Early Emperor v4 Impressions Thread


Emperor V1 to me was like being the Hulk. It just pushed you through. However the healing wasnt as profound as V4.


I am back on 10 loops with emperor V4.

@Simon might experiment with stacking v1 wirh v4 next week. As i want to take V4 to the 30 day mark and see how things pan out first.

Currently on 23 days of V4


good thing you added that P.S.S because i legit have been struggling with my sleep and my guts telling me its my sub stack but my connection to my gut isnt as strong as it should be plus i really want to use empv4.

i do however recall using empv2 and empv3 and going to sleep around 9/10 pm and waking up around 3am-4am and doing 1hr of reading, 1 hour of stair master, and 1 hour of gratitude then proceeding to full out raping my day in my office (which i haven’t been to in the last 2 months)


maybe its the healing in empv4 thats got me all emotional. maybe its making me emotional about not being where i want to be money wise and those deep painful feelings and emotions are developing stronger desires to achieving my financial goals?

i was really hard on myself on that 3rd - 4th day on emp4, but it just turned me into jello hahaha like sit at home and do nothing other than let dopamine stimulating distractions overwhelm me to help me escape from the painful truth and disappointed self talk i was giving myself.

i dont know guys just shooting some thoughts out there.

thanks for your input @blackadder appreciate it bro


Testers lets try and hit 350 hours on V4 then we need to submit our results to this thread.


Why don’t I have a download link for V1?


@Hermit i can only think that the reason is that you bought later versions and never purchased thr original Emperor. At this point i can only speculate @SaintSovereign cam you please advise ?


Yes, this is exactly correct. But I do have access to V2 while I had bought V3. So unfortunately V1 isn’t available anymore in the download section even for people who would want to try it out?


Hermit i am sure when Sovereign logs on he will beable to provide a valid explanation as to why you don’t have access to V1.


Pretty sure they removed V1 from downloads when they added V2 or maybe V3


JCast glad to have you onboard welcome to the V4 club :slight_smile: Try and push for 350 hours of listening. Please report any break throughs.


Well if that is the case then its a good thing i still have a copy of version 1 on my hard disk.


That’s unfortunate for people wanting to actually try the first version of Emperor purely for testing purposes. I do understand why they would remove it from the download section, the newer versions are truly more powerful. Each one has been different for me though so I would like to see how I would benefit from emperor v1. I’m looking to try a stack which contains V1,V2,V3,V4 all focusing on the same traits because it is still Emperor although using different roads to get there. I’m wondering what would happen if I would combine all 4 technologies.


Simon reports manifestations being faster when running two different versions. From saturday I will stack V4 with V1 4 loops each and share my results with the rest of the V4 club.


Emperor v1 is no longer available, as it had anti-piracy scripting, which we removed and made a public post about it. Emperor v2 is similar to v1, except we removed the anti-piracy stuff and then some upgrades. You’re not losing out by starting with v2.


Thank you for verifying. Anti-piracy scripting as in people trying to pirate the script and putting it online on torrent websites? Why would you want to remove those scripts?


Thanks for the explanation of the versions. V1 made me very aggressive and stubborn to a point where i channeled the aggession to reach my goals.

V4 i dont feel that aggressive stubborness anymore it seems like a cleaner version of v1.

I have to admit i enjoyed the stubborness because i got things done.

Its only been 24 days on V4 lers see how the next few days go.


Same feelings here. Why? Same goals but different roads taken and different backpacks filled with tools when taking those roads. This is my idea on how it improves the manifestation of goals. So actually if you we’re to run v2,v3,v4 all together these three roads would come together at the same final destination but using different ways to get there and different tools along the way. I’m also having a feeling, when I listen to much to one distinct subliminal my brain creates a tolerance against the script, because it got used to it. This is normal human behavior and common with many substances, alcohol, weed, poisons…

Just my opinion on why I’m going to try all three scripts in a playlist and see how it affects me. Yes, repetition and focus is important as stated in the FAQ but I also think breaks are valuable because our brains create tolerance towards certain ideas, substances, …


Hermit I recall on another subliminal forum I haunted years ago. One other guy did say the same thing as you. The more loops he listened to this specific subliminal. Overtime he claimed it stopped working as he believed his brain developed a tolerance to the product.

At that time I was thinking this sounded like garbage, now I am on the fence as you are the second person to mention this.

Perhaps the solution is to cycle the products 3 days on one day off ?.


Its interesting to read your post. It seems that you have a nice business running but that there is more under the hood. Feeling as a looser in your setup sounds strange to me but it does make sense if Empv4 is triggering a deep need or lack.
You are the only one who can imagine what this could be. I would lower the loops maybe only one a day and sooner or later you will know or you will get over the sad feeling.

I feel that sad feeling since running empv4 but not strong. Its like an underlying depressing wave of regrets i feel. A reflection of past decisions. I also catched myself watching intervews of very succesful people or actors and there is enviousness that they are so succesful. That gave me a feeling of being a nobody. So i think thats pretty normal with empv4 and may be related to new beginnings. I dont know but going through this false feelings of being nobody will be salutary.

After reading you posting for the first time this morning i thought that maybe alchemist would be a good addition for you to strenghten your spiritual part. This path will demask the material world as that what she is. An illusion.
On the other hand our taxes are pretty real. :wink:

Happy new year everyone! :fireworks::sparkler::firecracker::sparkles: