Early Quantum Limitless Thread


Also I have been waking up in the night quite often since starting. Even when I don’t listen to subs or have any other distractions.
Have some weird and intense dreams, mostly about my seduction life (Khan) but can’t really recall


@friday how much exposure of khan S4 did u have before starting QL?


I am able to recall random things I read easier. Stage 1 so far, but doing a ST 1 x4, ST 2 x3, ST 3 x2 and ST 4 x 1 starting today.


@mecharc around 6 months only listening to st4 Khan


thats a nice question but i think it depends on the person


@friday 6 months of khan is a good effort. What kind of results have you noticed with 6 months exposure to st4? I’m planing to hit 6 months. It’s been 6 weeks and I haven’t noticed to much yet.


Becoming the KHAN @Nitro19


Feeling better today. Still, my energy levels are down.

Wasted a lot of time today - but this is the first time I realized how easily I get distracted. First I thought this is new but I probably did get distracted as easily before but I now just realized… Just one example, I wanted to go onto this site to look something up (download the ebook) but the first thing I did was to check the new posts. And soon instead of working I was reading and getting distracted…
But I definitely notice that I am more fed up when I procrastinate. I hate it, I can’t stand it but I am still not improving.

I am sadly noticing that I am forgetting more and more, where I don’t remember what I just wanted to do or which thought I wanted to execute.

This might all be reconciliation, I don’t know


I did a smartphone detox where I just turned on airplane mode for the last two days to get the important things done. So far I am on track :wink: Also slept for 9 1/2 hours today and am feeling much better. Energy levels are quite back to normal.

I have been working on a movie project which was very hard for me in the beginning as I had never attempted such a complex 3D / 2D animation project. I finished it today with outstanding ease. Problems, which I couldn’t really get my head around I could solve easily today. Also, I am very pleased with the results :smiley:

Finally, some good things haha


@SaintSovereign are there any news about Simon’s notice about QL ST4 having a higher base volume? Was it made this way originally and was it tested with this volume, or was it raised later after the group tests?


We are all at different stages of personal development. That means, you may need more exposure to certain elements than I do. We recommend one stage per month because it provides an easy framework to follow and get consistent results, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you to determine what order to run in.


Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s possible. How does one quantify a subliminal’s power in numeric form when it’s impossible to even create a “baseline,” given the fact that everyone’s results are different and subjective? A name embed is going to hit harder, much harder and results will manifest much faster. By how much? Not sure, depends on the person.


And name embedded ones are more expensive by a lot right and more targeted on something then regular subs?


Right now, we’re doing name embeds of single stage titles for $450 - $600. The lower end price is adding the name and building. Higher end includes minor changes. Full customs are more.

Anyone buy 'name embedding' subs?

What about multistage subs?


well…I am curious …if I order a custom sub…do I have to use my real name…can I use a pseudonym and still have it works?…cuz I am a writer…I create a new persona/identity and see myself as this new character I created…so what are your thoughts on it??


@Fire will have to give a custom write on that.

Anyone buy 'name embedding' subs?

To be safe, I recommend using your real name.


I have been extremely productive and focused today. Woke up early but still overslept thought - It seems like I am a wrack if I don’t sleep 9 hours since starting QL so I don’t care -
When I took a shower I was mentally thinking about my plans for the day, HOW I can be more efficient, and new IDEAS and WAYS to study. I was yesterday watching an episode of “Limitless” and I felt exactly like him - being able to focus and concentrate more CLEARLY. But this was all in the shower, so I thought let’s see how QL performs while studying :wink:

Right after the shower, I normally check the messages I got while sleeping. This process will then often lead to me scrolling through my messages and procrastinating the first thing in the morning. Today, I also checked my important messages BUT I shortly found myself being bored with it as my desire to sit down and just study was much higher.

I must have pulled an 8-hour study session today haha. It was fucking awesome. When comparing the notes I was working one for the last two week with the ones I made today (and yesterday evening) with the rest of the weeks, you will see a difference. Even though I always tried to create them with immense love for details and the little things, my new ones are just… better.
I was creating my own big mindmaps where everything is connected, formating and layering the pictures differently, creating tables and charts…

And the best thing, I really enjoyed myself and studying. Of course, it was kinda exhausting but this was the first time I ever studied so much without PRESSURE. I often pulled 10-hour study sessions and over-night shifts but I always had an appointment the other day where the thing needed to be done/learned. So this was a new experience for me haha :wink:


@friday which stage of Ql are u using?