Early Quantum Limitless Thread


I’ll check on this today.


How useless it Limitless when running Quantum Limitless?

  1. Totally useless
  2. A little useless
  3. It does work a little different, is able to have you gain a little bit more IQ points here and there.
  • Why?

Thank you.


Totally useless. Wouldn’t recommend wasting the exposure time.


I’m not adding anything to my stack, I’m asking for my older brother.
He is only using Quantum Limitless and has to pass his university exams upcoming weeks and upcoming years as well.

Still totally useless?


Yeah – he’d be better off adding something like Ascension, which gives you more confidence in yourself and your decisions. Helps with test taking because many times, we already know the answer, but second guess ourselves.

Early Emperor v4 Impressions Thread

Because Emperor is updated I’m guessing the ascension module in there is probably more significant, effective and powerful? Asking for myself.

Will the older subliminal’s like ascension, mogul and ascended mogul eventually get updated to newer versions? Seems like his interested.


Yes. Hopefully, if we can pull off SUPER SECRET PROJECT, this will never be an issue again. :wink:


Looks like Subliminal Club has allot on there plate right now. Can’t wait to hear about what surprise they are going to dig up this time.

Oh and not to to poke you again, but asking out of general interest. It takes time I know… but will Subliminal Club eventually add a more detailed description to the modules on the product pages. I completely understand you can’t tell us what’s in the scripting, though I must say it’s really helpful to take a look at the modules of Emperor on the sale page and read something like ‘Financial Visualization and Imagination’ in which I realize, ‘oh yes that’s actually been happening to me on auto-pilot’.

It’s both good to strengthen the connection with the conscious mind and everything what is happening within the subconscious mind as actually checking how much of a progress you’ve made with the subliminal.

I felt when using v2, I had more rapid progress because there were just way less modules. But I dropped both earlier versions as I realized that would actually diminish my progression on emperor overall - less exposure to more scripts.

To add a suggestion to the question above. For one not reading the forums it would also be interesting to see more of what’s inside of the subliminal’s, details get shared on the forums like ‘anti-porn scripting’, which I’ve read earlier. I have definitely been feeling that ALLOT.

So yeah, it would actually be very interesting for those of us not looking at the forums or those of us to busy taking action and having no time to look at the forums. Some sort of module list and then a button to click ‘more details’ in which you get a list with additions like this. This would also increase the value for buyers in my opinion, people buy with emotions and rectify with logic. So the more emotional value they see, the more they would be sold to buy the damn thing. To makes things clear, the more they’ll see what they can achieve by running the sub (emotional value) the more they would be sold for the subliminal.

(Again, not poking you, know SubliminalClub is busy - I’m only bringing up some ideas that would help both ends of the spectrum). :smiley:


Shots fired.


It has already been said a lot of times that modules don’t really exist anymore, or at least not like it used to be. So making a clear list of modules like back in the day has become difficult. I do definitely agree with you and the other people though, the salespage definitley needs to be more straight to the point. I personally think the page of Primal and PS are very good at giving a clear impressions of what you should expect from a sub. Primal doesn’t even have the modules listed.

I’m sure by now Saint and Fire all have heard our request for an improvement of the salespages, it will definitely happen😉


Well it doesn’t matter, modules or not, they are definitely there on the sales page, aren’t they. It doesn’t matter how the subliminal is structured, they can still mention which combination of subliminal’s are used in Emperor so to say.


Yes, we know – and your suggestions are good feedback. @Fire and I will be discussing this at the SubClub Business Retreat in Paris.


I had my first QL moment while studying today.

While studying I noticed a connection between concepts which even my professor couldn’t explain.
I had studied this chapter before, but never saw this connection between concepts.

And this is just the start!


Quantum Limitless is definitely a heave hitter. I’m have so much gratitude for starting this subliminal.


I don’t understand what you mean with this.


Let me guess: AUTOMATED subliminals upgrade? :wink:

This way, only main scripting technology must be upgraded, then the titles can be updated automatically.

This is mine imagination but if it is true - this would be great! :blush:

At least FAR beyond anything what is present on the market today.


Definitely gonna buy Quantum Limitless after i have finished Khan


Super secret project? Meetings with Silicon Valley types. Saint learning to code?

My guess : Build-your-own subliminals. Mix ‘n’ match to create your ideal sub.

Main Discussion Thread - Q

yes, my guess is something more along these lines.

we’ll see.


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  • it has statistics to follow your progress.

The Quantum Limitless Emperor - 11/11