Ecstasy of Gold Journal: Kether to Malkuth


pardon @ExploringAstronaut. Just noticed that I hadn’t responded to this post yet.

I don’t really see it as patience. If I thought that bingeing the stages in a short time would have brought my life to where I want it, believe me, I would have done it (happily!). I’m only following this method because I think it has the highest chance to work for me. Also, I only used 3 months for EoG stage 3. For EoG stages 1 and 2, I dedicated 1 month and 2 months respectively. Now for this last stage, I’ll devote the longest period of time.

That seems personal. I kept running EoG St 1 while I was listening to Stage 2. At a decreased frequency, of course. Close to the end of EoG St 3, I felt the need to run Stage 2 again. And again after that, I felt a pull to re-introduce Limit Destroyer as well.

Based on what I remember having read from you, EoG Stage 1 sounds like it would be really good for you. You seem to respond well to it. I think EoG Stage 1 works to expand your vision and subconscious images of what’s possible. It sort of expands the Wealth Universe that you’re living in.

Limit Destroyer (to me) feels a bit different. It feels like one of these:

You affix that to the front of your vehicle and it drills through whatever is blocking you. Limit Destroyer feels like that—more specific and practically focused to me, in other words. It works on pushing you through whatever is in front of you blocking your efforts. Whereas, Ecstasy of Gold stage 1 feels like a general expansion of one’s entire beliefs and vision relating to wealth, rather than being pinpointed on a specific obstacle or obstacles.

So, I’d think of them as performing related but different functions. 1 or 2 reps of Limit Destroyer would probably enhance every stage of the program, but would particularly come in handy when you’re feeling blocked, stymied, or frustrated.

EoG stage 1 would be for when you want to experience (and believe in) greater possibilities for yourself in general.

It’s great how there are all of these hidden gems among the Sub Club library. Some of them are just hanging out waiting for the time when you recognize their particular genius.


[reposting this here for my own convenience]

The Action Index

I’m feeling almost that one could more accurately evaluate one’s true readiness to transition out of a subliminal program (or stage), by taking a look at what I’m thinking of as one’s Action Index.

Simply, ‘in how much action are you engaging relevant to the goals and emphasis associated with that program?’

As that arrow starts to go up, you know that you’re really getting into the substance of that program.

Then you add in the question:

In how much EFFECTIVE action are you engaging?’ As that arrow goes up, you are peaking with the program.

Finally the question:

‘How EASY is it?’

Once that arrow is up to the top of the scale, you’re ready to move on.



In complete agreement with you there. On the same note not falling into the trap of self improvement but still within the confines of a limited belief system. The difference between escaping a prison vs upgrading the space inside. Not settling and making sure you’re completely redefining your reality.


It’s interesting, self-improvement doesn’t seem like the most apt description for what I’m working on (although its doubtless centrally involved). But subjectively this doesn’t feel like that.

This feels more like life improvement. I’m sure my self will need to change and adjust in the process, but that does not feel like where my emphasis is.

I like myself. Quite a lot actually. I think he’s a pretty cool guy. I like his tastes in books and music. I generally respect his values. And I like his ability to learn. He’s certainly got a bunch of flaws and challenges, but meh, I like him.

What I’m trying to work with feels more like developing skills in how I move, how I identify and make use of opportunities, and so on.

A bit subtle of a distinction, maybe. Some might even just see it as semantical. But somehow feels significant to me.


Feeling a sense of vagueness at the moment. Immediate goals and projects are not clear. Finished a big deadline on this past Friday. So part of what I’m feeling is the aftermath to that.

But that deadline was for a (mostly) externally imposed goal. And what I’m working to build now are intentional, internally driven goals.

It’s that idea of ‘if you worked as hard for your own plans as you do for your job, imagine where you might be’.

So, that’s what I’m walking with and working with right now.


Where I am with this point right now is ‘not putting the cart before the horse’. Action is the cart.

The horse is the meaningful connections we feel or wish to feel in our life situation, and the motivations that arise from those connections. Could be expressed briefly as ‘genuine values and motivations’.

That cart of Action should be connected to the horse of Genuine values/motivations.

It’s a circular relationship though because sometimes in order to feel connected to your motivations you need to take some action. Like when an artist feels that ‘it’s all meaningless’, but then goes outside to take a walk and sees something about Life that reminds him of meaning.

Or like going to a convention, workshop, gathering of people doing inspiring work and thereby igniting your own fire to work in a particular area.

Motivation does not occur in a vacuum. It needs to be cared, tended, and fed just like a life-giving fire.

If I’m not in touch with my motivation, that’s not because I don’t have motivations. It’s because I am feeling distant from those factors that feed my motivation. This is a really important point for me to remember.


Tonight, I made a significant phone call that I had put off making for EIGHT years.

I’m going to go ahead and attribute that to Emperor because I think that’s true.

Also, I don’t know the precise dynamics, but I feel that the vagueness I’m feeling in these several days is somehow also related to the activity of Emperor.

One possible theory is that my normal patterns might be being challenged and uprooted. I don’t know if that’s what’s happening, but I do feel that it’s somehow related to Emperor.



Just now, I had my clearest/strongest Emperor experience so far.

As usual, I did my daily meditation with:

  • Commander supercharger
  • Emperor (masked)
  • Commander supercharger

It’s about an hour.

During the Emperor portion, a stream of decisions and actions to be taken with regard to a work situation just came flowing through. At first, I just noted them with the usual ‘hope I remember these when the meditation’s done’. But they didn’t let up and were clarifying right in front of me. It was like watching a time-lapsed video of bread or rolls being baked.

At some point, it struck me ‘oh, this is Emperor, isn’t it?’ For me, personally, I find that subliminal effects (and magick effects) tend to sneak up on me like that. They’re there for a while before it occurs to me what might be happening. Pretty much every time.

After the meditation hour, I wrote down the action steps (was able to remember them, thankfully). Took one concrete action by e-mailing someone who I thought should be contacted before acting on any of them.

Now, I’ll shower and then dig into handling them.

Interesting, as I read what I’ve typed, it does sound a bit like the ‘driving’ quality that has been described in some of the past Emperor descriptions that I’ve read here on the forum. I was getting euphoria and ‘internal swirling’ but nothing quite so focusing as this.

So, this may be the delayed processing from combining two major programs. Don’t know. Either way, interesting and worth noting down here.


Was there an actual visual process behind this? I can imagine (pun intended) so, but I am just curious


No visuals. Just a set of ideas for tactical steps.


step by step


really needed this

I’ve always listened to Tim Ferriss by podcast, but I just googled and saw that he’s uploading video now, so I’ll link to that instead.

This is feeding my soul. Need more and more sources of this type of nutrition right now.


When I get to Alchemist Stage IV, that’s when I think I’ll run Regeneration.


I have more or less three crystallized projects that are associated with Emperor and Ecstasy of Gold.

Sometimes when I settle in to work on them I feel ambivalent about them. But that seems to be sufficiently related to unknowns and internal issues (doubt, etc.) that it does not make me think I should choose other projects. Those issues are likely to be addressed and/or evolve and transform as I work and reality-test over time.

For some reason, (synchronicity, maybe?), the first three stages of EoG (Sept 2019 to Feb 2020) saw me needing to put most of my energy to work related projects. Now, I find myself, pretty much as of March 1, with a little more room to work on my own projects. Not an incredible amount of time or anything, but definitely more headspace and bandwidth. This timing wound up coinciding perfectly with the start to Ecstasy of Gold stage 4.


Here I am.


First phase goals: Getting onto the runway

Second phase goals: Flying


Follow your own advice.




Thought I’d been taking a break today. And then realized that I’d had the Ecstasy of Gold stage 4 ultrasonic on repeat for the whole afternoon. :slightly_smiling_face:


If there’s something that you want and you’re not moving to get it, then it’s possible that you do not see how to get it. If so, then seeing how to get it is your current goal.

If you do see how to get it and you’re still not moving to get it, then entertain the possibility that you do not actually want it.


More likely, there are parts of you that are afraid that even with this plan, you won’t get it;
and other parts that are in disagreement with the plan being optimal for you.


Almost every desire will have conflicting desires in the beginning - especially from other areas, or even with different time horizons. Eg:

  • In the next 2 hours, I’d like to have a chocolate cake.
  • In the next 2 months, I’d like to lose 6 kgs of weight.
  • I’d like to build a life in which I can enjoy a hearty meal with friends & family every week - a meal that will obviously include desserts.

It is not so much that you do not actually want it, it’s that you need to reconcile (negotiate) all these conflicting desires into one coherent harmonious vision.

And you may have to let go some desires in the process - priorities will have to be ranked, tradeoffs may have to be made.