Ecstasy of Gold Journal: Kether to Malkuth


I am clarifying (some of) the (correct) actions for me to take that are associated with the subliminals I am using. The importance of this has been emphasized and demonstrated so much by more experienced people here that it should be a no-brainer. But it requires a certain level of clarity, and it’s something I have to work on.

Actions are the medium through which the subconscious effects change. (This is my mantra nowadays)

I notice that there are some aspects of my life that are action-rich or action-dense (places where it’s easy for me to take action and where I have a clear sense of motivation), and there are others that are action-sparse. In those action-rich areas, as long as the actions are healthy and serve my values and goals, then I don’t need to think about them that much. I just act. Those are probably the areas where the subliminals will be the smoothest. (Maybe Alchemist may be somewhat like that for me, since I always do contemplative/magickal/spiritual practices anyway.)

Vocation, Finance, and Business are action-sparse for me. I am not as active in these areas. I am busy at work, but the action is often more reactive than proactive.

For Stage 2 of EoG (which focuses on clarifying direction and gaining skills), my concrete actions have involved:

  1. contemplating my motivations and my career/business plans;
  2. studying topics that are related to the skills or subject areas I need to develop.

I’ve done some of that in the past 6 weeks (and before). The actions I’ve taken have helped me to more clearly see the benefits of the subliminals.

For my life plans in general, my core strategy right now is to find the place where my current work responsibilities overlap with my aspirations/future directions. My job requires me to do research and there is some freedom in choosing the research direction. So what I’ve tried to do is to choose a research focus that is related to the business I want to pursue personally. My goal is to become informed about that area so that I can see how to develop in it. This is a long-term plan. I’ll produce some research papers for my current job, but I hope that it will open up access for me to build my way into that business area. The research is a means to an end.

Another strategy right now is to build on the opportunities that are immediately available to me in my profession. Basically, I could have created more opportunities for independent work with private clients, but it was easier to keep ‘grinding’ and chasing after the deadlines and requirements of stable paid work in an institution. I did not really prioritize the steps that would lead to greater independence, because I was ‘busy with work’ or there were some inconvenient obstacles. But I think it was more due to fear of the unknown. So doing that will be more of a medium-term and even short-term strategy, since I can start to work with individual clients as soon as I take action.

I think EoG stage 3 may be about taking those steps?

Sounds like a decent plan. One thing is certain. Choosing decent action steps to follow is one of the key ways to help the subliminals work for me. So, I’ll keep working at it.


The subliminal is the inhale,
and action is the exhale.


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It’s Tuesday 26 November 2019 and this is my final week of emphasizing Ecstasy of Gold - Stage 2. Stages 1 and 2 of this program involved objectives that were more familiar to me. At least I had done some work on them in the past. Stage 3 and Stage 4 represent a borderline or boundary. I have done less focused work in the areas associated with those stages. That’s probably why my intuition was to spend longer on those stages. 3 months on Stage 3. 6 months on Stage 4.

This coming Sunday 1 December, I will begin Ecstasy of Gold - Stage 3 and Emperor. December, January, February.

I will paste the descriptions of these two programs below as an aid to focusing.


Ecstasy of Gold - Stage 3

ST 3 – Ecstasy of Actualization

This is the stage of perpetually increasing abundance — greater and greater manifestation of wealth, including opportunities, situations and people that will lead you to more and more riches, coupled with ever increasing productivity, focus and concentration.

After completely freeing yourself in ST1 and becoming fully ready and confident in knowing your path through ST2, ST3 will be the stage where the engine revs up to full power, with extremely powerful manifestations and unbreakable concentration, productivity and desire. On ST3, you will exponentially become more and more wealthy and focused on your path. Your desire for riches will be fully actualized and turned into a powerful fire that will propel you on your journey of abundance.

Simply imagine what you could accomplish if you were concentrated on your desires completely with every waking moment of the day, if people were begging you to give you opportunities to make more and more money, if all the doors and opportunities of life were wide open for you.

That is the Ecstasy of Actualization.


And Emperor.

This program is so rich that the description definitely needs its own post.

EMPEROR is for those who want to go beyond “transcending” society. It’s for those who want to CREATE and RULE their own empires.

The EMPEROR CORE script contains some of the most BOLD, powerful, mind-blowing, and reality-bending scripting EVER. We can pretty much guarantee that no other subliminal producer will put as much hard-hitting, profound scripting as we did.

When used properly, EMPEROR will help you experience:

  • An extreme sense of personal power and pride, that you are the master of your reality and being.
  • That you are a highly valued person with the potential to become the greatest person that ever lived.
  • The sense that achieving incredible success, money and abundance are absolutely effortless to you, and will flow endlessly into your life.
  • The ability to easily manifest extremely profitable and lucrative situations, business and personal deals
  • Some of the most incredibly positive self-talk to constantly keep you motivated and ready to conquer
  • Romance, ROMANCE, ROMANCE! And sex, of course. Enjoy being able to choose between multiple romantic partners :wink:
  • And MUCH, MUCH MORE. We’re just scratching the surface — the EMPEROR Core ALONE is over 20 pages.

And Yes, EMPEROR ALSO Contains the ENTIRE Scripts of Ascension, Mogul and Sex Mastery X.

See, we define “power” as your ability to assert your will upon the world when you please. That means, building the life you’ve always dreamed about, and exploring your own personal reality without any societal imposed mental hang-ups or limitations. Ascension will help you quickly dissolve all mental internal limits, and push you toward long-term success by increasing your sense of internal strength and power.

  • Feel like a highly valued, powerful individual at every level of your being
  • Develop an identity-level sense of deep, genuine, unshakeable self-confidence.
  • Become completely self-reliant: both mentally and emotionally.
  • Naturally generate an aura of charisma that resonates with others, compelling them to respect and admire you.
  • And more!

There are those, however, that desire more than just internal power. Some of us desire riches and wealth. Society tries to paint that as an issue, teaching people that money is inherently evil. As a result, you could be potentially placing artificial limits on your ability to acquire wealth. Ascended Mogul will help you break through those barriers and improve every aspect of your life where money and wealth are involved. Enjoy such benefits as:

  • Work superiors to taking notice of your increased efforts and productivity, leading to widespread recognition and promotions.
  • Long-term wealth generation ideas to suddenly materializing alongside a powerful, positive motivation to bring those ideas to fruition.
  • Prepare yourself for better financial and spending habits, like automatically and effortlessly limiting frivolous purchases and instead routing that money into a business, investment, or other wealth generation vehicle.
  • Discover whichever talents or skills you possess that you also enjoy engaging in, and learn how to monetize those talents for wealth generation.
  • And more!

Included Modules:

  • The Standard Script (Over 45 submodules that push the power of the subliminal to cutting edge levels of subliminal technology)
  • Emperor CORE I
  • Emperor CORE II
  • Emperor CORE III
    • The “Core” scripts contain the goal scripting and other submodules to boost results.
    • The EMPEROR Core scripts contain over 20 submodules that will drastically change your mindset toward becoming your ideal embodiment of perfection.
  • Ascension CORE
  • Ascension CORE II
  • Ascension CORE III
  • Mogul CORE
  • Mogul CORE II
  • Mogul CORE III
  • Sex Mastery X CORE
  • Sex Mastery X CORE II
  • Sex Mastery X CORE III
  • The EVOLUTION Module (Classified)
  • TYRANTS (Classified)
  • Emperor’s Reality (Classified)
    • The entire script of our ultimate speed learning subliminal. Over 15 submodules, including subconscious strategy modeling — even when you’re not actively working on something, your mind is still learning.
  • Ultimate Wealth Motivation
  • Destruction of Wealth Ceiling
  • Ultimate Debt Management
  • Forecast the Market
  • Think Like a Winner
  • Think Like an Entrepreneur
  • Incredible Sales and Marketing Success
  • Short-Term Wealth Manifestation
  • Long-Term Wealth Manifestation
  • Financial Visualization and Imagination
  • Incredible Financial Success
  • Weakness Destroyer
  • Generate an Irresistible Aura of Attraction
  • Romance Manifestation
  • Sex Manifestation
  • Improve Romantic Partners
  • Eliminate Procrastination
  • Eliminate Fear
  • Eliminate Doubt
  • Ultimate Gratitude
  • Godlike Masculinity
  • Rebirth
  • Extreme Independence
  • Extreme Will
  • Extreme Personal Power
  • Extreme Happiness
  • Extreme Confidence
  • Limitless Physical Energy
  • Fat Burner
  • Rich, Deep Sleep
  • And More!


I add the wise admonition of @Simon :

and now:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned on the Fasten Seat Belt sign. If you haven’t already done so, please stow your carry-on luggage underneath the seat in front of you or in an overhead bin. Please take your seat and fasten your seat belt. And also make sure your seat back and folding trays are in their full upright position."

We’ll be taking off in approximately 5 days.


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More grounding needed.


What you mean?


Sometimes I get too much in my head and in the clouds. At those times, I remind myself to get grounded. Was happening earlier.


Same. Here’s what I’ve been doing lately. It’s like meditation, your mind drifts and you become aware that you’ve drifted, this happens all throughout your day if you actually start to observe instead of identify with the objects of attention or awareness.

So, what’s really been helping me come back to the now and clearing up my scratched mirror so to speak, is this, every time I get caught up in the clouds, in my head, in thinking, I notice that and then I check, Well, is that actually happening right now, or, is it just thought? That alone helps to bring me back to the present, the now. Then if there’s still residue I will take it further, I’ll just check, well, to whom is this thought or feeling? The answer if there is one usually comes back to me. So then I check, well, who or what am I? There’s no actual answer but it brings one back to the true self, back to reality, the present moment. It’s really simple and with a little practice you’ll find that it’s a great practice. It just brings you back to calm, or peace, or presence, even joy. The mind will give you plenty of chances to practice. Once you get back to the now and become present again you reclaim your power and can get back to the tasks at hand in a much more clear and powerful way. Quiet Mind, Nice feeling and get back to living your life. With practice you’ll just become more grounded and present and in the beginning you might find that you’re doing the practice all the time, then as with anything you’ll get better at it and have cleared up enough that being present won’t be something you have to work at like you did before.


I think the degree of groundedness also fluctuates with changes in one’s life circumstances.

But yes, good points. (Don’t currently want to deal with the irony of getting into an abstract discussion on the nature of groundedness.) :confused:


I’ll just put this here, it’s about the inside out nature of life and what really creates our personal experience or reality of it.


As I said above, tomorrow will be my last day emphasizing Ecstasy of Gold stage 2. The day after tomorrow (後天 :slightly_smiling_face:), I’ll begin Ecstasy of Gold stage 3 and Emperor. In anticipation of this, earlier today in my (personal) journal, I revisited the simple outline of my plans and wrote it all down. I felt, ‘yes, this is a plan’.

I give part of my gratitude for that to EoG stage 2. This has been a gentle stage with gentle but real benefits and progress.

Coming to these subliminals has been part of a larger set of synchronicities that I feel I have requested and manifested into my life. Last year and earlier this year, I did some quite pinpointed work on ‘tilling the soil’ of my beliefs and relationship to wealth. There were already significant breakthroughs then, and I also did work on envisioning my dreams and I found that the basic points of business plans came to me, but internal and external obstacles to action have remained. And then Sub Club came naturally into the picture, seeming perfectly suited to my needs at this current point.

Stage 2 confirmed and further fleshed out those ideas. They’re by no means airtight, but they don’t need to be. They’re actionable and evolution-friendly.

It feels like a good time to move to the next stage. I’m grateful for what I’ve experienced and received so far and ready for more.

I’ll continue to run my Ecstasy of Gold stage 2 and Limitless playlist for one more day and then on December 1 make the next shift.

External deadlines (first on Dec 4 and then in mid- January) that are directly connected to my internal plans push me to take action.


“Cabin crew, please take your seats for take-off .”


@Malkuth - excellent journal. Couldn’t read every post yet but will in the following days because it aligns with my financial goals and need for more action.

Don’t know why I missed your entries so far but hey my subconscious must be pushing me to read this :+1:


One practice that seems to enhance the quality of my daily meditation is to do some good hamstring stretching beforehand.