Early Emperor v4 Impressions Thread


I got proof Emperor kicks ass regarding killing laziness! Look, I even got a profile picture!

@NewLease Kinda. I noticed I got more sexual thoughts sometimes while listening to ev4


How long have you been running it ?


Since New Year’s Eve


Sound like you’re just maybe going through consolidation. I recall the first 1-3 weeks of using empv2 gave me brain fog, lack of focus etc. I’d say just hold on for another week and see how you feel.

I could be wrong if anyone else wants to chime in here.


I have noticed ev2 stopping being too harsh for me the last couple weeks.
Remember, my subconscious fought the affirmations that bad, I got physical pain while listening. Than I had pain in my neck. This is gone. For now. Maybe it comes back, I don’t know but in my case I noticed it didn’t matter how many loops I listened. I am going to listen for more loops though. Right now I am between 2 - 4 loops a day, want to get it to 6.
How many loops are you guys listening?


Friend’s girlfriend who I hadn’t seen in a month or so told me something about me was different. She said my face was glowing and I looked rejuvenated. She asked what I was doing differently since I’d been gone. This was after a night of drinking so I was slightly hungover too. I’ve just been listening to Emperor and Primal Seduction. Cut out porn. Also, started listening to a couple different frequency/energy videos on Youtube.


Dear ExploringAstronaut,
This was a message to Saint and Fire back in Jan 2019. I was using AM and Limitless v1

“I have been using these two programs stacked for 8 hours at night daily, plus 4 hours( alternating one day free every two). Since them, I have notice daily headache and diffuse neck pain like when someone has thyroidis.
There is any kind of script related with the thyroid gland embedded on it?”
At that time, we didn’t know if it was related to optimise the thyroid for better performance
I hope it helps!


Thanks, thats very interesting. I “know” what it was in my case, at least that’s what I believe in my current state of ignorance. To put it simple: It was blocked energy decharging itself or, as it was the case with my ears, direct resistance my mind put up.
The thyroid thing is especially interesting as the corresponding energy center is associated with speech, self expression etc. So it was blocked and the subliminal started to clear the blockage


I had an interesting aha moment while on emperor v4;
in the past ive perceived others in social situations objectively, meaning im concerned with how im perceived to them no matter how silly or unsociable they may be (im subjective to them). now Im seeing that since most people are not very socially confident, they see others the same way (objective to them socially, so they are self conscious and act subjectively). So than logically I can act objectively in social situations and others will react subjective to me, allowing me to just act genuinely not caring how im perceived.
A logical conclusion that id like to think is going to be subconsciously acted upon.


Hooray for Emperor!:trident:


Interesting - I do not recall any dreams -


Emperor V4 is the best, no need to listen to any other version/s. It also helps to take action not like V2 where you get all hyped up about everything, can’t sleep because your energy is not channelled properly. V4 is way way smoother.

In V4 i have taken far more actions in a month than V2 and V3 in last one year.

You need to be patient with this sub. It’s slow in the beginning, it takes time to built, once done, it will hit you hard.

I have started my food joint in India in under $2000, this is the fastest I have acted on my plan. I’m also planning to open up a company in Singapore. For Import export and Forex. But that would be after 3 months. I have to save 100000$ for that business. And also i have to make sure that food joint is well established.

Friends say that I have became way too assertive and project IDGAF attitude. Also, I can easily say No now.

I’m coming up with this amazing ideas. And I’m acting on most of them.

MOST IMPORTANT: You don’t need to run 8 or 10 loops a day. 2 or 3 loops are more than enough. Even one loop is sufficient.


I had an experience yesterday morning which I value. Emperor is making itself known.

I’ve been listening to Regeneration overnight, and I usually turn on YT in the mornings. I did so yesterday, and a few songs touched me. I felt like crying, and I also felt like holding it in. This isn’t normal for me, as I usually just let it out.

What happened is that right in the midst of my struggle of letting it out, I had this thought sit and stay with me, and it wasn’t just in my head.

The thought was “is this genuine?” I’ve never had such an experience, and I attribute it to New Beginnings Lite. I went from thinking “what would others think?” to “is this true and good for me?” I relaxed in that change, as I had been stressed trying to keep up old norms of living for other’s approval.

This is relevant since I’m moving forward towards major financial changes in my life, and I’ve thought I’d be receiving more attention along with it. This invites some fear mostly since I’ve played roles in front of people instead of being honest. Emperor’s reality check was quite welcome, especially since I wasn’t even playing it yet.

It spells freedom for me. Thank you for building this @fire.


I definitely agree, I feel like EV4 is actually building up so fast internally that’s it’s getting tougher for me to handle more than 2 loops a day. That’s probably why sometimes I feel like my emotions are “all over the place”. EV4 must really “stick to the ribs” in a mental sense.


was looking at the sales page for emperor. Out of curiosity, I’d like to know if there is any seduction programming within it. I mean, I’m pretty sure there is if you it helps you manifest romance and sex, but just thought I’d ask anyway.


Yes, it contains seduction scripting.


Proud of you, @MavericKobra. In fact, am proud of all of you!


GG @MavericKobra

Good luck with your new business.


Thank you so much @raphael and @Flake_And_Milk
and thank you everyone for the support.


Why was the sleep poor? it sounds functional even at two hour naps x3 is 6 hours in a day, were you easily getting to sleep and waking naturally?