Early Quantum Limitless Thread


Wow. Thanks for mentioning this @SeekingTruths. I hadn’t heard of this app. Here’s the description. Claims to do background play and playlists (what I’ve been looking for).

That’s valuable enough to me that I may shell out the $4 they’re asking.


Just bought it and tried background play.

Did not work.

Returning it.

AudioShare is still the only option on iOS.


Yep. Tried it too. AudioShare still for me.


What’s the difference between this and Audioshare? I’m currently using Audioshare but I might swap it around.


As far as I see, the difference is that Audioshare works and this does not.

Poweramp works just like a simplified version of the Music app that comes free with the phone. It does not allow background play while listening to other audio sources.

Audioshare allows independent background play and independent volume control, but only of an individual track. What I want is to have background play of an entire playlist, so that I can truly ‘set and forget’ my curated playlist; just leaving it playing all of the time. I haven’t yet found an app that allows that.


Why don’t you just make a playlist on your music app and then play your additional music on Audioshare?


Have you done this?


All the time. Well actually not all the time, I’m mainly using my laptop but when going to the gym or so. I’m using my music app playlist and then I just use Audioshare for my covering music.


oh, i misunderstood the meaning of your original post. (Thought you were suggesting that playlists created in Music app could be imported to AudioShare).

I want to be able to use YouTube, Podcasts, Audible, etc., while letting my subliminal play. I’m not listening to music for the most part.


In that case, unfortunately I’ve got no ideas left. I’m sure there is an app out there, keep looking.


I’ve actually already thought of a workaround that would work just fine. It would not be difficult to just custom edit my entire playlist into one super-long monster track (either 9 or 18 hours long) that I then import to Audioshare. (think I’m about 2 or 3 more failed apps away from just doing that myself. haha.)

But for now I’m holding out to see if a convenient app pops up; because that would be pretty cool too.


Right now, the only alternative I can think of is using Audacity. But that entails copy-pasting multiple tracks onto 1 file from a pc and then importing it onto your phone. From there, use AudioShare and the phone’s music player.


Yup, that’s exactly what I meant. Ended up doing it. Used Audacity. Made one 8hr15minute track that I can import to AudioShare and repeat twice a day, no matter what else is happening on my phone.

One point with this is that it makes it a little bit harder to know which track you’re currently listening to. But I think I’ll take that as a net positive, since my idea is to ‘set and forget’. If I ever want/need to, I can just determine which track is playing from the elapsed time.

Another potential downside is that if your phone or the app shuts down or gets reset, you may not know at what point your playlist got interrupted. So, it makes sense to make a mental note of what time you started playing the track.

Anyway, looks pretty good.

(This should really have been in its own topic.)


Ah yeah apologies, should have clarified that it was on Android. The Poweramp on IOS (IPhone) seems to be a knockoff since there’s no real official release that I know of on the Apple App Store.


thanks @SeekingTruths Had a feeling it might’ve been that. Well, glad the option is available for Android users.


You seem to be misunderstanding, I’ll be running it one loop at night.


Please do update us after a few days and report if the effects are still as expected.

I’ve also considered, instead of bugging @Fire (if I’m the only one asking for it), I could use Audacity to reduce the volume on QL4 masked file to make it stackable.


Am concerned about reduced audio quality in successive generations. After all the work of making it, I now don’t really feel excited about using it. Am thinking on it.

I don’t tend to experience a whole lot of short-term effects. Emperor may be an exception, but even with that I’m not sure. As such, I’m leery of doing anything that deviates from the standard. I don’t have much of a feedback mechanism for evaluating correctness. Also, I’m (quietly) extremely intent on having results and, thus, hesitant to engage in much experimentation.


hahha. I think that my feelings right now are very much in the Reconciliation process. Desperate to get it right.

I set up my playlist on a 4-2-3-2 structure. 4 reps Eog, 2 reps Emperor, 3 reps Eog, w reps Emperor. 2 times per day.

But sometimes in order to make it easier to use AudioShare. I’ll just play 10.5 hours of EoG, followed by 6 hours of Emperor.

So that’s another solution. Just doesn’t allow me to ‘aerate’ the play of each program.


You can use mp3gain. It’s an application for non destructive volume adjustment of mp3s without any encoding whatsoever.

The masked files are unnecessarily loud in my opinion. I wonder what the reason for it is. Nobody listens to them loud so if they are this way to begin with, it makes it harder to listen to them quietly, because you can adjust the volume in only so many increments.


Ya. I’m aware of ReplayGain.
My setup though is an MP3 player connected to a set of Stereo Speakers.
Unfortunately, that player doesn’t do Gains. :sweat_smile:

Edit: Your reminder does give me an idea.
I am intending to get a new phone soon. So my current phone can then take over the duties of the MP3 player. :+1: