Ecstasy of Gold Journal: Kether to Malkuth


@Malkuth Do you find any results from Inner Circle?


You’ve made a number of points that I agree with. I just felt that I was talking about something else. I suspect that, like the proverbial blind men, we are investigating different parts of the elephant.

I’m reflecting, I think, on extrinsic versus intrinsic motivations. Working for advancement, for example, in a field to which one is not deeply committed. There may be a genuine desire for achievement and improvement in status, but the context may not be of genuine value or commitment to the person.

At that point, one may find that one is avoiding or procrastinating taking the small steps—the obvious small steps—that will contribute to advancement in that field. One may find that there is not much joy being found in the actual doing of the work. I don’t think that kind of feedback is ambiguous, ambivalent, or rife with complex contradictions. I may not be sure if I want to work in the Robuchon or in the local delicatessen, but if my intrinsic motivation is in cooking, I’m still going to find some uncomplicated enjoyment in the act of cooking. Certain parts of the equation are not that complicated.

There is a kind of thread of passion, engagement, and enjoyment that is not a thing of choice, but rather one of nature.

That’s the sort of basic phenomenon I was considering. Finding that thread of joy, of intrinsically motivated engagement, and dialoguing with it, in order to nurture its growth.


Yes. So far, the clearest incidence was the one about 9 days back mentioned in this same journal.

I started Inner Circle on March 1. I do approximately 4 repetitions per day, about 3 hours. Sometimes less if something interrupts the routine.

When I found that podcast conversation between Tim Ferriss and Tyler Cowan on March 8, I felt that it was an initial glimmering of Inner Circle. There was just a kind of intuitive sense of fit.

Then on this past Thursday, I was led to a particularly meaningful resource, developed by a mentor, that I immediately studied and then integrated into my important, ongoing practices. In that case, I think I would have found it regardless, I think, but it’s telling that I found it 12 days after starting Inner Circle.

I am highly introverted, and I’m not surprised that my initial mentors are being manifested via books, podcasts, and other resources that I can connect with in a more introverted way.

Hmm…I suppose I feel pretty confident about the effectiveness of Inner Circle. That’s interesting.


Thanks. Very interesting.


As an introvert with extraverted Intuition, I’m noticing that this Inner Circle thing (and a bunch of other things) seem to work in a particular way for me.

I think that the extraverted Intuition element leads me to stockpile large amounts of ideas. The introvert component leads me to let them lie fallow, to process them, and to not take action on many or most of them.

As such, one of the ways that the subliminals work is by drawing my attention to resources that I already have. This is particularly the case with Inner Circle. Today, I found yet another mentor directly related to my core goals. I realized that I’d heard an interview with this person about 2 or 3 years ago. Far from being just a case of ‘procrastination’, I think that hearing that interview is what convinced me that it would be good to follow this person now.

So, I think some aspects of manifesting kind of happen in reverse for me. Rather than bringing in something new, it may be about uncovering and revealing something that was already there.

I was just thinking of writing a journal post here about how when it comes to some of my value areas, I’m already on the runway and so when I use that subliminal I can probably prepare for flight. In others of my value areas, my goal is to find the runway.

For me the runway areas are Intellectual and Contemplative Life. In those areas, I tend to be active whether there’s a subliminal or not.

When it comes to Wealth and Vocation, I tend to be searching for the runway.

I was thinking that it would be good to have practices for Wealth and Vocation that were as structured and easily actionable as those I have for intellectual and contemplative practice. I was not sure what those might be. Then this afternoon, through a bunch of random steps I found exactly what I had been imagining. Pretty interesting. So, the ball is rolling.


When it comes to my plan for Subliminals and Life Projects, I have a 3-Phase plan.

Phase I: Ecstasy of Gold and Emperor - Focusing on Wealth Building, Wealth Generation, and Establishing a Vocationally-Oriented Business and Lifestyle (grand, but true nonetheless)

Phase II: Alchemist and Quantum Limitless - Spiritual/Mystical/Contemplative Life and Intellectual/Creative Life and Projects ( I expect these to grow organically out of Phase I )

Phase III: Khan and Emperor Fitness - With my center having been well-established, I’ll pay more attention to appreciating and enjoying others, and contributing to others’ centers in a more interactive way. This phase is about increased social involvement and gradually increasing my ability to accommodate the energy of others.

That’s the current view. But we’ll see. That could evolve and change, and also who knows what other inspiring resources Sub Club will develop during these next years.


Since the mid-2000s, I’ve had what I call my 12 Part View. These were 12 valued domains of my life within which I had aspirations or projects. It was understood that one to three of them would be in the foreground at any given time. But it was a way of remembering the big picture view of the valued areas in my life.

One thing I love about subliminal club and about magickal workings is that they’re giving me a way to engage with that view with greater energy and focus. On good days, I feel greater hope about how far I may be able to take those areas.

But, one must remain stoic.

This is a journey from birth to death. It always has been. Fools run around talking about winning and losing, when they should be talking about Birth and Death, or living and dying.

That should not require a spoiler alert.

Joy has always been and always will be in this moment. Still, an inspiring view can be a beautiful thing.


I think your plan is very well structured and I very much can see the priorities in your life.

Phase 1 appears to be setting the foundations for material comfort and I guess you’ve made much headway there…


(From my personal journal)

When I think of taking action, all that come to mind are images that don’t work for me or that seem prohibitively uncomfortable or distant.

That’s a thinking problem. I’m making things more difficult for myself. Because of what l’ve witnessed and attended to in my past experience.

I can’t see that there are actually much more accessible ways to approach and pursue what I desire.

It always comes back to believing in arbitrary, unnecessary requirements and limitations. Using a strategy or vision made for (and by) someone else, but not for you.

I need to change this.


do you make it difficult because you want to execute with 100% perfection?


If I’m understanding this right, you’re having a visualization problem. It seems as though you’re focusing on the negative when you try to imagine taking action. How often, if ever, do you imagine things going well? What steps can you take to shift to that mindset when you’re visualizing taking action


I’m sharing candidly from a growth process in which I’m actively, experientially engaged.

I’m allowing a particular voice to have its say.

This is not the totality of my experience or of my understanding. It’s a part of myself with which I wish to dialogue. I think that for now I’m going to stay with that.

I don’t see it this way. (Pun intended?). I see it as giving myself the permission to allow this process to be easy. Crafting plans and steps that are tailored and designed to work for me. Hmm…well, technically that could actually be described as a ‘visualization problem’, but I’m choosing to use different language that is more natural to me.

Thank you for the replies. I’ll continue to see where this leads.


I’m sure that comes into it, but it does not feel like the crucial element. It feels more like a perception of myself that I’m working with here.

Hmm…both your and @Neurokinetic ‘s comments give some helpful inspirations. I just needed to translate them into my own terms.

  1. envisioning (I.e. visualization) a plan with pragmatic steps that can get me to the place I’m trying to reach.

  2. possibly working a bit with limit destroyer as I follow the steps of my plan


A good first step is Establishing Proximity

The context for Vocation, Wealth-Generation, and even Empire Building (to some extent) is society.

Society is nothing more than the sum total of all interpersonal interactions (including this interaction right here—my typing of this post and someone else reading it or potentially reading it).

In this world of 7.77 billion people, there are numerous (literally, billions) of interpersonal interactions taking place, and numerous contexts for interaction. And we continue to interact with ideas and processes introduced by the people who have already died and passed on. (Ever gone to a church or temple? How about a university?) This raises the number of social contributors to approximately 108 billion. (108 billion)

The point? There are a vast number of contexts for interaction, and, once again, interaction forms the context of Wealth, Vocation, Empire Building. Particularly Wealth essentially comes down to interactions and exchanges of Value. (Value is symbolically represented desire.)

So, on to the practical

As a person who seeks to establish and strengthen Vocation, Wealth-Generation, and Building of Lifestyle-Empire; establishing proximity to relevant, facilitative social contexts is a powerful initial step.

Imagine an immense club with 1000 rooms. Each room has its own unique combinations of music, lighting, activities, noise level, decor, etc. Originally, you have lingered around 2 or 3 of those rooms because your parents, your schoolmates, and a couple of random events pushed you to be around those two rooms. But you’re not particularly enjoying them.

So, the next step would be to find a way to explore what is happening in the other rooms. When you find one with music or activities, etc., that are exciting, appealing, or that feel right to you, you move closer to it. Start to go in and get comfortable with it. Then gradually you start to get more involved.

(Time to go. May continue this thought-experiment later.)


Yes, I can see it now. We’re talking about more or less the same thing.

I simply fixated on the term ‘visualization problem’. (Internally, it probably reminded me too much of the idea of ‘positive thinking’, and turned me off.)

But I think it’s also a bit more than that. I’m involved in a planning phase right now. So apart from imagining just generally reaching my goals or desired conditions, I’m trying to deliberately define and choose practical steps that will get me there. I know the ‘best laid plans of mice and men’ and such, so I don’t expect that my plan will just unfold without any changes or deviations, but the point is to have that plan and that vision so that whatever does happen, you still have ideas of how to keep moving.


I believe you need to be happy in the now and be excited of the future to give you the right momentum. And having a clear line to the next best baby step is the way to go. Want to start an online business? Buy a domain name first etc.

Keeping that in check and learning from it vs being too outcome focused seems to be the way to go.
If you subscribe to Reality Transurfing - this is reducing importance.



To believe in and try (and to invest in) your ideas.


useful quote. Especially ‘the pressure to do so…’.


Don’t have a definite purpose for this post. Just want to update my journal.

I do not have much to report at the moment. I’ve been experiencing a curious mixture of urgency and inertia.

One of my go-to ideas is: Successful people focus more on entrance strategies than on exit strategies.

If you’re mainly focused on what you want to get away from, that is not a good sign. Instead, concentrate on what you want more of or on what you want to move towards. If you don’t know what that is, then that’s probably the real problem; not whatever you’re thinking you want to get away from.

So, I’m challenging myself to further develop my own entrance strategy.


Don’t trust easy answers from people who don’t know you.