Early Emperor v4 Impressions Thread


Happy New Year Bitches. May you be the richest man slut of all time. May you fuck fuck and get fucked through out this year.


@UPLSO This is my last message for this year as I am going out to enjoy the fireworks. You are not alone I am experiencing sadness and anger. Especially when it comes to relationships with women in the past that I could have been with but lacked self worth and huge self esteem issues. To take action and be with them perhaps I could have been in a loving relationship now. I went down the PUA route and met alot of women sadly this whole thing of getting laid and raising your notch count is behind me.
I just want to be in a loving relationship with one girl. Yet the girls I encounter are there then they vanish. Perhaps thats a good thing and there never meant to be with me long terrm.

Financially I did well Emperor V1 and V2 made me aggressive and helped me use my anger and aggression to get what I wanted. Now with V4 its like I am experiencing guilt from the past. The break of my relationship with my mother and father. A brother who only contacts me when he needs money. Yet I am so naive that I loan him money but he never pays me back. V4 brings out the angry side of me that I was used all these years. I am going to drop down to 2 loops of V4 and 4 loops of V3.

At least it will give me back the power to channel my anger into something productive. Rather then mope about the past.

Peace to all my SC brothers.


Day 25

4 X Rebirth
2 x Emperor V4
4 X Emperor V2

Decided to take a page out of Simons and Hermits book and mix the emperor versions. Together with rebirth.

I think it was around the 4th loop of Rebirth I felt like my body was floating up to ceiling. Then suddenly I got scared and felt myself falling down into a hole and landed in the year of world war 2 I think in a forest.

My brother shook me and woke me up. I was so happy in the dream my brother was talking to me.
My brother said “Sovereign and Fire need your help”. I ran over and shouted Fire listen I want to tell you about this wierd thing that has happened when running rebirth…".

Fire turned to me and shouted “No time black adder we are surrounded by german soldiers its the end”. Sovereign looked terrorified as he stood there with his gun. Fire shouted “its the end they are here we are gonna get captured and tortured”.

As the german soldiers approached. I approached them and shouted in german “we are german spies working for hitler move on please”. The german soldiers looked at myself then at Sovereign and Fire then moved on.

Sovereign and Fire burst into laughter and shouted good work Black Adder then the dream ended. Then I suddently woke up feeling good.


From my experiences:

EV2/3: Tunnel vision, focus, grind, smashing through mental barriers with an urgency and vengeance, first-person view.

EV4: Open, creative, mind-expanding, looking at new possibilities, discovering new pathways, long-term planning, big picture, third-person view.

Mac's Khan experiences and thoughts

Mixing Emperor stacks V2 and V4 are working well so far together with Rebirth. Feel in a much better mood today. The “hulk” effects of V2 are helping me take more action.


For me it doesn’t feel like it stops working rather more of a tolerance I’m creating, it could feel like I’m needing 4 loops to generate a desired effect for which I only used to need 1 loop in the past.

I’ve been taking of every Sunday from listening subliminal’s.


yeah maybe thats what it is. i honest have never experienced this either or maybe i forgot how bad jumping right into 24/7 empv3 felt like. or maybe i thought empv4 would be an easy transition for me
since i have months of v2/v3 under my belt and this empv4 is like a whole new emp all over again and i have to get through the initial 3-6 weeks like i was starting a brand new sub.

i would get alch and other subs i have read about via subclub but i dont want to do to many. honestly i try to only do 1 and always have. i have experimented with 2 different subs but only as a transition tactic.

i like the idea of sticking with 1 sub and letting it do its work and having it stack for years,but then again im not a pro sub user and maybe i am wrong with this perspective.

i appreciate the well written response to my post @Hannibal


well thats a bit relieving to hear.

i do recall lots of aggression as well in v2 and v3 not so much.

v3 made me a complete stone cold solo business owner. and i was all over my shit.
i was in route waking up around 3-4am exercising, reading like crazy, super spiritual, etc but boy of boy did the loneliness get to me, BUT fast forward i should have kept at v3 and kept scaling until i was good with some solid passive investments where i could do nothing and still hit a couple 6 for the year.

maybe the khan switch was a consolidation in disguise. maybe the loneliness was a way of purging the time wasters and relationships from my past that didnt support my ridiculously ambition visions and demands of myself.

i will continue to try empv4 i have still be running a few loops(4-8) a day. last 2 days i did the empv3 and v4 1:1 24/7 and last night i just shut it all off.

i have actually been experience the most insane insomnia i have ever had hahaha i mean it is like khan stage 3 on tren and anadrol. i was up for 2 days straight and could have push through the 3rd day no problem but it worried me so, have me nervous, anxiety, bad self talk, and low confidence so i took some bars and passed out last night for a solid 5-7 hours.

my gut says its the empv4 giving me the anxiety and is the reason i cant sleep. it might be keeping me up and making me crazy so that i finally sit down and get the work done i know i need to do ASAP and get into the route of it.

i dont know and it could be something complete different, its just ive never had insomnia and the ability to stay awake for so many hours with out getting tired enough to sleep other than when i started using empv4.

again all speculation and early.

anyone else experience the restlessness on empv4? or am i the lucky anomaly

@blackadder really appreciate the feedback and lengthy message response to m bro! blessing to you


this is interesting, i noticed a noticeable decrease in khan’s effects as well over the last 3 weeks.

tolerance or maybe it is the prefrontal cortex being secretly bullied by my amygdala and its now a deceptive resistance/consolidation that i should push through and ignore/ go about my business as normal.

again no idea guys im pretty new to all this and just trying to contribute. NOOB ALERT

i dislike that im moving from one sub (emp) early this years to another (khan)mid/late year and now im back to (emp). i would like to stack them but im not sure thats the smartest.

i will try to stick to emp3/4 and use khan stage 3 during the day

is anyone else getting crazy insomnia in the initial 1-2 weeks of use on empv4?

maybe its me getting too much dopamine and i need to go on a dopamine cleanse and beef up my tryptophan

feel like empv4 is a brand new sub for me like i was starting on day 1 of emp hahaah which could actually be awesome AF.

lastly i am starting to do some very noticeable and desirable emp stuff like completely not talking to anyone that wastes my time and constantly thinking about my business and income

i dont like that i am complaining/posting negative stuff. i HATE complaining it actually makes me feel super shitty when i do. so have to throw in the positives here so that we have some balance in my feedback.

shoutout to the subclub fam fuck a “new years”- we celebrate new paradigms and the people we become in the process. :pray:( or at least i do :smile: )


Day 26

4 X Rebirth
4 x Emperor V4
4 X Emperor V2

The last two days i have been extremely productive. That is gym, meeting socialising, waking up early at the crack of dawn to get things done. Notice more girls are laughing at my stupid jokes at the gym so the combination of both versions is creating high status and sexual tension. I have been taking lions mane everyday last two days which might be helping matters.

The last two days my libido is gettng higher. Memory recall is better especially long term I catch myself remembering events from the past and recalling facts easier.


The insomnia on v4 is there. From going to sleep at 10-11PM, now it’s 2-3AM…


What’s up with your running rebirth that much?


I want to place some effort towards reframing past events which shaped my life from negative to positive.


Yes V4 can cause insomnia. Might be worth running it in the early hours of thr morning rather then at night.


Completely opposite in my case. Im sleeping like a baby. 10 hours, interrupted, because I sleep at odd hours and people, calls wake me up. Also, I had problem of not able to sleep, once awake, like if I sleep after a long tiring day and im awake due to any reason within 2 or 3 or 4 hours of sleep, than I can’t sleep again. Now, I go back to sleep in 5 minutes 9 out of 10 times.


I am wondering whether V4 the way the script is designed it heals first and then applies the emperor behaviour later. With V3 it seemed to work quicker and what I mean by this is applied the emperor behaviour very quickly very little reconciliation.


I’m thinking it’s just working different. As a matter of fact v2 the emperor behavior works instantly for me, v3 I haven’t listened enough to recall what exactly it does to me but it doesn’t feel as straight forward compared to v2. Emperor v4 the healing was indeed very profound, v4 feels really different somehow.


@Hernit Emperor 2 worked instantly for me too.


Most definitely because of the scripting technology used in v2. I’m actually wondering whether or not it will take me more time becoming Emperor if I’m running all three of the scripts at the same time. It probably will be, but I’ve also gained most benefits of all three of those scripts then, making me the SUPREME Emperor.

Currently I am trying to figure out what v3 is feeling right, how it affects me differently compared to v2 and v4.


Making the anti-piracy scripting work properly was a hassle and started to slow down the development of our technology. Also, there was a chance that it affect loyal, paying users. We decided to believe in the goodness of people and just remove it. Last year was quite profitable for us without it, and when everyone sees what we’re going to reveal soon (if everything goes as our initial tests are indicating), we won’t even need to worry about piracy. :wink: