Ecstasy of Gold Journal: Kether to Malkuth


Oh, I thought that ‘additionally’ might have been a typo, but that’s exactly what you meant.

Hmm…it’s funny, today I’m already in such a different place to where I was yesterday. Things move fast. It’s totally connected organically, but it’s just a different feeling today. I’m a little more in the trough between the peaks and the valleys. But I can still feel the overall movement of the ocean. It’s a change period. That much I can feel.

Edit: yes, I’m aware that ‘trough’ is synonymous with ‘valley’ when it comes to ocean waves, but, well, that’s what came out, and I’m in a rush.


Everyone had harsh days lately. It’s not because of the subliminal’s, rather because of the energy that has been coming in since the 19th.


Was having ‘writer’s block’ today.

Worked pretty hard on writing a research proposal and submitted it for initial review to Department Head a couple of weeks ago. Response was tepid and then a couple of days later got back some suggested revisions.

Got busy with other work and finally came back to it these couple of days since the final deadline’s tomorrow. At first, felt insecure. My motivation and skill in performing intensive systematization and organization-focused tasks has a pretty definite limit. I can do it, but once I reach my limit, I’m done. I know that in a task like this one, that will be my weaker area. So, I had a barrier to even picking the thing back up again.

But when I finally did, I noticed that many of the comments were actually already addressed in the initial draft. I realized that I was putting pressure on myself. Not that all pressure is harmful; but in this case, I was basically discouraging myself and it was not appropriate. I felt an attitude and perspective shift. Instead of thinking of it as a task in which my goal was to ‘do something onerous and impossible’, I decided ‘let me look it over, and make additional revisions primarily in line with my own judgment of what is needed (and secondarily keeping in mind the useful suggestions from the Head)’. The felt quality of the task changed. I’m still working on it now, but there is a more spacious feeling around it.

I’m happy about that.


Look at this website for an in depth review of the Schumann Resonance, solar flares etc.

You’ll start to be more aware of what is happening. On the 19th a big flare came in which made the Schumann spike at 78 hertz. We’re currently integrating those energies and it has to do with clearing up karma and non beneficial energies from past lifetimes that are stored within our DNA, cells and so on.

It can drain you energetically, each of us gets this in various amounts. On top of that, it’s worthwhile mentioning that we’ve been in a mercury retrograde in Pisces. Mercury being the planet of communication and Pisces being the emotional zodiac sign of dreams and wishes. Mercury goes retrograde a few times a year - people tent to go emotional shopping, relationships tent to go a bit emotional because of the communication part and so on.

Just look up what happens when Mercury goes retrograde and you’ll understand. This one in pisces is an especially important one. It will stay retrograde in Pisces until the 2 of march then it goes retrograde in Aquarius till the 10th on which is returns. Having this awareness you’ll start to notice the energetic shift that will happen on these particular days.

I hope this helps.


Yes, a lot is definitely going on in the mix these days.

They are all connected. The subliminals, the larger changes, the life paths, and so on and so on.

But, one thing I must say. I believe that I got some great help from archangel Tzadkiel who, in my humble opinion, kicks fucking ass. (Thanks, Tzadkiel!)

For all the craziness of these times, there are some pretty huge forces around us providing help and support. That does not mean I might not still go full ‘bug on Cosmic windshield’. But, lord, I hope not.

Sometimes, these angels seem like huge, tall luminous trees or columns, and sometimes like gigantic, Cosmic baleen whales. So big. Well, Alchemist is for much later. :slightly_smiling_face:


heh. we were typing those at the same time, but they still fit together fairly decently.

yep, I’ve been hearing about this retrograde.

fasten the seatbelts.


I love Tzadkiel, ruler of the mercy & forgiveness!

It’s also the archangel of my moon zodiac which is Gemini, ruling planet - Mercury, which is currently retrograde. See how this is all connected?


Synchronicities, lol!


Yes, it does help. Thanks.


Here, for what it’s worth, is a list of my characteristics.

Holland work code:
ASI - Artistic, Social, Investigative

Highly Sensitive Person

INFP, Dominant Function: Introverted Feeling , Secondary Function: Extraverted iNtuition

Highlands Abilities Battery :
Highly Introverted, High Specialist, Long Timeframe Orientation
Classification, Concept Organization, Idea Productivity, Musics, Vocabulary

Clifton Strengths finder :
Ideation, Intellection, Strategic, Input, Empathy

Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment :
Double Right, Basal Right lead

The Animal In You:



Incredibly, three months have passed with Ecstasy of Gold stage 3 and Emperor v4. I’m now getting ready to begin Ecstasy of Gold stage 4 for six months.


Strangely, this 3 month EoGst3 phase has coincided almost exactly with the timeline of this research proposal process associated with my job. I haven’t decided exactly what to make of it. But the final deadline for submission is today at 5 PM and my final day of EoG is tomorrow.

This proposal is both a validation and an invalidation of what I’m building. I’d been pressed and pressured to do this proposal over several years, but never had a clear vision. It got to the point where if I did not do this, I might have to worry about a de facto demotion. Finally, I realized how it would work better for me. (In contrast to my colleagues) I approached the research not as an end in itself, but as a means towards my Empire and Business visions. Suddenly, there was more motivation and momentum. It was still a challenge to complete, but I’ve completed it at a good enough level, I believe, to be acceptable.

I also find that I have 3 fairly specific plans for business development, with sub-plans under each one.

In my case, Ecstasy of Gold and Emperor seem to be working synergistically. I think the processing is slower than it might have been if I’d followed a different listening strategy. But it seems to be appropriate to my pace and style.

Three years seems like quite an acceptable period of time, to me, to navigate one’s overall life to a significantly better and different place. This one year of Ecstasy of Gold is, to me, about laying a strong foundation for much more positive change to occur in the future.

Another Synchronicity

Just as I’m approaching this next transition point, it is announced that the Emperor Q experimental listening cycle is beginning. I’m not a trend-chaser, but I am an early adopter (in my areas of interest). I think that this may be an opportune time to try out the new program. I now have a 3 month foundation with Emperor v4 (since December). I’ve felt its ongoing effects on me, there have been reconciliations and challenges; but overall, I have to say, that it’s an enhancive experience. Just this morning, I felt a sense of strength and fullness after my morning Emperor meditation. It’s nothing as specific as a measurable life change; at this point, it’s more of a subjective feeling.

Well, I’ll sit with the possibility today. But I think that when I start my new stack in March, Emperor Q is likely to be part of it.

The New Stack:
(repeated twice)

Ecstasy of Gold stage 4 (4x)

Emperor (4x)

Inner Circle (2-4x)


Very interesting stack. Looking forward to your results from Inner Circle - not many detailed results about Inner Circle so far.


I will not be testing Emperor Q. I’ll stick with what I’m doing now. I can experiment with Q later.


Awesome work, @Malkuth. Your inner world is definitely affecting your outerworld.


Thank you, @raphael


I have to ackknowledge your amazing patience at this point. I didn’t know for how long you use each program, but damn its awesome to see someone actually putting 3 months per stage. Very inspiring and a welcome refreshment.

I thought about continuing to listen to EoG St1 when I get to St2 to keep the healing running. Do you think thats a great idea or is Limit Destroyer good enough?
Btw I noticed Limit Destroyer is actually tackling multiple things at the same time, which makes a really underestimated sub.


Great quote:

So what have I learned from being close to wealth? I learned that wealth is merely a score to a game played by gamblers and visionaries who are motivated by obsession.


What I’ve observed, in my four and a half decades, is that, for the most part, people reward clarity.

Clarity—of intent, of performance, of manifestation.

That is what gets rewarded.

And we tend to reward clarity not because of its inherent superiority, morality or merit. No, it is rather that we reward it simply because it’s the easiest thing to notice and remember.

Reflect on this before you envy someone else for the rewards or accolades they’ve received.



at 12:00 AM on 1 March 2020, I began my new stack.

4 reps of Ecstasy of Gold stage 4
4 reps of Emperor v4
4 reps of Inner Circle
4 reps of EoG4
4 reps of Emperor v4

A 15-hour cycle. (I’m sure life will continue to introduce changes and unintentional breaks and rest periods.)

As I did three months ago, I will paste, in the next post, the description of the focus of this current stage of Ecstasy of Gold.

It feels right to move into this stage at this time. The plan is to continue this stack for 6 months until the end of August 2020. But, it’s just as possible that I may extend that to the end of December 2020.

This stack does, after all, represent the PRIMARY goals and focus of my productive life in this current phase. So IT DESERVES AND WILL RECEIVE AS MUCH TIME AS IT NEEDS TO GET THE JOB DONE. As such, I’ll remain engaged with it for as long as I need to do so as I work towards embodying and being at home in my desired lifestyle focus.


And now.


ST 4 – Ecstasy of Gold Complete

The final stage. Complete is a combination of the first three stages with no healing — only a heavy focus on taking action and generating wealth. This massive stage will help you reach the pinnacle of wealth and abundance.

Exponential wealth, endless opportunities, a fully developed and creative mind, knowing exactly what you want in life and how to achieve it… all of this is possible with Complete. Completely focused on wealth, you will be unable to ever again think of yourself as someone who is poor or unable to succeed, and you will start developing the mindset of a millionaire.

With ST4, you will be able to experience and live life in complete abundance. You will be able to release your full potential for endless wealth.

You will be able to experience the Ecstasy of Gold.