonder what other secrets does this one hold! :thinking:


Someone asked asked me have you been lifting said my chest was huge. Not done weights for so long. Although i did not notice it before


Holy shit :slight_smile: what has Fire put in V4 ?


Simon talks sense “emperor fitness lite” is in v4


Massive gains in terms of strength and denseness of the muscles.


My ears still hurt. It vanishes but it comes back as soon as I use headphones.
Meaning I cant even use the ear healing audios.


Emperor v4 is built the same way as all our other titles. The masked version is unlikely to be causing or exacerbating tinnitus (unless you’re playing it REALLY loud). Try listening over speakers, not headphones.


Visualization is to make an impression upon the subconscious. It comes down to the same thing.


Tried to listen again. Got about 20 minutes into the audio, then again a high pitched tone.
Stopped listening for now to see if anything else happens.
I feel like there is something in there my mind refuses. Because this is a bit wild. I listened to videos with headphones before and nothing happened and I even listened to emperor v4 on the lowest volume possible to check.


I suspected that this could be a rare form of reconciliation, but I wanted to see if you’d come to this conclusion too. Try listening on speakers and let me know if the tone comes back.


Listened to the rest of the audio with my phone’s mono speakers. Again my ears hurt a little bit and I hear a high pitched tone. Did you put 1000 demons screaming into that sub?


does this happen while listening to the masked version?

and did you hear the US version before all this happened? I too got a tinnitus from listening to US over speakers. I was listening to it at about -50db which is IMO way too high even if recommended.
I am now at about -80db to -70db and everything is fine.


From a build standpoint, v4 was created using the same tried and true process as all the other subs. This seems like a psychological response – your subconscious really doesn’t want you listening to this, lol.


Maybe they should treat it like Khan TB. Beat the wall down even if your fists are bloody lol


Yes, masked.
Yes, listened to ultrasonic before but on a level I always did (1 or 2 / 15)


measure the db directly at your ear you are getting.


frequensee doesnt really worked for me when I used it back then. It wasnt very accurate.
But I have listened to 500h of emperor v3 on this volume and this never happened actually. This is also different from the pain I had when I misused ultrasonics.


Yes i am facing the Same