Ecstasy of Gold Journal: Kether to Malkuth


One of the good frameworks/maps for guiding and organizing personal change is the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy approach innovated by Steven C. Hayes.

I’ve been wanting to learn this approach more deeply for some time, and at this time, in particular, as I move into the concerted action phase of Ecstasy of Gold, ACT seems like a valuable tool to help with approaching and defining my goals and actions.

The 6 core processes of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy are:

  1. Acceptance
  2. Being Present
  3. Cognitive Defusion
  4. Self-as-Context
  5. Values (Values Clarification)
  6. Committed Action

It feels appropriate to use the ACT framework as a major resource for what I’m doing now. That will allow me to both 1) benefit from this approach and 2) learn it more deeply by applying it practically.

We’ll see.


Nuts and Bolts

I’m using a daily (ideal) playlist that is long.

It is:

EoG Stage Three 4x
Emperor 2x
EoG Stage Three 3x
Emperor 2x
Limit Destroyer 2x

and then
EoG Stage Three 4x
Emperor 2x
EoG Stage Three 3x
Emperor 2x
Rebirth 2x

So basically, two identical play cycles with first Limit Destroyer and then Rebirth as transitional buffers.

The entire playlist lasts 18 hours 31 minutes for Ultrasonic or 18 hours 51 minutes for Masked (since Limit Destroyer Masked is 10 minutes longer).

I designed the playlist this way in order to give me 10.5 hours of Ecstasy of Gold and 6 hours of Emperor each day. I’m stacking two majors, but I want as little diluted exposure as possible. I’ve made masked and ultrasonic versions and choose one or the other depending on who’s around and whether or not I need to use headphones.

For now, I’ll use a maximal exposure schedule.

Not much else to say about that.


Whoa! Awesome!

Can’t wait to follow along on this epic journey :grin:


Useful reminder:

What is Subliminal Resistance and How Do I Deal With It? - SubliminalClub

what are some tips to help speed up the process of integration if you’re already feeling it? Well, much of the negative emotions you’re experiencing are the result of nervous, pent up energy. Thus, the easiest way to get over integration is by discharging that energy. You can accomplish this the quickest through intense workouts. Go for a long run, go hit a heavy bag. Do something to wear yourself out. Then, relax and meditate. Sleeping can also cause integration to resolve itself, as your brain processes information and experiences from the day while sleeping.


on the first morning with Ecstasy of Gold and Emperor, I decided to let them play during my meditation hour. Specifically, it was Emperor that played.

Interestingly, two actionable ideas popped into my mind. One was a way to make my research proceed more easily. I looked into it and I expect it to help. The other was to get back to jogging with my son. We’ve done this on and off for a few years. Usually we’ll go through a 0 to 5k progression. He’s a good sport about it for the most part. Great guy. And good company to run with.

We did that. He’s willing, so we’ll do another 0 to 5k in these few months, I think. We had the goal to keep going up to 10k last year, but summer heat and my work schedule interfered with the plan.

There may have been another interesting development that I thought could be related to listening, but if so it’s slipping my mind right now.


Something is happening.

I am not a person who naps (more of the insomniac variety), but I’ve taken two naps since starting this on 1 December.

Just now, when I laid down for 10-20 minutes, I experienced a bit of light hypnagogic imagery. Nothing intense, but it was there. Like going into a light trance, or being between sleeping and waking.

So, that.


Well, I’ve set it, and now it’s time to forget it.

The trick to the ‘forgetting it’ part, i.e., the trick to shifting the focus to action, is to marshal hope and determination. And when they run out, to marshal some more.


Today’s thought:

Make work—high-quality, effective work—fun.

Make excellence fun.

Find the fun in it.


Fun was the best part :wink:


A sense of joy and gratitude seems to well up



  1. I’m listening now to about 90% masked and 2) with a 19-hour daily playlist, I’m definitely listening overnight.

I’m finding my sleep to be much better than before. The quality feels better, deeper.


So Emperor has Limitless built into it.

Good, because it looks like I’m going to be needing quite a bit of that over the next 3 to 5 years.

And don’t plan to start Quantum Limitless until Fall 2020


If you haven’t experimented with your “intuition stack”, please try it for 3 days and report back.
No Emperor. No Limit Destroyer. No Rebirth. No Quantum.
Only EOG-3 + Limitless v2.

You may be pleasantly surprised. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Sounds intriguing. Thanks.

I will think about it. (Once I’ve locked into one program, I don’t like to switch casually.)


Intrigued by @Simon’s generous recommendation.

Is it that 1) you think that Emperor may somehow slow down or block the effect of EoG stage 3; or,

  1. that it’s not a block being introduced by Emperor, so much as a kind of ‘extra weight’ (of additional content to be processed) which by removing it then allows me to progress more efficiently.

I think it’s worth a 3-day experiment to see if I experience a marked difference. I’m a person who moves and changes rather deliberately. I’ve tried to reconcile myself to the possibility of slow, gradual transformation. So I make long-term plans and try to stay consistent with my short-term actions. (That’s why I don’t make alot of course shifts too lightly. I might not be able to pull it off.)

Hmm. Well if I do this experiment, I’ll try to report on it here. Thanks again @Simon.


I think for now I’m going to stay the course with the current stack. But I still want to hear your thoughts on this.


3 - Limitless is a secret weapon, and I suspect you might be one of those who could wield it. :smile:

I do not know what your goals for Emperor are, so I wouldn’t dare say that Limitless could somehow be used in its place. Eg: If you’re using Ev3 for Masculinity, Status, Sexuality, etc. Which is totally cool considering EOG is gender neutral.

I did not share my reason, respecting this…

I know you’ve already used Lv2, but my suspicion is that using it with EOG-2 would not have revealed it’s true power. Or at least, it would be hard to tell which one was working. :thinking:

With EOG-3, you will KNOW what Lv2 can do for you, or you were simply not born a Limitless Wielder - and don’t need to know what it does for some other people. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



What are your views on Quantum Limitless? I know that’s much newer but still want to ask. Do you view it as qualitatively different from Limitless? Or do you think of them as being more or less in the same functional category?

Thank you for your close and respectful reading of my journal entries. Much appreciated.


Regardless of my reputation, I don’t speculate on the effects of products unless I have personal experience, or have read several journals with similar effects. :smile:

And I just bought QL yesterday. :wink:

They’re definitely in the same category. Almost every suggested effect on the QL salespage was already there on the Limitless v1 salespage. So in that sense, they don’t have different goals.

But then…
Goals-wise, Ascension & Khan are similar; so are Mogul & Gold.
Yet we KNOW how far apart these products are.
QL at minimum should be an Lv3, and at max - beyond what I can currently imagine.

New effects have only just begun showing, like a couple people have mentioned after about 10 days on QL-1, that they are wittier / more humorous.

We’ll see. :+1:


Emperor, for me, is primarily about Will.

Independent, autonomous will.

Drawing your circle and Standing in your square.

Discovering your circle of effectiveness and, within that circle, proceeding impeccably.

It’s also about boundaries. Knowing them. Holding them. Enforcing them.

These are my main orientations with regard to Emperor.