Early Emperor v4 Impressions Thread



all the depression and bad feelings are all gone. And My current goal is to powerfully reprogram my thoughts and mental images I hold in my head.

Still have very mild anxiety at random times but that might be my minds way of saying don’t waste time socializing with something that isn’t lining up to my goals/tasks for the day.

Also noticed my super nerd side of me starting to come out when in conversation. Super analytical and counter factual.

Lastly noticed my deep desire for powerful self talk. Music listening time is down and so is general time wasting. My desire to go out and pick up and spend money has gone done considerably.


@UPLSO Thank you . At almost 52 years old I feel like I am finally beginning to learn what being or becoming an emotionally healthy and mature adult is. I have had a few aha moments recently and one of them is being aware that growing and gaining confidence is knowing that you’re scared shitless of doing something and have no clue and yet doing it anyway. I have to make growing up my main priority over everything else


30 days so far on V4 stacked with V2

2 loops V4
4 loops V2

Some things i have noticed

Libido is now very high cant understand why perhaps its the SM script.

Men showing me alot of respect everywhere i go
(this is nothing new however as i had this in V1)

My yoga instructor she seems alot more friendly with me. Whilst i was meditating at the end of the class she came over and touched my hand to straighten it. This seemed rather odd. One of the guys came over and said “BA she is being especially friendly towards you”

Still suffering bursts of anger when i get flash backs of my mistakes from the past.


@blackadder I get the anger and also frustration regarding past mistakes while running Rebirth and Regeneration. I have read in so many places that your current situation is the result of your decisions. I often ask myself " what was I thinking?" Or " what made you or why did you think this was ok ?" I now know that I have to take 100 percent responsibility and accountability for everything in my life.


100 % responsibility and accountability, yes. But not 100 % competence. There have been and will continue to be mistakes as long as there is more to learn.

Anyway. I’m on the same page.


Its been very interesting reading through all your experiences on the new emperor. I was wondering if the anti-porn scripting that is in ascended mogul is also in the new emperor, as that has been very helpful for me. even when I started using the more sexual subs like primal it just led me back to porn, and AM straightened me back out again.


Hey, thats exactly what I’m dealing with right now.

NB got me to realize that I make a Great Advisor / Ideas Person,
but I’m kinda shit at Decision Making. :sweat_smile:

I was just now wondering what can I do to get more confident in my decisions, when everyone else already is. :smile:

@SaintSovereign, should I simply have this shift be a conscious intention for Ev4, or would you have any other recommendations?

PS: My experience of Limitless v2 was that “the right choice” would seem obvious, making it easy to commit. QL brings up a lot of possible options, and makes it harder for me to make choices.


OK. So both of these are taken care of. :smile:

I’ve figured out how I can make even better decisions using QL than I do with Lv2.
Only QL-4 has the effects I need, so looking forward to stacking that updated file.

Thanks to @Malkuth’s “blah blah” post. It reminded me of something that led ultimately to creating a holistic process for my decision making. :+1:


31 days later

X4 Emperor V4
X4 Emperor V2
Commando stacking module 4 loops a day

Feeling absolutely amazing will elaborate later.


32 days on V4

X8 V4
X2 V2
X4 Commando

Slowly getting used to listening to V4 as my brain adapts. I get occasional days when i feel i have a dark cloud hanging over my head. Which result in me erupting in anger. During tgis time i just sit quietly in my room not doing anything.

This usually lasts a few hours then i am ok.

  1. Able verbally articulate myself more fluidly in meetings.

  2. Definitely feel a more commanding vibe especiallly after listening to the super charger. Voice has grown louder and deeper.

  3. Women respond better especially men when i start speaking.

  4. Libido has been enhanced.

  5. Charisma has definitely been enhanced.

I dont think this is emperor. Perhaps its just a coincidence. I have caught a cold twice in the last 4 weeks.


Hermit how is the muscle gains going on emperor ?. I think i can see muscle gains but i not 100% certain.


My men, I’m rocking it. Going to the gym I lift like I’ve never lift before. It’s not directly building my muscles rather it’s giving me a energy surge like you wouldn’t believe it.

It’s probably the combination of these three modules together

  • Limitless Physical Energy
  • Fat Burner
  • Rich, Deep Sleep

My body has totally transformed, I’m at 10% body fat or so. I just keep pushing those weights. I’m interested to see what Emperor Fitness will bring me, I’ll be the new fucking Dwayne Johnson. I’m the rock from now on, you can call him the stone real soon when I’m going to hit Emperor Fitness.


33 days of V4 tonight will stack V4 with khan stage 3 and see how things pan out. No more V2 for me.


3 weeks on Ev4 and still having lots of interesting dreams, which is very unusual for me. Many are about conflict and defeating enemies, or about healing or transformation of some kind. Many also seem to have a spiritual or occult angle to them. No bad reconciliation effects yet, although there are times that I can feel this raging power surging up inside me. Still stacking with QL-2.

Dream last night:

I was outdoors next to a large fire with a shaman. The shaman was me, but also not me (representing my subconscious perhaps?). The shaman drew a number of sigils on paper, then burnt them to ashes in a stone bowl, and mixed in some of my blood and urine with the ashes make a paste. The paste was then used to paint other sigils on parts of my body. Each time a sigil was painted on I could feel and see some aspect of me healing and changing, becoming stronger and more powerful.


What’s that Fat Burner Module ?


V4 for 4 weeks now. Since 4 days with Commander 1x in the morning. Do not remember dreams - taking quite long in the morning to get up to speed. Still with the feeling that things have to be done now, not always clear what these things are :smirk:. Somehow after 3 or 4 loops, usually after lunch I feel kind of ‘forget everything and just chill’ - also in the last week not performing in the gym as in the beginning :expressionless:


@bujin do you have a journal?


@friday I haven’t started one for Ev4.

I’m in two minds about it, actually. I mostly use subs for personal exploration and transformation, not physical things like sex or money, so it can be difficult to describe progress in a public journal in a way that is meaningful to others, while still being useful to me.


34 days on V4

Added Khan stage 3 to my stack. I think stage 3 is highly polarizing. Two girls who are normally shy and dont talk to me began giggling at everything i said.


I just started listening to emperor v4 today, not more than 3 times because saint said it was potent and less is more. I was a bit intimidated by the description and expecting some reconciliation but feels good so far. How many times are you guys repeating it daily?