Early Emperor v4 Impressions Thread


I am and have been running empv4 24/7 on ultra during the day and sometimes all day and night with no overwhelm effect.

I have 0 concern for socializing. My focus is growing weekly on self growth and money. Feeling good as this is the areas I wanted to focus on.

No negative emotions or feelings.

Just handling day by day.

Def feels like emperor as Another key sign is that I have completely cut all socializing out of my day. Anyone trying to waste my time gets 0 energy. Also working on getting my own distractions/ personal time wasting activities minimized (social media, random internet surfing, random YouTube videos, etc)

I’m liking how this is flowing so far.


Not optimal. Deep sleep states require more time at a single stretch.
Also, I felt perennially underslept & tired.

I was off subs for a few days. All is fine now.

Current playlist is: E4, GLM, E4, LD
Running all day long. No issues.



Does anyone see an issue stacking limitless V2 with Emperor V4 ?


I think you may want to check


I paired V4 with Khan stage 4 the effects are insane ! :slight_smile:


@blackadder - am really tempted to add Emperor to Khan too. But will wait for Emperor Fitness to come out before deciding this.


Could you tell us more?


Very intense stares from women as i walk down the road. When i begin to talk to them they comment “I never ever talk to strangers but you have this vibe about you…”

Men starting conversations or apologising to me over petty things i do not care about.


That’s just fabulous, @blackadder.

Bartender - “What’s your poison?”
Blackadder to himself - “Emperor v4+ Khan”


Emperor Fitness is on my birthday list :slight_smile:


emperor v4 so far: feel more like sherlock holmes every week; pin-pointed and effectively focussing on the important things.


feeling more shamelessly objective, like i imagine an emperor would…


Emperor v4 seems to have more tricks in it’s sleeve that I first thought off. Every other week another skill is added to my toolbox. It’s a subliminal that will bring different things to different people and you’ll be surprised when it happens. Wherever I go, things seems to shift, all focus and attention goes towards me. For some this would be draining but I’m pouring energy in all directions, like a slightly warm waterfall of energy uplifting everyone around me.


Manifestations are stronger I am meeting more interesting women with Khan and Emperor stacked.


Uff @blackadder. You are just tempting me to get Emperor lol. Now it’s my turn to stay strong


With emperor no women is out of my league. I’m wondering how different it is compared to Khan. It’s a whole different program all together but in all honesty a women gets attracted to the most shiny one in the pack.

Now you may wonder what shines? It’s money, power, assertiveness - generally the things most guys don’t have, lol.

Emperor gives all of this.


@raphael finish your current subliminal use then contemplate buying Emperor. I am using it because I had already purchased the product a year ago and therefore I was entitled to the free update.


@blackadder - ofcourse. Anyways, my priority is Emperor Fitness when compared to Emperor.

And like Emperor Fitness will be your birthday gift, will make Emperor my birthday gift.


And the mind gains! i feel like QL light is really increasing my thinking abilities aswell :sunglasses:


@nwaterlowford what stages of QL are you using with Emperor ?