Ecstasy of Gold Journal: Kether to Malkuth

  1. For completely idiosyncratic reasons, I don’t consider this a hijacking at all. Then again, we’re reconciling over here right now, so who knows what’s going on.

  2. my informed GUESS :rofl: is that Mogul would be the most precise for the exact issue you mention. Why? Because you’re pressed for time. (Well, I’m just guessing based on your description.) Mogul gets right to the point and has nothing extra. Optimize. Money. Now.

It’s the katana. It has one job and that’s what it’s going to do. Ascended Mogul has a couple of jobs. (it’s the nunchaku?) So, it’ll require a bit more time and bandwidth.

Haha. But this is like comparing dishes at a really good restaurant, isn’t it? haha. They’re all going to taste good and be nutritious. But if you know you only have 25 minutes to eat lunch today, better go for one of the faster dishes.

Seems like the key strategizing questions I’ve seen here kind of boil down to:

  1. What subliminals have you used before (i.e., what’s your subconscious foundation; your gong fu)?

  2. What resources, influences, and conditions are you working with on the ground in your current life (including positive and negative)?

  3. What’s your keenest focus and motivation at the moment? (Where does the Venn diagram of all of the various subminds within your mind overlap?)

You take a decent amount of time (say one or two sleep/wake cycles) to walk around the block with those questions and get a working answer to them. Then you know what’s the best move to make for now.

Ask your deep mind to manifest the plan, including the time-frame. You in particular @ExploringAstronaut are particularly well-qualified to do that.

Follow that plan.

Then wash, rinse, and repeat.

This opinion will self-destruct in 3…2…


Man you’re awesome. Loved that katana-nunchaku-comparison. :joy:
I got a great business idea.
A katana-nunchaku-restaurant


This may sound radical but…

Some things are only of priceless value if you get them for free. The moment there’s even the slightest price tag on them they become worthless.

External recognition and approval are among those things, for me.

That’s what being an Artist means to me.

Valuing and Respecting your soul. Seeking to express it with ever greater fidelity.

When someone genuinely and naturally connects with that? Priceless. Even if it’s just for a time.

But once conditions and external demands and tests and favors are used to establish its worth, it becomes cheap.

I’m not talking about selling artwork, services, or commoditized products. That is great. I’m talking about selling the artist. Your judgment, your inner journey. That should never be sold. Its products can be sold, but not IT.

If I have to forgo my own respect and approval to gain yours, then your approval is worth right around the value of an expired pack of carnival hot dogs.

On the other hand, if, in the course of striving to learn, to grow, to face my fears, to walk my path, to sing my song, and express my potential; if, in the course of that, I attain, for even a moment, your spontaneous understanding and genuine, natural brotherhood/sisterhood?

Well then,

I have gained the Sun.


Simple updates

Original Playlist was Ecstasy of Gold and Emperor v4 in a 4-2-3-2 pattern

Ecstasy of Gold x4
Emperor v4 x2
Ecstasy of Gold x3
Emperor v4 x2

—That’s still the playlist I have in my Music app.

But now that I can create a playlist in AudioShare, I decided to slightly alter the arrangement, to one that was slightly easier to set up in AudioShare.

EoG x4
Emperor v4 x4
EoG x7
Emperor v4 x4
EoG x3

Same ratios, just arranged differently. Depending on which app I’m using, I alternate between those two playlists.

I just play that as close to 24 hours as I can. And at some point after 12 AM, I restart it from the beginning, no matter what point I’ve reached.

For my daily meditation practice, I now use subliminals.

The Commander x1
either Emperor or EoG x1
The Commander x1

(usually if I’m meditating in the morning, I’ll use Emperor. If at night, Ecstasy of Gold.)

This playlist works as a meditation timer and gives me a daily 65 minute meditation, which is great! Also, I find that, since I’m using the masked track, my primary attentional orientation has become auditory.

Some interesting trance-like states. Not sure how much of that is due to sleep deprivation.


@Malkuth - very poetic. Loved it


Do you feel like

x4 of a certain subliminal gives more profound results compared to 1x play of each switching through your playlist?


I think that repetition (i.e., consecutive playing) leads to a more intense stimulus. As far as how that relates to the results one experiences, I’d expect there to be individual variation. Just like with physical workouts. Increasing your reps and your weight piles on more stimulation, but for each person there’s a point of diminishing returns, and there are also optimal windows of rest and restoration time before one is ready to take on more stimulation again. (A perfect workout for you might be too much or too little for me.)

Anyway, the general principle is that the mind needs an optimal intensity of stimulation and it also needs optimal rest periods in between to process and integrate that stimulation.

But as far as the specific details go, I’m feeling in the dark. If I felt anything too untoward or disturbing, I’d probably try to rearrange my listening pattern. So far though, it’s been relatively smooth.

Honestly, I want to be more concerned with my actual life projects. That’s the ultimate litmus test, in my opinion. It sounds like yours are proceeding quite well, @Hermit. So, whatever you’re doing with subliminals and other practices is probably working well.


It is, I’m dreaming big, my goals are huge and I’m striving for them. Most people look at the sales page of the subliminal’s and expect them to be that person overnight. I’m sorry but that just ain’t gonna happen, we need action to manifest. We aren’t yet able to manifest things out of thin air, we need to learn that manifestation is a process that starts with though, uses action and takes time & energy. The more energy, thus the more effective actions because of the focus, thus the faster it will manifest.

Hence why we’re being robbed of our energy with all the toxins put in place to do so.

I don’t need to use subliminal’s to get me to manifest my dreams and goals, but I do. They help tremendously, like I’ve stated in a post before, you need to have your subconscious work together with your conscious to optimally create your reality. Humans have to understand how the different bodies of consciousness are working together, knowledge is power. Knowledge with experience leads to wisdom, remember this.

To get back at my question, I’m with you on your statement, I had the same thoughts on this and I can only agree. Yet I feel a repetition of 3’s is more profound then 4’s, at least for me it is. There must be a reason your subconscious went for the 4’s, numbers are pretty significant and it are energy pathways we’re we work through. I love 3’s and I think they work more powerfully, although I have yet to understand the depths of this information, in time I will…

3 6 9 are important numbers, these are the energetic numbers of the dimension above.



struggling against internal and external barriers and challenges


From what I’ve read here, I’m running two very dense programs, Ecstasy of Gold and Emperor v4. They can still have an effect, but they may take longer. Especially if the changes required in my habits, lifestyle, and identity are significant (they are).

If I’m patient (I am) and if I follow a plan for action, I can treat the subliminals as a support for long-term growth.

At some point, I will pass a threshold, reach a critical mass, and at that point, things will speed up and take off. But there may be a longer period of slower, more gradual growth, as my life situation adapts to meet the subliminals. This pattern is what I’ve chosen by deciding to run more advanced, dense subliminals from the very beginning (rather than first running Ascended Mogul, Ascension, or Mogul).

But since my plan is to stay with Ecstasy of Gold and Emperor over the next 8 months, while also working on my goals, this could be an appropriate approach.

Is this way of looking at things accurate, @SaintSovereign, @Fire?


I’m probably going to downgrade from Emperor to Ascended Mogul. Just waiting to hear from Saint or Fire to check whether or not AM will get updated anywhere soon. Really don’t want to downgrade in technology.

Oh and don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of benefits from Emperor v2 already, v3 I didn’t have enough exposure to without running v2 and v4 to notice anything significant. While v4 is clearing out a lot of stuff for me and seems to have some really beneficial energy scripting or physical power scripting in there. But I do want to lay a better foundation on both ascension and mogul before building my Empires. I’m still starting out so I’d better get a good foundation looking at the long term.

I’m sticking with Quantum Limitless though. I’m a week in on stage 3, and damn. Every single stage of Quantum Limitless so has been lovely so far. Stage is a no-brainer for everyone wanting to mastering the flow state.


As an INFP, Highly Sensitive, enneagram 9, empath man, it will be interesting to see what kind of Emperor I turn out to be. But I’m looking forward to finding out.


I am interested to see this as well. I think as an empath you have an advantage. Not taking crap from people, but also understanding the needs of people. Unfortunately I think most empaths get eaten alive metaphorically speaking for the first quarter of their life. Seems like the more experience you get in life you’re able to balance the inherent weakness and strengths that comes with it.


I’m very empathic yet I’ve never had a problem with this. I have total control over my emotions and mental state, I can feel into people easily and none touches my inner core. Subconsciously none dares to go past the barriers I’ve set. While some foreign people might do, I doesn’t touch my inner core and everything unnecessarily gets filtered out.

When taking psychedelic drugs I do feel way more sensitive and my shields go down. Although developing your shield in a higher sensitive psychoactive state does give you more power in the ordinary mental state we human beings life in.


And that first quarter of life carries a lot of weight because it includes your formative years, your initial identity formation, and your initial acculturation and socialization into larger groups.

So we’re working with real stuff here. But, for some ridiculous reason, today I feel hope. I’m experiencing real pain today. But I also believe that there are certain insights that can truly only be gained when you’ve been at the bottom or been in pain.

To be specific, I think that my challenging experiences have enhanced my capacity for meta-awareness (awareness of one’s awareness) and certain forms of inner strength. Intellectually, at least, I’ve found myself much more able to see through my own bullshit and to see through societal and collective bullshit compared to my peers at any given stage of my life. (With decades of living under my belt, I find that, on average, I’m glad that I ‘thought too much’)

My own growth process is probably more in the opposite direction, compared to people who did better than I did or seemed to do so. Learning how to connect more and to not dismiss people, in spite of our very real bullshit aspects. Learning to have a more mature, relaxed relationship to external power and conventions, TOGETHER WITH awareness of its arbitrariness and contingence.

So, there we go. I’ll definitely be a Meta-Emperor. In the world and not of it.


On a different note, I just noticed a result manifested by Ecstasy of Gold listening in the past week.

This is from the copy for EoG stage 3:

Simply imagine what you could accomplish if you were concentrated on your desires completely with every waking moment of the day, if people were begging you to give you opportunities to make more and more money, if all the doors and opportunities of life were wide open for you.

This line:
if people were begging you to give you opportunities to make more and more money

I have two pretty specific goals/directions for the next 8 months to 3 years. One of them is for right now and one is a little longer term.

For the one for right now: basically, I’m working in more of a training capacity in my field of study, and what I’ll be doing is transitioning to an applied, practice-oriented role.

Well, this past week, someone who I was training/consulting with said: Are you accepting any [practice-based] clients right now? I said, I’m in the process of setting that up. The person said, ‘Please tell us when you do because we have a lot of people to send to you’ or something similar.

We then talked about the ethics of that kind of referral and whether it would be acceptable. (Under certain conditions, possibly; but maybe not my first impulse.) Then we moved on to something else.

But today, it popped into my head, and I realized, ‘wait a minute! Driftwood!’ (My sister uses the term ‘driftwood’ for when you’re manifesting a large result, and then smaller, related results start to flow to you. It’s a sign of what’s in process.)


As I said, way up above, I’m a Taurus (western zodiac) Ox (Chinese zodiac). I have a strong spiritual orientation, but my awareness and sense of reality are very much on the ground. When it comes to my own experience, it often takes a more solid sign for me to be aware of what’s going on.

So, pretty cool. :grinning:


Powerlessness to Power, Autonomy, and Self-determination

Lack of Choice to Freedom


Meditation is a foundational, integral activity of my vocation.


If I haven’t yet tried everything I can do, then I have no right (and no time) to be discouraged.


I’m using the ‘AirPod in one ear’ method tonight.

Informal family dinner tonight for lunar New Year’s Eve. I just left it in and forgot about it. Seemed to work pretty well.

I think I’ll try this at work.