Early Emperor v4 Impressions Thread


Here is an update. I had a dream in which I was confronted with something I feared for a very long time. In the dream I was scared. When I woke up, this specific topic stopped bothering me. I dont fear it anymore. I think about it, but where I have felt fear before I feel nothing. I listened to 1 loop through the speakers and again my ears hurt. But I dont feal any emotional turmoil. Is this some fullblown reconciliation beneath the surface?
I am not sure if I should let my mind rest for a week and let it sort this out before I listen again.


Do you also get this from listening to masked on headphones?


Yes. I listened to ultrasonics before and then masked on headphones. Saint suggested listening without headphones


I would. There’s nothing about the build of Emperor v4 that would make the masked version hurt your ears. That means you’re responding to the scripting in an odd way. It would point to reconciliation, as QuantumTech has the ability to go REALLY deep. That, mixed with it (theoretically) being easier to run, and you may have a situation where you’re experiencing deep inner turmoil and reconciliation (as evidenced by your dream) and yet you’re not feeling it on the surface.


If this is leading to where I think it is, I’ll mention you guys in my memoirs. (Provided that I get that old)


I am backup to 8 loops of V4. Its been 2 weeks now my dreams get more and more bizzare.


I had this hypothesis that dosing on phenibut before i go to bed. Might speed up the effects of V4 whilst i sleep and listen.

Certainly feel more relaxed this morning but that is probably due to the phenibit. I dont think it speeds up the effects of v4.


Try Lion’s Mane.


Are you listening strictly Emperor V4?


Currently 8 loops of.V4 and 2 loops of DareDevil


Getting a lot more social on Emperor. What is happening?


@MavericKobra Thats great news perhaps emperor is bringing you closer to the real you.


I’m als getting more social. I’m very suprised, this was the last thing I expected from Emperor.


Guess that makes 3 of us, may be a subconscious effort for self improvement


Actually make it 4, I have met more people this week that I can keep record off, attractiving every other girl in my institute and having powerful eye contacts with everyone.


Funny how Emperor till v3 was notorious for making people less social, and v4 now seems to have made a complete 180. At first I thought New Beginning caused this change in me, but since quite a few people experience the same thing, it might be something different. I know Saint said they wouldn’t add Daredevil lite(or something similair) to V4, however maybe they changed their mind?


Might be the way V4 makes you grow compared to previous version, which made you less social, but with the new way it works your mind, it doesn’t have the same sides…

There is no “anti social” scripting in emperor so…


Make that 5, I’m feeling this change as well. It might just be those happy holidays affecting me but I feel Emperor V3 would had me hiding behind the Christmas tree working on some stuff for my business. While I still have the urge to do that on V4 I’m happy to have some interesting social conversations with my friends and family.


Make that 6. Emperor has me in a super social energetic mood now. When I was first running it I was distant sometimes, but now I can consistently flip the switch and get really social and in a flow state


I was thinking about all my experiences with emperor versions so far.

V1 was extremely powerful i would go as far as to say it was more potent then V2 or V3.

However V4 seems a more powerful more refined version of V1. I love V4 i am staying with this one for at least 2 months. With V1 it was like i will do whatever it takes to get to my goal.

V4 i think carefully before taking action to achieve a goal.