Ecstasy of Gold Journal: Kether to Malkuth


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Calm, Soothing yet Subtly Intense.

Very good for cerebral work.


Interactions occur based on nature. Human interactions are guided by human nature; not on being reasonable or kind. There’s quite a bit of overlap there, and part of our nature involves being kind or reasonable at times (or trying or pretending to be so), but even in those cases, it’s nature that makes us try to be reasonable or kind. Nature is the driver.

Fire doesn’t burn wood because that’s reasonable or kind; it burns wood because of their respective natures.

This applies to human beings as well. We’re a little complicated because part of our nature includes imagination, mentality, morality, and a limited capacity to transform or guide our own natures. So, it’s like calculus rather than simple arithmetic, but it’s still math. And the same rule applies.

If you want to work effectively with something, you must study its nature. Understand how it reacts to various conditions and learn what drives it.

This very much includes people.

Frankly, the kind thing to do is to study a thing’s or person’s nature if you want to work with it. This is a lifelong undertaking. The principle is grasped quickly enough; but the details take a long time to learn.


Another day of sequestered, hunkered-down working at home. In a room by myself. Using Ultrasonics again, there’s a kind of lighter feel (I think), but I’ll also enjoy getting back to my Masked versions later.

Listening to random music suggested by Amazon Music based on my constant playing of Steve Roach. Some’s hitting, some’s not.


My ‘stack’. They’re not steroids or supplements, they’re subliminals.

Ecstasy of Gold Q Stage 4
Ecstasy of Gold Q Stage 4
Emperor Q
Stark Q Terminus
Limitless Q
Rebirth Q
Inner Circle Q

and I just added Aegis - Covid back in for good measure.

I’m developing a stronger appreciation for Stark.

Personally, I am not a big fan of the name. (Apologies to @Sirchiropractixalot). As popular and beloved as the MCU and the Marvel Universe itself is (I grew up as a Marvel kid), it seems like too narrow of a set of referents for the subliminal titles. Not evocative or serious enough, to me. I like the archetypal titles: Emperor, Khan, Primal, and so on. They transcend any one context or narrow sphere of interest. It’s not just Marvel, I probably wouldn’t like titles named after any specific character, like Tom Sawyer or Jason Bourne or Zhu Ge Liang. For subconscious process, I want it to be closer to the Collective Unconscious.

hmm… or that may not be true. Maybe it’s just the word Stark.

Well, either way, I’m starting to really appreciate this subliminal. At first, I was put off by the idea of fame. But, being known, is an important element of success. Being comfortable with being known, even if it’s not your number one priority, will be part of the equation. And once you get past any resistance to that aspect, there is just so much goodness packed into this one program. It’s truly prodigious.

In fact, as I think about it, I have to observe that basically every other title in my playlist is actually reflected in the contents of Stark. So, in a way, Stark probably functions in my playlist as a kind of central axis, uniting and integrating the various elements.

So, I’m appreciating it.

Okay. Now on to work.


So just running that stack once a day?


Yes. Since introducing it, I’ve been running it once a day with a day or two off each week. That day off has actually not been completely by design, but due to my schedule and lifestyle. The big change was stopping the overnight listening. That overnight listening was pretty strategically important for me back when we needed more listens for each program.

I’m aiming for 1 to 2 times per day.

The core of my stack are the first three titles. EoG, Emperor, Stark. So, honestly I aim for 1 to 2 times of those. And since Stark Q Terminus is so much stronger, I’m really just aiming for repeated listens of EoG and Emperor.

Ironically (pun intended), I’m tending to get 2 plays per day of Stark Q Terminus because I do the morning meditation and then it’s also in my playlist.

Anyway, other than Gold, Emperor, and Stark, the other titles in my playlist are in more of supporting roles. That combined with the power of Q means that once per day is probably more than enough.


I think that Stark is stimulating my extraversion a bit more, which is expressed as having somewhat more expressed enthusiasm, but a little bit less care and attention to details.


Got through almost one full play of my stack now including Mind’s Eye Q.

Today, my focus was mostly on completing these work tasks. Right up to the deadline. So I’m pleased that I was able to still play the subliminals.

I plan to do the same tomorrow. I find myself soothed by the white noise of the various titles. Usually the effects sneak up on me. Happy with that.


Was debating whether or not to share this synchronicity experience, but it is pretty cool (like most synchronicities) and I want it to be part of my journal’s record.

I did a 7-day practice focused on Imagination. the power of Imagination, ability in imagination, the manifestive potential and function of imagination. Connecting to it and deepening it in your life. The seven day practice went from Thursday 14 May to Wednesday 20 May.

On the final day of that ritual, I completed it in the morning. Went to work at the computer and saw that @SaintSovereign announced the release of Mind’s Eye. (Spoiler alert: It’s in my stack now).


Where did you find that practice?


This is why I was hesitating to share the experience. It’s not a big secret or anything. If you look around, you can find it. And there are many great rituals and practices related to creativity and imagination.

Here’s one, for example, that I highly recommend. :wink:


But there’s a certain principle that is generally recommended. Da’at. Do not discuss your rituals until they are complete. Not unless you’re planning to include the person you’re talking to as a participant in the ritual. (Kind of like how you wouldn’t open up the door of your oven until your cake was finished baking.) So, I’ll wait until I’m completely done with this before sharing more about it.

Again, not hard to find. You can probably google if you’re really looking for one. It’s not ‘secret knowledge’. But more just about me managing my own mind. So, if you really want to know, ask me in a year. haha. (You’d probably find it by yourself long before then.)


Woke up today and did my meditation with Stark Q Terminus. Got myself sorted after that.

Mind’s Eye Q Terminus^2 is here!
Came out to the computer and saw that Minds Eye Q Terminus2 had been released. Took some time to get that downloaded and integrated into my system.

The two big changes to my playlist in this recent period of time have been Stark Q Terminus and now Minds Eye Q Terminus2.

So, I now have a very Q-styled playlist. Meaning that it’s trim but it’s diverse. Not a lot of repetitions, but a larger number of titles. This, to me, is the new kind of playlist that is made possible by Q.

At some point, I may trim it more. In my mind, I’m developing a certain priority rating for each program. Some are as yet undetermined.

Current Stack - Core to Periphery
These are the current programs:

Ecstasy of Gold Stage 4. I’ve been running EoG 4 since March 1 2020.

Emperor. I’ve been running Emperor since December 1 2019.

Stark Q Terminus. Since May 3 2020

Those are the core programs. If there are concentric circles (like a bullseye target), then those are in the central circle.

In the next circle out:

Minds Eye Q Terminus2. Started Mind’s Eye on May 20 2020. And today May 23 2020 will be my first with Mind’s Eye Q Terminus ^2. One loop of course.

And those 4 represent the central programs. Of those 4 (Ecstasy of Gold, Emperor, Stark, and Minds Eye) the only one I might consider removing would be Emperor. I’m not planning to and I don’t want to, but if I found that I was being overwhelmed and needed to remove one, that would be it. Only because Stark Terminus is more powerful and meets some similar goals (though by somewhat different means).

Since, however, I don’t feel overwhelmed, I’m leaving them all in for now. Adding in this high-powered Terminus2 version of Mind’s Eye is a new variable. We’ll see how it affects me and how smoothly I integrate it.

Terminus Meditations?
Something else I’ll decide is about that. So far, I’ve been combining Stark Q Terminus with daily meditation and the process has gone quite well. Not only have I noticed obvious enough growth in myself, but I also haven’t dealt with overly disruptive reconciliation (at least not after the first week).

Now with the even more powered Mind’s Eye Terminus^2 build, I’m thinking of making that my daily meditation program. I’m leaning in that direction. The 2nd option is to alternate meditation days between Stark Terminus and Mind’s Eye Terminus^2.

Hmm… another idea that might be good: only use these Terminus titles during meditation AND alternate days. That way, I could build in automatic rest days and also limit play time. Might try that.

In that case, My core playlist would remain as

Ecstasy of Gold Q Stage 4 and Emperor Q.

My Terminus titles (Stark and Mind’s Eye) would be reserved for meditations.

Well, it’s a cool idea. But if I do it, it will start tomorrow. So I’ll think about that today.

Remaining Titles - Stacklike
Anyway, the other programs I’m using beyond those 4 I mentioned are all supplemental:

Inner Circle, Limitless, Rebirth, Aegis: Covid

Inner Circle and Limitless are both more focused versions of elements that are in Stark
Rebirth I’m using for stacking to support my mind in integrating the changes from the other programs
Aegis is a general health protective and something I do as part of my responsibility to my family.

Those 4 are more optional and may or may not get played on any given day. I just leave it up to circumstance.

Sounds good so far.


Just looked up and noticed that I’m a little over halfway through the first listen to the Mind’s Eye Q Terminus^2 subliminal.

It’s been playing as I sit here listening to recordings of presentations that I have to evaluate for work.

Interesting juxtaposition.


Why do you all say Mind’s Eye Terminus^2 instead of Terminus²?
Funny you added Mind’s Eye. I’m going to do the same soon. Is there a specific reason why you did?


The reason is simple.

Pure ignorance.

Didn’t know how to do superscript. As it is, now I’ll probably just copy and paste from what you just typed. :pray:


Easiest to answer with a link.

I think that may have been my first post on the Discussion Forum.

I have been interested in Mind’s Eye since then, when it was originally going to be a mental supercharger. As far as I’m concerned, this current version–as a major subliminal–is an upgrade.

I think that this is one of those subtle programs that may turn out to be a good foundation for pretty much anything else.

Imagination is a foundational capacity. It’s part of basically everything.

People often overlook the fact that, for example, imagination is also a part of how we experience the conventional ‘five senses’. When you open your eyes and look at the supposedly ‘empirical’ world, that is imagination. When I sit down and feel that proprioceptive sense of my body position in space and my weight on the chair; that is imagination too. Simply at a more concrete and less improvisational level.

It pretty much runs through everything.

Mind’s Eye also seems like a good ‘runway’, transitional program to use on the way to Alchemist, which I’ve been planning to begin in September 2020. If I stay with that original schedule, then this will give me a good 3 months with Mind’s Eye before I introduce Alchemist.

Mind’s Eye is single-stage and so it feels like an easier decision to introduce it now, in contrast to Alchemist. I guess I’m thinking of it almost as pre-Alclhemist.

Finally, this is the first Terminus² program. The intriguing and promising results that I’ve gotten with Stark Q Terminus so far have left me well-disposed to trying out this one as well. It’s too early to say now but I think I may be partial to the Terminus titles.


Very well said. I regard visualization as a meta-skill, a skill that amplifies and enhances results in any imaginable (pun intended) aspect of life. I too planned to use it with Alchemist haha. I think both of us will be very playful regarding ME, at least Ill mostly do it for fun and refreshment.


Wait a second… Why buy Mind’s Eye and StarkQ if there is going to be a Q-Store soon?


A valid point.

I’m sure numerous people are waiting for exactly that. And it’s a good strategy.

I guess the way I look at it is like this:

I already have my core programs. Ecstasy of Gold and Emperor. That plan has not really changed, and those are the spiritual bedrock of my current goals and subliminals.

The essence of the Q store is customizability (in terms of module/program combinations and name embedment).

And the next major scheduled transition I have in listening is Fall 2020. That’s when I may want to customize.

The two programs I’ve bought before then have been for stacking/experimentation/transition.

I purchased Stark in order to experience Terminus. As a result of that experiment, I now know that I like Terminus-level subliminals. Also, Stark has become an unplanned but highly appreciated core subliminal for me. It’s just working really well (I think in synergy with my other programs). Also, Stark is already so packed and customized that I don’t see myself adding anything else to it. (But of course we’ll see once the Q store opens up.)

Mind’s Eye being at Terminus² level together with the fact that it’s a program I’ve been planning to buy for months was enough for me to try another experiment. Also, I think it’s already set up well. I don’t need to customize it.

I think the time when the Q store will become important for me will be in the Fall when I’m planning to make my next intentional major program transition. Originally my plan for Phase 2 of subliminals was Alchemist, Quantum Limitless, and possibly Ultimate Artist.

Once I understand the Q Store better, it’s possible that I may find some way to combine elements of those programs to create a customized Phase 2 subliminal, possibly multi-stage.

Thing is, the power of the programs I’m working with right now has me considering pushing the date back for that major transition. 1) These programs I’m using now feel like they may keep on giving. 2) My ass has been slow to take action. 3) We’ll see what kind of goal-oriented action I’m able to put in motion during the next 3 months, and what kinds of results those actions yield.

Adding in these two powerful Terminus titles turns out to have been a significant amendment to my original plan. But then 3 months can be a significant amount of time. So, I’ll see where my life is by September 2020.

I’m in rambling territory now, but the other thing I notice is this: the two programs that I’ve introduced (Stark Terminus and Minds Eye Terminus) are both extremely good transition programs to the ones I planned to start in September. Stark transitions and blends excellently with Quantum Limitless, and Minds Eye transitions great with Alchemist.

My current stack is really, really powerful. And I think I’m happy with it. Once this stack and my related efforts have run their course and I’m ready for the next phase then it’ll be time for the Q Store, I guess.

But we’ll see. I still have no truly comprehensive idea of what will be possible with the Q Store. So, we’ll see.


Some timely wisdom from the Yi Jing.

What it says to me?

Inner Circle.