Early Emperor v4 Impressions Thread


I’ve found V2 to be quiet strong as well.


@Hermit i found Version 1 raw but it got the job done. How would you describe V2 ?. Version 2 for me was weaker them V1. Like there was not enough push in it.


@SaintSovereign would 2 to 4 loops of quantum tech subs during the be as effective as the 6 hour daily atleast listening time for older titles?


Did 10 hours of V4 last night

Dreams revolved around me running a business. Managing people, dealing with difficult people.

Then suddenly my father appeared from nowhere and i tried to reason with him bit he never listened to me and stood quietly.


Let’s just say it was the same but with a different way of doing things. Compared to v4, is more a conscious way of manifesting while v2 was more of a change in the self.


My first dream that I remembered since I began EmperorV4 and it was a weird disturbing dream that is stuck in my head.

A cook was making some chicken gravy on a big hotplate, something like this but a lot bigger.

Surrounding it were some puppies, trying to eat that gravy but those puppies were also on a hotplate, sitting in oil, which was getting hotter and hotter.

Another cook entered the room, glanced over the room, there were many such hot plates, he went to a hotplate, inspected a puppy which was fried perfectly. There were many other puppies on the plate.

Meanwhile I was standing besides the first cook, in a shock, can’t able to do anything.

Dream over. I use to get this kind of dreams when I was a kid. Which were much much weirder. Those dreams made me sick for days. They use to feel real. I can still remember them and they feel real.


Its been 3 weeks on v4 i took 500mg of lions mane before going to sleep. On my 5th loop i wanted to stop listening.

Decided to try and smash through the mental barrier. By forcing mysekf to listen to more loops.


During 5th loop i could not handle it anymore so i took a phenibut capsule. That seems to have eased the reconciliation. This allowed me to complete 8 loops.


Second day on Emperor V4. Running three to four loops a day. I woke up not feeling motivated at all and yet still managed to knock out an errand and a chore in just over an hour. The only negative feelings I’ve had outside of the lack of motivation is some anxiety.


Something else I noticed that I forgot to mention and it may have more to do with randomly running Regeneration as well but I always knew in some small way that I was probably a bit selfish or maybe even self absorbed. Something I know for a fact I learned mainly my two biological parents as well as to a lesser extent from my stepfather. Lately all I can think about is what would my disabled wife do if something happened to me? How would she take care of herself as she is unable to work. I have struggled for so long trying to figure out what my purpose is. Not in some fairy tale what was I born to do way , but what can I do to provide for the ones I love while I’m here and beyond? I just began reading the Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco as well as reading the Fastlane Forum and although I haven’t come up with any business ideas yet I know I am at least on the right path
It’s a weird feeling as I have struggled most of my adult life to feel even slightly mentally and emotionally mature to feel the way I do now is indescribable


3 Weeks into emperor V4

Last night i dropped to 3 loops as.i was experiencing a resistance to listening. I took phenibut plus my usual lions mane but i was still feeling uncomfortable going beyond 3 loops.


@blackadder, it appears you can’t use this Emperor for just a boost in attention & confidence.
You’ll have to start working on building an empire, or stop Ev4. :thinking:


Indeed my good friend Simon :slight_smile:


I’ve been listening to a few loops of Emperor v4 along with QL-2 each night while I sleep since being with family during the holidays means I can’t listen during the day.

I had two standout dreams last night. I can’t even begin to analyze their meaning, but remembering two dreams in one night is extremely unusual for me.

  1. A really unusual dream. I was in a pseudo Western setting, and I’d encounter characters and situations and each time I faced a decision a voice would say “what do you choose”. Once I chose, the dream would continue based on my choice until the next decision point and again I’d hear the voice “what do you choose”. It was almost like a live action movie with all the usual characters, e.g a love interest, her jealous ex-lover, a “boss” type character, various bad guys etc. A long dream and hugely entertaining even inside the dream, e.g. at one decision point where I encountered the comedian Steve Martin wearing a loose singlet, and was asked to choose, I chose to tweak his nipples, just because it seemed funny. What’s really unusual about this one is how coherent it was from start to finish, more like a movie than a dream.

  2. I was analyzing reports of what was happening around the world and recording my analysis on some kind of historical record on a wooden stave, and after showing everyone that my analysis indicated a deep evil force was manipulating people and moving the world inexorably toward its destruction, it resulted in massive riots and the financial markets collapsed.


Well thats a nice outlook for 2020


i hate long post i rarely read them…excuse me fam!

i hate to say this because im a subclub users who had good results from empv2 and empv3 and transitioned to khan and have been running that for the last few months with positive noticeable effects as well.

empv4 i gave it 2 tries and i honest feel so depressed and sad. like my life isnt worth living type of bad shit hahaha. ill never kill myself but after about the 3 or 4th day of listening to emp4 it hits hard and its extremely depressing and makes me want to do nothing other than complain to myself and others. pulled the plug on it again today and went back to khan stage 4 and i feel good again within hours.

strange but i had to share my feedback.

all i want to do is complain and i have the urge to express how bad i feel to others like my family. maybe its consolidation but man its rough. i did empv3 straight as my first sub after like a week or 2 of the free one a long time ago(march of 2019) and it hit. thought i was having a heart attack twice and a host of other rough shit like mental fog, lethary etc. and i did khan stage 4 straight up and that hit even harder than emp. i had to ease into khan by using stage 3 for like a month or so then been on khan stage 4 since.

but this empv4 just makes me super depressed and makes me feel like im nobody hahaha. not sure but sharing my feedback for the community. im laughing because im never like that i know that nots me and its just silly for me to even think such jibberish or feel that way.

both times i transitioned i did khan stage 4 and empv4 as a repeat playlist for 24/7 to ease into it and then the day i do empv4 as the main one only and take khan out the depression and sadness kicks hard to the point where i feel like the biggest failure and loser in the world.

read the recent post of how empv4 it makes you more social so i gave it another shot but its way to hard on me? i used empv3 for a few months so i thought it would be easy to get back to the new one.

maybe its too strong? maybe i have to fight through the depression?

my gut makes me want to use empv4 so that i can go back into that crazy hyper focus on my business as i dont care as much about fucking chicks and being the guy with rock solid confidence in social settings, esp right now - and the new social aspect a few of the members have touched on made me say

“hey thats the whole package right there, lets give it another shot!”- im door knock and hitting business owners cold as fuck and already have a crazy rep for being social so its actually weird for me NOT to talk to people (like the 2-3 months i was on empv2-3) people think something is wrong with me if im not overly social and happy go luck energy (my ‘most’ natural state)

weird huh…

im big on listening to my gut for…a number of reasons but maybe im wrong about not powering through empv4 ?


maybe stick to 2-4 loops a day and use khan for the rest of the time?

maybe the two subs are strongly conflicting?

i read people dealing with hard shit for a good 2-3 weeks and then feeling social if need be and experiencing other EMPv4 positive effects and want to get back to that laser focus on my business as im okay with not having and being socially dominant any longer until im netting above at least 500k yearly (lost one of my biggest clients @9k a month which was going to turn into 9k x 4 (locations) this year when i transitioned to khan out of emp and i didnt care that much about the loss) now im like wtf am i doing!! hahah😅 again laughing because i know ill get back there and way more soon, still kinda lame though.

i like subclub, used products with success and sharing feedback.

much love and blessings to the brothern


Sounds like it’s stirring up deeper and darker contents. We all have it in there somewhere.

I’d say rather than ‘fighting through it’, treat it like fishing. Let it loose and then pull it some more. Don’t just keep pulling or the fishing line may snap or the prize may slip off.

Decrease the loops until it gets easier and make sure you’re getting exercise and water. That’s my vote.

But in my opinion (guess, really), the stuff that’s coming up now would probably come up sooner or later if you got enough stress in your life. This gives you a chance to work with it and get the strength out of it in a more controlled way.


interesting point of view. yeah i exercise so much and have been for the last 14 years that the only times i take a break are when i hit chronic overtraining. and water i drink a good amount every day and i drink real water from the spring with very high mineral content only in glass bottles.

you think i should still use khan stage 4 and do a few loops of empv4 alongside it as my base. i enjoy khan. its a solid foundation. maybe the subs are conflicting and causing confusion from the conflicting scripts.

@Malkuth thanks for that feedback and different perspective bro. appreciate it :pray:


@UPLSO, I am currently testing some stack combinations with Ev4, and …

My absolute favorite stack yet is: “Emperor v4 & Emperor v3, 1:1 Looped”. :smile:

I’m more focused, happier, smarter, more social, and have faster manifestations on this, than on Ev4 or Ev3 alone. Try it and see if it works for you. :+1:

(I know it doesn’t make any logical sense as to WHY it has those effects.) :innocent:

PS: @blackadder, you might wanna try this too.

PPS: I slept better on it as well, even while playing the masked files on speakers all night. Low volume obviously. Tested for only one night though, so forgot to mention earlier.


hey my guy! long time no talk! hahah

how long have you been running it for ? i might try that since it might be an even smoother transition into empv4.

are you running it 1:! looped 24/7 set and forget style?

i feel like having khan play for at least 1-2 years (hope we see a quantum khan upgrade :wink: ) to really see its effects but the hype got me hahahaha plus i do need to get back to scaling the biz instead of walking around like a macdaddy pimp with my swag turn way up.

i dont want to lose the khan effects as they have barely started and jump only to emp.

have you tested khan and emp yet? i recall you being on khan as well as emp in the past, like me, but with more experience and time under you belt around here and with the subs.

thinking about taking your advice and trying 1:1 emp4 and emp3

my guy @Simon Thanks for the feedback brother - sending blessing to you