Ecstasy of Gold Journal: Kether to Malkuth


Can you please elaborate?


That was meant to be spontaneous, not cryptic.

I’m noticing my mind and thoughts moving and responding in ways that seem directly connected to the subliminals. That’s interesting to me. In EoG stages 1 and 2, the focuses of the subliminals were similar to projects I’d been working on for a long time. But stage 3 and Emperor, those are new. And quite a bit distant from where I’ve managed to reach in my life so far.

I’ve found myself having ideas and also getting pulled back to neglected ideas with increased determination.

I’ll wait to see how it all pans out before I label it too specifically. But I feel ‘something’.


Well the product description shows that ST3 is focused on manifestation. Maybe together with Emperor, you’re trying to manifest something totally different?


That’s the truth.

Major manifestation.


Same here. It’s all from QL & NB in Emperor.


the contingent, illusive nature of sensate experience


This is awesome.


My goal, my aspiration, is to be engaged with my vocation, with my life’s work. I believe that I am within striking distance of my life’s work; but a push is required, otherwise, I will remain separated from it, as I have for decades now. I find myself having a greater sense of clarity about it.

I am an INFP. In the categorization of Dr. Katherine Benziger, I am a Double Right, Basal Right lead. This means that my problem-solving and processing ability naturally inclines towards Feeling processes; the logic of feeling, the wisdom of feeling, the intuition of feeling.

Feeling is not referring to mere emotion or emotionality; rather, feeling is the organism’s processing of coherence and (structural-experiential) integrity, of which emotionality is but one dimension. Its watchwords are empathy and presence. Its philosophical branch is Phenomenology.

As a basal Right, my preferred mental processing involves direct contact and engagement with Feeling. Ironically, my current work takes this as one of its objects; not for the sake of direct engagement, but for intellectual systematization and categorization. This is the Thinking function. Analytical discernment from a distance. The competence of the categorizer, the Administrator. The laser-focused, precise systematizer who both analyzes and enforces the rules and strategies of optimal function—from a distance.

I will always be mediocre in that role of adminstrator, gate-keeper, enforcer. I can work and improve at it, but the basic, intrinsic motivation is not and will not be there.

Where I shine is in processing and inductive reasoning around Empathic Intelligence and the objects of empathic intelligence. The elements of felt experience. Guided by a felt sense of organismic integrity, coherence, and rightness. In the current state of affairs, it is disparaged and often marginalized as ‘merely’ subjective. But there is a legitimacy in the subjective when it is dealt with honestly and humbly. There are data within it that are inaccessible in any other way. And, for that matter, Consciousness itself will never be apprehended except through the lens of the subjective.

So, blah blah blah.

But anyway, this is it.

The Intellection of the Subjective. The Phenomenology of Feeling/Felt Experience.

Keep it going.

Early Emperor v4 Impressions Thread

that’s something I would usually have written or dictated into an offline journal, but today I felt like typing it here.

I think that it is speaking to me about a move from the academic and administrative to the applied and the experiential. I still don’t understand it completely, but I do have a plan.


My work, much of it, should be experiential and applied. And it should work with (and through) empathy and feeling processes.


Awesome post. NB is certainly working in similar ways for the two of us. :slight_smile:

Same reason I don’t post a journal here.
For anyone else to make sense of my thoughts, it would require a reference library. :smile:


Pain is hard, but damage is truly bad.

So, as crazy as it sounds, be grateful for the pains that saved you from damage.


Getting Quantitative with It For a Second

Today is my Day 131 using subliminals. And it’s my Day 41 with Ecstasy of Gold stage 3 and Emperor.

There will be 50 more days with Ecstasy of Gold stage 3 and Emperor. (Seems short).

Then begins 184 days with Ecstasy of Gold stage 4 and Emperor. In other words, 234 more days in total with the primaries as Ecstasy of Gold and Emperor. (That seems pretty short too.)

280 days is the average gestational period of a human being. Enough time to synthesize a brand new bodymind.

Maybe these days are also enough for me to build the foundation of something major in my life. I’m running two dense programs side by side, but I hope that this gives them enough time to unfold. Of course, I’ll continue playing them after that time.

I have two goals, more clearly than I had when I started 131 days ago. One is a goal for this year. It is a platform for career, vocation, and wealth and will enhance my current situation. The other is a goal to work towards over the next 3 to 5 years. I hope the next 3-4 actually. I am 46 years old now, and 50 seems like a nice round number for taking stock of things.

Right now, instead of looking forward to my next stack, my next subliminals (Alchemist and Quantum Limitless), I’m going back and re-reading about Ecstasy of Gold. Appreciating what is being built right now in this moment.

This is truly the lynchpin.

Stumbled on this beautiful gem by @SaintSovereign

Venture Alchemy

VENTURE ALCHEMY is the art and science of creating a business endeavor as a form of internal alchemy and to also help others reach their maximum potential.


Let’s keep going.


I like this:


Hi, I just discovered you have a EoG journal. What a shame I havent found it earlier.
Could you please sum up how far EoG improved your finances so far?



:wink: Baby’s still in the womb. And we’re going for a natural birth rather than a C-section. Not that much to share right now.


I was doing wealth magick for about a year before I began Ecstasy of Gold. Frankly, I believe that those workings manifested Ecstasy of Gold. (It was through synchronicities related to them that I even learned of the existence of Sub Club.) My financial situation is less than pretty. But I’ve found that an unworkable debt has become more workable. And I’ve had good experiences investing money with WealthFront, one of the several algorithm-based investment ‘robo-advisors’ that exist. Not a get rich quick scheme, but to-date delivering about 5 times the RoI of a high-yield savings account.

Those were virtually non-existent for me before.

For the rest, all I’ll say is ‘stay tuned’. I’m working to build what I want. So a bunch of that will depend on me. My actions and my readiness.

Anything else is up above, peppered throughout the midst of my random ravings.


We seem to be in a similar situation, as I have mapped out in my journal.
It also seems like we listen to subliminals (emperor specifically) for a similar period of time.
I am thinking about adding EoG but my problem is it really doesnt look so well right now as I am getting under heady pressure and need to manifest money ASAP. So I guess Ill rather work with Neville and what I have learned about manifestation instead of adding eog now.
Thanks for your explanation.


This, frankly, sounds like the situation for which Mogul was developed.

Taken from the Subliminal Club PRIMER post (way back in 2018):

Sales copy. Yes. But that last line in particular sounds like exactly what you’re describing.

In contrast, Ecstasy of Gold I see as a total restructuring, ‘from the foundations up’ program.

Mogul seems like it works with your immediate situation and current position to optimize wealth generation. Ecstasy of Gold seems like it restructures and transforms your situation to meet your highest wealth-generating potential.

Thus Mogul seems like a short- to mid-term plan and Ecstasy of Gold like a long-term plan.


That does it! After my exam, I’m gonna run Mogul with QL for 8 months. That way, both me and my wife would hopefully benefit and, at the same time, get us out of debt and improve our finances.


Wish you super-prosperity!


Sorry for hijacking your journal, but do you think Ascended Mogul would serve the purpose aswell?