Early Emperor v4 Impressions Thread



Its been 9 days on V4 and today I felt angry i had this urge to m*sturbate to porn. Never had that in a a very long time. Managed to get myself out of the house to a social event but I just didnt want to socialize. Even after a a gym workout I felt this urge to watch porn.

I think the best I drop to 2 loops and mix in daredevil at 4 loops to see how things go. This is obviously me resisting whatever the sub is doing right ?


How does one get massive gains without going to the gym ? :slight_smile:


It is possible. There are studies which have proven that active visualisation can build muscle


I know there is one subliminal vendor out there who markets a sub which supposedly builds muscle mass without having to go to the gym. I am alittle skeptical having said that perhaps i need to be more open minded.


Well, now that you say it, it actually is a bit surprising, because I thought you had to put conscious effort (ie actively imagining) into it for it to work. But this is a purely subconscious cause/effect.
Highly interesting. I have to see if something like this happens to me aswell


A new realization I have made:

I got very impatient and when I have to wait for something (mostly at work while at the computer but also in the traffic) I get angry and hit on the desk in a very aggressive way. Immediately, after doing this I catch myself and think how silly this kind of behavior is but I don’t seem to have it under control.

Anybody else experiencing this?


Not with Emperor but I’ve been like that before. What helped me to finally cease the habit is realizing that reacting to small things like this was giving away my personal power to a situation, and so I slowly but surely began to practice asserting my internal sense of control in moments such as those.

If need be, try and get into the habit of pausing for 10 seconds before you react and within those 10 seconds, choose your preferred response to the situation at hand.


For me, I have not had ‘massive muscle gains’ without working out. But I did notice a pumped and fuller sensation around my chest and upper arms.

My idle theories were that 1) the improved sleep may have promoted growth (HGH and such are released when we have deep, high-quality restorative sleep); also 2) I think that my body has muscle memory from all of the workouts that I did in the past.

Those were my pet theories. Don’t much care really. I like going to the gym and I’ll be back in there soon. It was interesting though. Definitely supports the idea that the subliminals are able to enhance results in the gym.

As far as the general idea of muscle growth without gym, well, muscles are made from protein mainly, and the body constantly synthesizes protein. Every growing baby and child is definitely building muscle without going to the gym. So it’s not a completely crazy notion. Anyway, doesn’t seem to matter that much.


Emperor has been reported to change ones face and jaw line.


After been listening Emperor v4, got a really nasty tinnitus that refuses to end. 4 days with this horrible thing.


Me too, my ears hurt quite a bit. I listened to ear healing audios on youtube, that helped alot.


I’ll do this too. Any indication?


Well there are two options, I guess. Either what is in the subliminal is too stressfull for the mind and it refuses it or the volume was too loud


I’m my case, same volume I used with v3 and Alchemist.

Any indication on healing audios?


These are the ones I use


Thank you.


Anyone feel that there heart starts beating like a hammer when listening to V4 whilst at rest.


I’ve yet to notice any bodily changes to speak of


X 4 loops V4
X 4 loops of DareDevil

In a dream my father was hurling objects like furniture at me. I burst into tears and ran away. Screaming at him leave me alone.

In another part of my dream i was able to start the ignition of a motor bike using the power of my mind.


I’ve noticed insane drops in productivity, not sure why.
Not feeling emotionally down, actually I feel quite good running it.

Productivity was slick until I started emperor v4, and no other subliminals or practices have been incorporated.

I already have tinnitus but I have noticed it’s been flaring lately. Unsure if V4 is the cause, unsure why it’d affect it considering I won’t touch ultrasonics with a 40ft stick so may be something else.

But huge drops in productivity are kinda annoying, but noticing a more powerful and strong attitude start to manifest.

Anything I should add to the stack to counter this? (mind you I’m only running emperor right now, so adding something in would be no problemo)