Ecstasy of Gold Journal: Kether to Malkuth


My stack seems to me like Stark Q without the fame/Khan kinds of elements.


Saint actually saint the Ascension was equivalent of 6:1, while newer subs, especially multistages, were less, estimating EoG was 3:1.

This makes sense, the older subs were far less dense so the Q build allows them to increase the relative information density far more than newer subs that were already much denser.

Given Emperor 4 is very new anyway, newer than EoG, and already very dense, it’s possible the increase is actually less than EoG.


That makes sense @bujin . Thanks for the insight.


So, that settles that question, @bujin . The ratio of Emperor Q to Emperor v4 = 6:1

This suggests that the playlist above should work pretty well. (Which is good, since it clocks in at 14 hours).

Generally, I play subliminals masked overnight. I try to start the daily run at about 11:30 PM.

If my earbuds come out during the night, then I start it over from the top the next morning once I’m able.

If the buds stay in the whole night, I’ll let the playlist play out to the end. That would mean that by 2 PM or so, I’m finishing up the whole playlist. (Got to shower and such). Usually, I’ll just start it up again, and let it keep playing until I start it up again that night.

That means that on a completely uninterrupted day of nearly continuous listening, I’d get through my playlist 1 and 2/3 times.

But interruptions are highly likely, so daily play will probably vary from 1 to 1.75 loops. I think that’s a lot of exposure. At the same time, I don’t seem to notice any negative effects, so I’ll probably just keep it up.

Also, I do find that my subconscious (I guess it’s my subconscious) does seem to enact corrections and adjustments to my listening schedule. I trust it.

Either way, I’m now into this new playlist, and I’m happy with it.


One other post-Q change in my listening that I want to note here, for record-keeping.

Since mid-January, I used subliminals as my daily meditation timer. I described it above somewhere. This meant that I listened daily to superchargers as well as pure subliminals.

From January to March, my meditation timer was The Commander - Emperor (or EoG) - The Commander.

From March 21 until last week when Emperor Q was released, my meditation timer was The Commander - Emperor(or EoG) - The Elixir.

The point is I listened to the Elixir every day for a month. And The Commander everyday for three months.

Now, with 60 minute track lengths, I’ve changed that. I just use Emperor or Ecstasy of Gold as my meditation timer. and that’s it. Apparently, I don’t want to go much longer than 60 minutes.

So, we’ll see whether I find another way to listen to superchargers or not. I don’t mind this change because I think some shifting was warranted.

When I come back to the superchargers, the experience may be fresh again. May even deepen. We’ll see.


Yeah, it’s good to have clarity. Although I think I’ll keep my stack ratios as they are and adjust based on the experience.


Instead of looking backwards with regret, look forward with determination.


That exchange gave me a lot to think about.

About how my personality and my past habits (as well as my underlying, subconscious patterns) are interacting with the subliminals.

I feel like between me and taking action in wealth, business-building there was like a 20-foot thick ice wall. My intentions and change practices, and the subliminals are melting that wall. When it’s melted enough taking action will seem obvious and be easy.

(At that point, if I’m like the typical human, I’ll forget that I ever had this problem, and just start complaining about something else. I try not to do that in life, but amnesia seems to be a basic programming feature in us. I guess it also serves some beneficial purposes at times. i.e. we’re not constantly reliving past traumas in vivid detail. )


Hey Malkuth, long time no see!
What happened since we talked last (About 100 posts ago)?


haha. Hey @ExploringAstronaut.

Thanks for the shout out.

I’m going to have to scroll up and refresh my memory. I sort of remember us joking about something and sharing some strategies back when I was in proposal-writing madness and (I think) Emperor reconciliation.

I’ll go look back at it and then see if there’s anything relevant to report. (Time does fly here on the forum doesn’t it?)


I think that the changes for me since we last checked-in have been mainly internal and mental. One really significant one that came after that (I think), was that after playing Inner Circle for a few weeks, I decided to sign up for Ramit Sethi’s Earnable course that systematically guides you through establishing your own business. It’s a significant (for me) investment that I’m hoping will be returned many times over.

The prospect of taking more action is seeming incrementally more and more accessible to me. I’m still not on the freeway, but I’m starting to imagine getting there.

I’ve also gone through peaks and valleys with regard to hope and discouragement. Typically, a valley of discouragement, doubt, and questioning will be followed-up by a breakthrough and a couple of days of progress and clarity.

In mostly unrelated news, I’ve rediscovered the audio books of Nathan Lowell and remembered how much I loved them. He first released them in podcast form. Narrated his first series of 6 (Quarter Share, Half Share, Full Share, Double Share, Captains Share, and Owners Share). I loved them when I first heard ‘em. And loved them even more this second time around. It’s got a unique sort of texture and pacing, and some people complain that ‘nothing is happening’. But to me they’re awesome. He’s written a lot more since that first series, but he doesn’t really narrate his own work anymore. (Guess that’s not the most effective business-model. But man, I loved his narration. And I don’t like any of the other narrators who do his books.). Anyway, I like his writing enough that I’m now reading the rest.

Well, that’s the short-ish version, and thanks very much for asking!

How are things with you?


I can relate to that. I have also had numerous occasions where I remembered things I enjoyed back then and looked forward to pick them up again.

Actually I have been doing pretty much the same. A lot of downs and downs and ups and ups and now I am somewhere. I don’t know where I am but I am okay with that.
EoG is a pretty strange sub because it does things you didn’t actually expect it to do.
For example for me I figured out money as numbers isn’t important to me at all. I don’t care about 1000 or 10.000 or 100.000 or more. I only care about what I can do with it. It means I can buy things I want in this game called life, nothing else to me. I don’t want to become one of these business men who chase money just because it is money.

Anyway, all of my progress so far has been internally, just as yours. I got more comfortable with the idea that business is about long-term effort and that you have to do the daily work if you want it to work. I also got more comfortable with earning large sums of money. I feel like I don’t connect my self-worth with money anymore. Those are just numbers.


Cool post.

I’ll respond to it later.


That’s interesting and significant. I think that I feel the same way. I equate financial independence with freedom and autonomy.

What stage are you currently playing?



This is day 3 of ST3Q+LDQ. Before that I played ST1 and ST2 for 80 days.
I have a slightly different schedule though.
What are you currently using? I remember you said you will stick with EoG for the rest of the year.


Yes, I started it September 1 2019.

Stage 1 - September

Stage 2 - October November

Stage 3 - December January February

Stage 4 - March April May June July August

So, I’m finishing up my 2nd month of Stage 4.

Once September 2020 comes, I plan to keep Stage 4 in my stack until I achieve my wealth goals. At first, I thought of that as a kind of stacking component, but now the more powerful Q titles are changing the way I think about stacks. Even 1 loop is still still a pretty powerful ingredient in the stack.

I like your combination of EoG with Limit Destroyer. I vary between Limit Destroyer, Rebirth, or both combined as stacking modules. I also include Limitless and Inner Circle in my current stack.


I just scrolled through your journal and will go back and re-read it at length later. Honestly the one thing that stuck out to me was the description for Stage 4 of EOG. I may skip the other stages for now and QLQ and just go with listening to that for the foreseeable future. Figure out what in the fuck I want and go after it. Unless listening to the stages in order would be more beneficial in the long term


Current Orienting Questions:

  • How do I do this in a way that feels right for me?
  • How do I make this right for me?
  • How do I do this in a way that is easy and natural?
  • How do I make this easy and natural?


What if you intentionally and persistently seek out people with whom you can work and communicate well and effectively? Instead of just letting relationships and situations happen to you and then focusing on all of the things that don’t work.

Arrange things in your favor so that they do work.

There are people who you can work well with and grow with. But they’re not just going to fall out of the sky. You need to go out and find them.


Easy = Natural; Feels like being yourself

Hard = I have to be someone else in order to do this

By these standards, working hard can be very easy.