Early Quantum Limitless Thread


QL Stage 1


have you used limitless before? what else is in your current stack?


I have never used Limitless before. The only sub I tried so far is Khan. I started with Khan ST1 and listened for around 25 days. After that, I had an major exam coming for which I switched to ST4 Khan. I am still listening to it approaching 6 months of focused listening to ST4 (results of which you can read in my thread, I posted above). Since 1. December, I added QL Stage 1. So I am now running Khan St4 and QL ST1 1:1 the whole day (not over night).


Listening to 10 loops of QL masked is hard work man… On loop 7 but I feel like turning it off or at least taking a break, which would mean ending it at a later time…

I’m not feeling any major shifts atm, but it’s still early days.


I don’t know what this is but since running QL St1 I wake up directly after I fell asleep.

I fall asleep and 20 minutes later I wake up again. Every Night! After that incident, I rest peacefully until morning. @SaintSovereign?


I have decided to run Emperor V4 but I do want to run QL when I am able to afford. My only fear or concern with QL is that I will have an existential crisis.


I feel like I am getting smarter. I have more and more “little breakthroughs” over the day where thoughts come to me looking at a problem or something from a different angle. Everything is clearer…

My work motivation is over the roof. And I am feeling I am finally breaking my YT addiction as my study material seems more interesting than watching boring videos.


Posted this update in my own journal but thought I would seek some insights here - is it normal to be able read text clearly in one’s dream? Text that actually makes sense, not jibberish random text.


I’m on a six day on one day off schedule right now. What’s everyone’s?


Hammering loops as much as i can. Most of the time listening when i am sleeping. When i have a groggy wake up i dont listen when i am sleeping the next day


I’m doing 7 days a week, during the day, as much as I can. I tend to take weekends off, but that’s a side effect of having plans with friends, or going hiking with my wife, etc rather than intentionally taking time off… just generally not conducive to having earbuds in all the time. :wink:


Six days a week, one day off.


Yesterday I had a dream that one of my mentors was working on me (we’re manual therapists). And then after he was done the sky was dark and there was thunder, he look at it and walked out of the shelter, and it started pouring the moment he stepped out. Crazy this is, he was absorbing a large lightning strike through his head and into his body.

Lately I’m noticing that I am mentally more sharp. I am able to find possible solutions in my line of work that are rational, sensible, and most importanrtly when I explain it people get my explanation and agree with me.


Had another dream… I was in a train with my parents and my dad was driving it. This train was located on the 10th floor of a building. Just when it was making a sharp turn, the tracks were screwed up and I fell out of the train, landing face down on my left hip.

I didnt die, but when someone came to check on me all I could do was comment on how shitty the infrastructure of my country was…


Main Disc. Thread - Quantum Limitless (Now Available!)

Not sure if this fits here, but I just got out of a dream where triple H is looking for a box that I’ve got. I kinda stole it from him previously (lol). Even though I have no conscious recollection of the it, it feels like I had a dream of stealing the box before…

I was thinking of the best way to hide it so no one can find it. I dont even know what’s in the box except it contains top secret stuff.


Background: I’m restarting subliminals after a year long absence with QL being the one I’m exclusively using (the temptation is strong to mix and match) with Beyond Limitless once I’m in the groove. Each Stage (ST) will be played for a month. Was on a road trip for most of ST2. I’ll be using QL Ultrasonic up to 16 hours ideally (5 am till 9 pm) with Beyond Limitless at night. Once all the Stages are played, I’ll continue running ST4 and may add in Emperor v4 when I feel like it. Will be studying for up to 10 hours a day for an exam, which makes QL suitable for my needs.

Ran ST1 for a month and I’m nearing the end for my ST2 period. I definitely feel more intelligent, my reaction time is quicker (catching fallen objects, etc), I noticed things that were wrong before other people did. Piano playing is much smoother right away when I came back to try it. I’ve had a couple of dreams about my old school but it’s rather fuzzy.

Yesterday I had a dream where I was in a sort of video game warzone (must be because of the Iran news), where I walked through a sort of military base towards the actual fighting scene. Once the fighting was over, it restarted and I was at the same place again except this time things were… different. As I walked through the base, I noticed something peculiar. A closed off steel door that I just ignored before with a TV screen in front of it. The other people walked on while I noticed that I could move my hands and arms in the air like you would using your two fingers on a touchscreen to change perspective on the TV screen (like The Force in Star Wars). I then changed the perspective of the TV to show the steel door and gestured my hands to open it. I found something valuable inside that I could not remember very well but felt relieved.

I’ll be (hopefully) updating every month.

Protip: The Poweramp app allows you to play sounds while other media is playing, for example if you’re watching Youtube or listening to Spotify. I was very annoyed before when my subs stopped playing whenever I watched Youtube so this was a major relief when running my ultrasonics. It’s under Audio Focus, “Short Audio Focus Change/Calls”, you might have to pay a small amount after the trial though. Also would not recommend if you use earphones often to listen to music/watch videos, as it won’t automatically stop. EDIT: This is only for Android, the one on IOS seems to be fake/poor knockoff.

Best android apps to listen to subs?
Multi-Tasking Options for Subliminal Playback (on iOS)

How are you going to even get sleep with Beyond Limitless running at night. Are you aware BL being a supercharger?


I don’t know about you. But BL does an excellent job of putting me to sleep at night. I sometimes run 2 loops of it at night. A lot of times I don’t finish the 2nd loop. Sometimes, just running 1 loop knocks me out. Only wake up when my alarm rings or my wife/kids wake me up.


Thanks for the tip. Is this similar to AudioShare? Can it play a playlist or would it just play 1 file?


I seem to be more like this as well.

I haven’t encountered a subliminal yet that doesn’t help me with sleeping. (Though I’m not using Beyond Limitless.). All of the masked tracks ease my sleeping. We all have our own physiological backgrounds and biochemical signatures.

I tend towards insomnia and am usually easily awakened by any changes in my environment. Could be that the subliminals cancel out some of that.