Early Emperor v4 Impressions Thread


not even using the full QL program, just correlating the increases i’ve seen cognitively with the light module in Ev4.
I dont know if I will really need the full QL,
unless it gives me the ability to see and relate with other peoples emotional states and motives and master all the dynamics at play emotionally during interactions, that would be pretty spectacular… could I direct it to work in that way?


I am getting Aura today to add to my Emp Stack. I’ve been on Emp for 30 days straight. Averaging 8-10 while I sleep plus an additional 2-4 hours during the day. Sometimes more.

My question is on the site it says, ‘For women’ does that mean this stack is for actual women, but that its to help effect your Aura towards women? Just want clarifcation that I am not buying a sub designed for chuicks.


It means the script is gender neutral. Women can also use the product.

You’ll notice that it does NOT say “For Women” on Khan or Emperor.
Because women should NOT use those products.


@nwaterlowford - for doing this, we have Power Can Corrupt


When I am stacking Aura with Emperor what order Should I have them? Ie:


Repeat? Any repeating advice would be greatly appreciated.


3 x Emperor
6 x Aura


Has anyone else experienced better manifestations with Khan st 3-4 then Emperor v4?




You read it here first! Hahaha