Early Quantum Limitless Thread


thanks for the rec. not using QL, but that looks fun.


Dual N Back has several versions. Which would you recommend?


There are different versions. It all boils down to the same, thing. Choose the one you prefer - some are paid, some are free, some are in app purchase to gain more tokens to play.

The one with the human head and yellow background, I’m using.


Dual n-back is a type of training, not a specific app. There are many available; I used one (windows app) 8+ years ago and only made modest improvements. I should try it again after running QL!


I can see alot of people are experiencing synergistic benefits from stacking both Khan and QL. Those who are you running both a daytime and night time stack ?


Please give me your opinion.

Initially, I was planning to run each stage of QL for 2 months, while simultaneously experimenting with other single stages in the Stack.

Now I’m thinking of running each stage of QL for 3 months.

I was wondering whether the additional exposure will be redundant, or will 30 extra days of each QL stage, help internalise it more.


Definitely! You’ll get all out of it.


That’s how I plan to run it.

When I thought about it, three months per stage just felt right.


Anyone using Quantum Limitless can provide an insight of exactly how fast results manifest?
How many loops are you using? And how much is the minimum exposure to get results?
Im considering on buying it but for now Im on Khan and I dont like stacking since it delutes results for me. Unless adding something like 2 loops of QL makes a noticeable diference.


I switched to ST4 from 3 months of St1-3 yesterday, and I slept for 13 hours! I did not listen overnight.

St4 is definitely intense! I dreamt about my old teacher giving me B- and Cs. I felt unjustly treated as she gave all the other students very good grades. Even the “dumber” ones.

Back in high school, I wasn’t a good student… I was pretty bad tbh but at some point, I tried hard to become better. Now dreaming about this again, instead of thinking that I was stupid or incapable, I felt like she did not see my intellect as I am now kicking ass in one of the most competitive fields in college…


I ran both Quantum Limitless stage 4 and Emperor v4 whole day long for about one week until I realized that might just be way to overpowered hah, lol!

Usually I sleep for about 6 hours a night, being completely energized. Since running the above stack I needed 9 hours sleep a night and over day I felt really drained, mentally! I had lots of physical energy, though the brain fog that occurred was really outstanding.

I dropped Emperor as it didn’t really align that much with my goals. Moving forward with AM while testing SM and then will probably go for 3 months each on QL instead.

Really intense, guaranteed.


Ironically, that strikes me as a pretty Imperial move. So, yeah, maybe you don’t need it right now.


What do mean??


I mean that you already seem to have a pretty well-developed Emperor’s mindset that allows you to set firm goals in a clear vision and then move decisively on them. So, I can understand why that program might not be the most urgent one for you right now.


I love Emperor, don’t get me wrong.

There are just to many components that have a negative side for me personally at this point in time. A few of these are that it’s to dense, it has doesn’t have enough social aspects that go along with what I’m going to do the upcoming months, …

Ascended Mogul suits me much better for now, although it doesn’t have the newest technology - hopefully that gets updated shortly. I’m actually going back to Emperor in the future, possibly when Q allows me to design my own kind of Emperor. If not I’d probably move forward with Ascended Mogul + QL/L + Daredevil. Currently I’m testing AM & SM to see how that affects me as these aren’t dense programs at all. My energy is through the roof, I’ve been working on like 30% of my capacity because of my previous stack.

Let’s just say that Emperor + QL4 with the current energies coming in was a tad bit to much, lol!