Ecstasy of Gold - Now or Never


I would advice to reduce the hours. Something dropping from 20 to 12. You will give yourself time to rest and process imo


I say the opposite, increase from 20 to 24 so the breakthrough happens sooner :smiley:

It will be a moment just like he experienced in the final week of ST1. And the more he listens, the faster that day comes.


I had a similar experience on ST2. While Khan was distracting me on a more instinctual level, EoG was making me think about lots of big stuff but not acting on it.

So far ST3 hasn’t done much besides getting me back into my “normal”. It’s only been a few days, I’ve noticed I’m starting to get impatient with things that waste time. Mainly things I started doing while on ST2 because I wasn’t doing anything productive anyway.

Hang on! :slight_smile:


I’m definitely continuing EoG through to the end while hammering as many hours as possible. Yesterday I did nothing and probably got in 22 hours.

@DarkPhilosopher yep, all these awesome plans but cannot get myself to act on them. I believe changes are being made but I was way more proactive and action oriented on the dating subs. Granted they weren’t 4 stages, but it was as if my subconscious knew that taking action and creating a better lifestyle would help in the women department.

Today I woke up really depressed/sad feeling. I laid in bed for quite a while thinking about ex girlfriends and some of the ways I was shitty in those relationships.

I also had some enlightening dreams. A couple times people suggested we do things and my response was “no, that is downright idiotic”. Funny thing is this was stuff that a few months ago were part of my normal life.

Anyway, today I forced myself to get a quick weightlifting session in, then went for a walk through the park. I feel much better but still zero motivation on the work front.


It seems like this kind of subliminals would be perfect during a complete dopamin detox.
Imagine this: You are in your room and quite nature for a whole month. No talking, no watching tv, no music, nothing. And then listen to the subliminals.
Im really curious about what would happen


Good lord the reconciliation continues. CANNOT wait to move on to ST3.

Last night I was in bed at 10pm. Set my alarm for 7am, but then could not get up so finally naturally woke up at 8:15am. That’s 10 hours. And I had some very vivid dreams involving being pissed off at my parents.

I then forced myself to work for 4 hours which was super unproductive. I just now woke up from an hour nap. And I have no motivation to do anything but watch tv. I’m going to force myself to get a workout in though.

Ugh I’m feeling this yearning to be super productive but just physically can’t. I’m tired of getting nothing accomplished, but also too tired (mentally and physically) to accomplish anything.

One of those situations where if I knew what I was in for before starting, I never would have even started lol.

Edit: yesterday and the day before I got at least 21 hours in, and I can definitely do that today and tomorrow.


I am running Khan. I just moved in ST3 and it feels very smooth. If EoG is similar all you need to do is be patient


That’s so good to hear lol. Just a little longer for me.


St3 of EoG was pretty draining for me for the first week and a bit. It seems to have eased off a bit, I’m sleeping better now and am starting to get more energy. I would be very interested in knowing how your experience with st3 goes at the beginning. Keep at it :slight_smile:


Starting Day 27

Well well well. I don’t know if this is the breakthrough or just a one off, but I woke up today feeling on top of the world, craving the gym - just killed it there today first thing, and actually feeling really excited to crush it in my business, making an hour of phone calls. Looking forward to a week full of work.

Yesterday and overnight was 20+ hours. Depending on how many hours I can pack in these next days, I’m about 3 or 4 days away from ST3. I estimate I’m nearing 400 hours exposure.



Ironically for me, Khan ST2 only gave me the breakthrough on the very last day 30.

I am happy you will have a full 4 or 5 days of glory on EoG ST2!


Had another great day today. I’m not fully into the 12 hours per day of intense work that I want to be but I woke up optimistic and excited to work.

I think I was in the habit of just being tired and unmotivated so the first reaction was to stay in bed when my alarm went off at 6am. However, I hit snooze and before that alarm went off I couldn’t sleep and something just caused me to get up and get to work.

I got a full on focused 4 hours of work in. And I was super enthusiastic about it the entire time. Like no time waste at all. Pure focus.

One thing I’ve noticed on these subs that just came to light. I would always after visualizing or journaling or energetic work come across information or a book or a program that completely changed my paradigm…or while on the subs.

It’s so easy to give credit to that information as the catalyst for change. Rationalize it away. “Well the new book gave me the new insights.”

What I realized is what if the sub is changing me, leading me, and is the actual catalyst that nudges me to find/manifest this new, life improving information. Hmmmmm

Whichever, this newfound optimism and action taking feels really awesome right now.


If I remember right there is a module in the scripts that manifests mentors in form of people, books etc.
Happened to me too since I listen to Emperor and I experienced it before. It is generally a sign that you are moving in the right direction.


Yes, I remember clearly this is part of all the scripts. Manifesting mentors, and also manifesting situations where you will be tested and pass easily, so your new growth is reinforced and “proven” to you and to your subconscious. Reference experiences.


It is a module in limitless


Makes perfect sense then!

29 days complete, almost to the minute. Will pass 450 hours tomorrow.

I might stretch it a few more days though. Today I have been feeling angry. A good kind of angry and I like it.

I received tickets to an event that are worth $150 per ticket. I asked a few different “good” friends more than a couple days ago to join me for free. They all initially said yes, but have last minute come up with lame excuses that I can so easily read their bullshit, they just don’t feel like going and they waited until the last minute to blow me off.

I am totally fine going by myself but what I realized that angers me so much is that I would never bail on a friend last minute unless it was a legit, solid reason.

This anger has lit a fire within. These people waste my time when I am always there for them. Time to go Sam Ovens mode and just disappear into work, cut everyone who isn’t necessary to my success out until I am living the life I envision. These people are all just living mediocre herd mentality lives anyway. It’s time to give myself some space from them and focus on myself.

This post and my mood is very unlike me, I’m always a laid back, go with the flow, I’ll have fun on my own kind of guy. But I am liking this feeling. It feels like I am actually starting to put myself first and realizing all the ways I have been appeasing others at my own expense when they would never do the same in return.

It’s a fire within, no more excuses, no more time sucks, make it happen or die trying.

Phew, a little stream of consciousness venting there.


So you are becoming Dan Peña II.
I really like this journal, keep it up!


Thank you, love Dan Pena!


Officially 30 days on EoG ST2

I’m going to play it a couple more days. Going to make sure I well surpass 450 hours. Reason being last night and this morning I’m feeling a really strong urge to switch back to a dating sub. But I’m committed.

I’m now feeling similar to on ST1 where there is a strong pull to just get to work and do the scary things that business requires but not pulling the trigger. So ready for ST3!!

I can look back over the last month and see that so much clarity was gained on what the right path is for me going forward. Experiencing a great optimism and excitement for the future currently.


31+ days EoG ST2

I have for sure surpassed 450 hours. I estimate around 460.

I think I will turn off the sub and go 4-5 hours without anything and then turn on ST3 right before bed.

What a ride. Making it through ST2 feels like a major accomplishment :grin: