Ecstasy of Gold Journal: Kether to Malkuth


This needed to be quoted.


Damn man. INFP enneagram 9 and taurus? I’m a Taurus too. We are almost mirror versions of each other.


Yes, I noticed the similarities. And don’t forget electronic music composers. Are you an HSP too?

Well, anyway, I think I’m 18 years older. I don’t know where I picked that up from, but must have been from some post somewhere in your journal. So the Chinese zodiac year would be different, maybe even opposite. Are you a goat/sheep in that system?

Either way, it’s exciting and meaningful to witness and in some way share your journey. Am appreciating your insights and observations. :muscle:t5:


I am indeed a HSP as well. I think that’s actually why I’ve had such a rough time in life. It opened me up to a lot of emotional damage a lot of other people don’t experience.

Not sure about the chinese zodiac. I’ll have to check that one.

I appreciate your insights as well. It’s been cool seeing how we both internalize these subliminals and what the inner reconciliation process looks like.


1 rep of a supercharger + 1 rep of a major program + 1 rep of a supercharger

turns out to be an excellent timer for a meditation session

(don’t know if all of the supercharger are the same length; i’m using The Commander)


That moment when you realize that the horrific flesh-eating demons who have guarded the thrice-chained and keyless door to your dungeon cell for decades were in fact two diminutive if highly aggressive cave-rats (problematic, yes, but nowhere near what you’d made them out to be)…oh, and also, the door was never actually locked.



I’m finding myself having insights that feel more apropos of Ecstasy of Gold stage 2 (and even stage 1, for that matter).

6 weeks into Ecstasy of Gold stage 3.

I’m not particularly shocked. This does fit with the whole Ox-pace theme, to which i’m quite accustomed. Sometimes my nature seems like a no-nonsense farmer who, in response to a query, waits staring at you for 10 minutes and then replies, “Yep.”



If it does turn out that there’s a 2- or 3-month delay on my results in general, i’ll still consider myself to have come out ahead.



And once again:



Watched The David Rubenstein Show last week, in which David Rubenstein interviewed Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote.

Rubinstein has a straight-forward, easy to follow interviewing style that makes it easy to derive little gems from the conversation even if you only have a short bit of time.

Mr. Dangote made a very interesting statement near the end that is staying with me. He has made much of his wealth through the cement industry. Asked for his advice to anyone seeking to replicate his achievements, he said “I think the most important [attribute] number one: if you are going into any business, you must understand the business A to Zed. You must know that business. You shouldn’t just go and invest because someone says ‘Hey, you know, there is good money in cement.’ Then you go and jump into cement. You have to understand the business in and out.”

It’s a powerful, clear statement. No need to misunderstand.

I’m looking forward to the deep-dive in learning and mastery that will come with Quantum Limitless next year. I think it will grow organically out of the orienting process happening with Ecstasy of Gold and Emperor right now.


I’ve been using The Commander twice a day since Wednesday 9 January. Integrating it at the beginning and ending of my meditation hour.

Based on the positive experience with that, I’ve decided to buy two additional super-chargers. I’ll alternate between them. I purchased Beyond Limitless (largely inspired by @elementary_vision’s report) and True Social (largely inspired by my lack of social comfort :roll_eyes: and by the hyperbolic (and yes, inspiring) sales copy).

I’ve been bookending the superchargers around a related masked subliminal that plays during most of my meditation hour. So, if I meditate in the morning it’s been Commander-Emperor(masked)-Commander, if I meditate in evening it’s been Commander-Ecstasy of Gold(masked)-Commander.

For Beyond Limitless, I’ve created a ‘Beyond Limitless-Limitlessv2(masked)-Beyond Limitless’ playlist. May try that tomorrow morning.

For True Social? Not sure. We’ll see. Haven’t tried these yet, but I get the sense that there’s a different energy to that one. So, may not use it during meditation hour.


Value is the holy grail.

Recognizing it
Accessing it
Embodying it
Facilitating it
Providing it

Mastering it


Bought Beyond Limitless and True Social, but so far have ended up not using them yet.

I did spend one day playing a lot of limitless, but otherwise, just stuck with my current programs.

Today is my ‘last’ day working on this proposal. It’s due tomorrow, and I’ll re-read it. But today’s the last push of content. Played tracks while sleeping, but today I’m not listening to anything. I’ll probably just take it as a rest day. We’ll see.

Did use the subliminal meditation timer as usual. But did it with The Commander and Emperor as usual. I’m wary of not making the duration long enough. So don’t want to break it up just yet.


It’s working.

So I want to post.

More and more frequently, I’m finding my mind spontaneously generating feasible, plausible wealth-generation ideas. Today, just now, it happened again, and it was too clear and apparent for me to discount. My mind is doing something.

I don’t know how much is Ecstasy of Gold and how much is Emperor. In my case, there’s significant synergy between the two. But it’s happening. That much I’m willing to state.


Woah! Good going, @Malkuth! The breakthroughs are coming. Looks like your subconscious has changed a lot! Your patience will be rewarded


A lot more patience to come. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is going to take more than just ideas …


I got both Beyond Limitless & True Social as well. Yet I barely use them as well, I don’t like superchargers but I do like the subliminal script behind them. I just wish they had the scripts for beyond limitless in masked, I really don’t like ultrasonic’s.


I like the one supercharger that I’m using: The Commander.

I’m not using others because I want to give this one more time to be internalized.


@Hermit - I feel you on that. I buy superchargers and end up not using them. But am going to try again and again to use The Commander.


Could it be the new addition ==> My Ultimate Stacking Module: Limitless v2.

It seems you’ve unintentionally conducted the “try it for 3 days and report back” test. :wink: