Ecstasy of Gold Journal: Kether to Malkuth


Had you asked for a recommendation for all the above, I’d have said GLM.

Interestingly, before I started my Ev4 transition/preparation 2 weeks ago,
my stack was “EOG4 + GLM”. :blush:


This is a great story about Aikido teacher Terry Dobson retold by Ram Dass. Really moves me.


When you can see deeply into the natures of things, your entire basis for action changes.



The outer conditions guide the subliminal use, and the subliminals influence and shape the outer conditions.

Let’s say a woman is pregnant and wants to follow a particular nutritious diet to support the baby’s healthy development. So she goes out and buys nine months worth of those healthy foods.

She can’t say, ‘well , there’s also a slimming diet I want to use after the birth, and I’d like to start that sooner, so, I’m going to eat all of this pregnancy food in just 4 months and then I can get started earlier with the slimming food plan.’

The pregnancy is going to last about 9 months. That’s how long it will take for the baby to develop. So, that or close to that is probably how long she should follow the first diet for healthy fetal development. Once the baby has been born, a threshold has been passed. Once she’s ready, she can then shift to the post-partum diet.

That’s a metaphor for how I’m thinking about the subliminals. There are particular outcomes that I want to birth in my life. Each of those outcomes has its own physical conditions and situation, and its own cycles and timing. The subliminals help the situation to develop in the healthiest way possible. But the timing is still tied to the situation itself.

EoG, for example, is like a nutritious diet for healthy wealth development. I will probably keep using it until my wealth threshold has been passed. That’s when I’ll consider it done, not at a particular fixed time point that was chosen arbitrarily.




ST3 will be the stage where the engine revs up to full power, with extremely powerful manifestations and unbreakable concentration, productivity and desire.

On ST3, you will exponentially become more and more wealthy and focused on your path.

Your desire for riches will be fully actualized and turned into a powerful fire that will propel you on your journey of abundance.

this is the focus right now

this is it



Interesting things happening mentally.


Please share if any of it is expressable.


A bunch of internal sensations of movement and change that I did not bother trying to parse.

I seem to notice (faintly and beneath the surface) a sense of coalescence and solidity. We will see.

I do have tasks to do these days, so I will have ample opportunity to see how this works out in practice.


Going through older forum posts from time to time to glean useful insights.

Here is one from Alexander (does not seem to be here anymore).

Responding to someone who, excited about the healing potential of self-compassion affirmations, was requesting a possible Self-Love subliminal.

He points to the open-ended nature of the Subliminal Club subliminals–designed to adapt to and work together with your own existing mind and nature to facilitate your development in the chosen direction.



on the path of Malkuth, your building projects are your spiritual practice



What, currently, is the highest value service or product that I can offer? What are my means to enhancing that value?

Genuine knowledge, confidence, and pride in the value of what you are offering is one of the foundations of wealth.

You should, yourself, be impressed with what you are offering, excited by it.



For me, one purpose of mantra is to bring my attention back to useful principles that are currently difficult for me to engage.

Mantra for today (and for these days):

Easy and enjoyable
Get it done


Fuck goals

What PROCESSES can I love?




I like the specificity of “processes”. Sounds like goals are a given and you’re looking at examples of your internal goals already.


Yes. Exactly so.


Healing Healing Healing

Trying to improve my life

Fighting my limitations

Grateful that in spite of my limitations I’ve been able to get as far as I have

And, fuck it, grateful for my limitations too; because Fuck You, Despair. Fuck you, Regret. You guys can go fuck yourselves.

Grateful for existence. Grateful for everything I’ve been given. Grateful for life.



So, 19 days into Ecstasy of Gold stage 3.

My listening is organized around EoG stage 3 and Emperor. I’ve also tried out a taste of the stacking modules. First, Limit Destroyer and Rebirth; and then, Aura and Godlike Masculinity. All but Sanguine.

But the primary focus is on Ecstasy of Gold and Emperor. On an ideal day, I have listened to 10.5 hours of EoG and 6 hours of Emperor. So, I’m definitely listening through the night, to make that possible.

I purchased this:

It’s corny, but it works. I’ll use it for now.

Have experienced a number of things today that seem possibly to be reconciliation.

Irritability, self-doubt, sore throat.

Could be. Difficult to say conclusively.

I threw down a gauntlet for myself, somewhat. The first task on my list of plans has been to write a research proposal. This is also encouraged/pressured by my job. I’ve designed it to meet both internal and external requirements at the same time. My job currently represents about 99% of my career and income strategy. In my envisioned scenario, it represents about 20 to 25%. I plan/hope to keep it for the near to mid-future, but I’d like to gradually limit/contain its reach.

So, it’s kind of interesting. The proposal is not directly a wealth-building activity, but it’s the first step in my wealth-building plan. On the one hand, as mentioned, it adds to my job security; but more than that, I’ve selected a topic and focus that are related to the area I’m planning to move into. Basically, I’m using this required activity as an opportunity to learn as much as possible about the area in which I’d like to develop business.

For those who are interested in magick, I did a working last year to the angel Damebiah, one of the Shemhamphorash who aids in business development and business ideas. A bit after that I found that I had an inspiring idea for something I would like to do. So, since then, that has been my plan. It has of course evolved a bit, but the core is stable. Thank you, Damebiah!

I figure that if I conduct research on this, and if I attend workshops or conferences related to it, that will provide opportunities for learning, for inspiration, for making connections, etc. So, it’s what I’m keeping in mind now. Trying to make this step enjoyable and (yes) easy, has been a point of focus and is sometimes challenging. For those who are triggered by the word ‘easy’, I might be using it in a unique way.

A couple of years ago, I decided to seriously apply myself to lifting weights, and I eventually worked up to a 270 pound bench press. (I was proud of that accomplishment. I’m 5’8 and started out at about 150 pounds. Of course, all the weightlifting changed that, and I’m now about 170 pounds with some fat around the middle.). The point is, I found that to be easy. I didn’t do the whole Eye of the Tiger, no guts no glory approach. As long as I have music that moves me, I’m good. So, I’d choose the right music for my emotional state. And I’d just go through the steps. Increase 5 pounds every week. Eat a certain amount of macronutrients to optimize muscle gain. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

That was easy. So, by easy, I don’t mean no effort. I mean no conflicted effort, not working against my own nature, and a steady sense of motivation. I’ve worked against my nature for so much of my life that work (even intense hard work) that is in line with my nature, feels easy.

The trick for me is to find ways to make it easy. Find a way to line my nature up with what I’m trying to do (or vice versa).

It’s been about 55% successful with this first project.

This is long. So, I’ll stop here.