Ecstasy of Gold Journal: Kether to Malkuth


Maybe also Limitless as part of Emperor? I only listened to Limitless v2 for one day last week. But on that day I listened for the entire day. Interesting.


Reflecting on the structure of the multi-stage programs, the following framework comes to my mind. I’m noting it here for convenience. I’ll let it sit for a while as I contemplate how well it fits.

Stage I: Restoration
Stage II: Alignment
Stage III: Invigoration
Stage IV: Achievement


…More Gold

Embracing the reconciliation process to harness its power and ride it like a wave (by @Simon)


Here’s the exercise.

I think I’ll call it

The Internal Supercharger

Although this particular version of the exercise is directed at EoG Stage 1, there’s no reason it could not be adapted to work with any other program or stage.

@Simon Thanks man :pray:t4:


That’s just brilliant, @Simon


Another notable observation:


Being in the driver’s seat






Assemble your Wealth Role Models

Assemble your Lifestyle/Kingdom Role Models

Spend some time observing them EVERY DAY


Still on Stage 3 @Malkuth? It sounds like it


(I might have already asked this, sorry if so, I am getting confused with the names sometimes)
You listened to Emperor before and now you do EoG, right? Just to understand the context


I’m currently listening to both Emperor v4 and Ecstasy of Gold stage 3. I also do The Commander twice per day.

My current program extends to the end of August 2020. In March 2020, I’ll begin to play Ecstasy of Gold stage 4, and I’ll play it over the next 6 months. For the same period of time, I’ll continue playing Emperor v4. The density and power of both of these programs is such that I think it’s appropriate to devote more time to them.

In September 2020, I’ll evaluate my journey with Emperor v4 and Ecstasy of Gold. But my plan is to continue playing EoG stage 4 indefinitely until I’m satisfied with my wealth-building. Emperor is also so foundational that I will keep playing it until I’m satisfied with my lifestyle/kingdom building. (But at a decreased rate, meaning that I may play each for 2 reps per day.)

In September 2020, my plan is to transition to Quantum Limitless and Alchemist as my primary programs; spending 3 months per stage on each stage.

In my personal case, I see Ecstasy of Gold, Emperor, Quantum Limitless, and Alchemist as extremely synergistic with regard to my priorities and lifestyle goals. If and when the day comes that I’m satisfied with the progress in all four of those areas, I will officially transition to using subliminals for fun. :slight_smile:


I think I definitely asked you this already, it sound familiar :smiley:
I guess the last time I asked you I said I plan to do something similar (especially the running ev4+eog-part) It’s definitely wise to give each of them more time. I think the hardest part about Emperor is that you don’t always know which action to take in order to confirm the program. I mean, with EoG it is fairly easy: You take action towards wealth, wether that may be meditating on wealth, cutting out time-consuming stuff or simply working and you help EoG to help you. With Emperor I feel like there is more of a struggle to sort these kind of things out, especially when you start off as a highly undisciplined person with self-destructive issues.

Anyway, I think that is a great plan. I also agree on the last part. You know, I’d really love to mess around with QL, Alchemist and Mind’s Eye but sadly, you can’t have all of it at the same time (or your head is going to explode). Really seems like we are very similar in many regards.

Edit: How long do you listen to each program every day?


Thanks for asking.

My basic (default) rundown is EoG 10.5 hours and Emperor 6 hours per day. But it varies from day to day based on various factors. I try to get at least 6 and 6 on any given day. And occasionally I’ll take a complete rest day, usually driven by circumstances more than by choice.

At this point, I see the Emperor program as being about Self-determination. It fosters the strength of mind and the faith (in yourself and in life) to envision how you want your life to be. Then it fosters the willpower, the motivation, and the skills that will enable you to bring that vision into reality. As far as I’m concerned (at this point), that’s what Emperor does.

As such, I think that the appropriate action for Emperor is to set your goals, aspirations, and targets—your overall picture of how you want your lifestyle to be; to make plans for reaching them, and then to work to put those plans into action.

I had the same question actually (i.e., about the nature of Emperor), and @Simon helped me to crack the question by sharing some of his opinions and also linking me up to forum posts from @SaintSovereign and some others. Then there are the journals by @Yardbird and others that help to make it clearer too.

Thank you, @ExploringAstronaut. Let’s keep going. :muscle::muscle:t6: :peace_symbol:

(edit: haha that muscle emoji always bugs me because I would never pronate/hyper-flex my wrist like that when flexing. :rofl: )


You got my respect. I really wonder how you manage to listen that much. I get to 6hours a day.

  1. If with other people, I just leave one AirPod in.
  2. I play them at night

Otherwise, I just treat it as enjoyable white noise and go on with my day.


I’m curious about something long-term @Malkuth.

I’ve watched a lot of Kahn journals over time, seeing ST4 as a fire being lit which wasn’t going out. I’m going to look at older journals today, but I’m wondering how things shift on ST4 of EOG. Amash said he’s never leaving Kahn due to its effects in many areas. He said Limitless and wealth building kicked in with ST4, and he reveled in that stuff.

So, I’m wondering what EOG ST4 will bring in which isn’t obvious in earlier stages.


You and me both, @subliminalguy.


I think I actually already quoted this one.
@Simon is unintentionally creating a really good user manual for working with these SC subliminals.


(some good stuff in here. noting for future reference.)


@Simon Do you have a suggestion on what to do when you feel pushed towards a certain change, go about it and fail and you feel like the Sub stops working there and moves on but it is very important to you? My idea is to do it again and again anyway and using your conscious mind and eventually the sub will see it is still relevant and assist you. I guess this is what you suggest but I just want to go sure and hear your thoughts on it.

Edit: We should have a separate thread where we gather all of Simon’s good posts and call it “Wisdom of Simon - the floating head”

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