Ecstasy of Gold - Now or Never


Congratulations! So proud of you @HappyHero!

I look forward to your post on day 1 of ST3 :slight_smile:


Thank you @AMASH !

Appreciate your support and encouragement.


have fun at st3 :slight_smile:


ST3: got about 21 hours in on day 1

Calling this day 2. Didn’t listen overnight last night because I went on a date and ummm, didn’t go home.

I feel light. It’s as if it was a totally different person living a different life while on ST2. It was kind of a dark place when I look back, but in a good way. Like a bear hibernating or something.

Coincidentally, everything came together just this morning in getting approved for a new qualification that will really help establish my credibility in my business.

Nothing much to report. Just in that transition phase from one stage to the next.

Edit: The finding a mentor portion of the sub definitely works as discussed above. On the last days of ST2 I stumbled across a weird YouTube, and without much conscious thought bought the guys sales material. And it has seriously changed my life. One of the best investments I’ve made.


I want to add, I have had this strange craving to pull out my guitar again. I’ve played most of my life and it really brings me joy. But the last 2 years have been so focused on money and business that it sat collecting dust.

I think creative endeavors improve all aspects of life. Sad, that I let it fall away for 2 years.


Can you please mention the YouTuber’s name?


lol. It’s been 4 days…mebbe he turned into gold lol. hehehe jk


Ikr. Give us the name or don’t( if you don’t want to), but atleast reply something. Or update something.


Dang! Lol

I have been getting things done like a maniac. Waking up at 6am. Working for 10 hours (with short interval breaks). Working out, and then studying to hone my craft.

Trying to ride this wave as long as possible so somehow updating a forum falls very low on priorities.

@MavericKobra the program is David Snyder - Killer Influence


I’m a big fan of David Snyder, I have almost all of his programs, including Vibrational Influence.

Can I ask how did he helped you? Did the course helped you with getting more sales or girls(for fun) or how?


Love this guy. I’m about 3/4 through killer influence and he has completely changed my approach to sales. From a “selling” mindset to a “I’m just making an offer” approach.

His state control stuff is life changing, as well as a couple of his techniques like spinning and grey room.

@MavericKobra how has he helped you? Any of his other programs that would recommend as well?


Isn’t that what you do with women as well? :wink:


Conversation Persuasion & Influence
Stealth CPI
Killer Influence
Vibration Influence

Conversation Persuasion & Influence and Stealth CPI are the basic courses, Killer influence is intermediate level and Vibrational influence is pro level.

How his courses have helped me?

So, now I’m confident in every kind of relationship in my life. If I’m in a relationship with a girl, I know she won’t go behind my back, because I’m controlling her. There is no feeling of insecurity. I know my friends are loyal to me. In any given room every person does respect me and my opinions. Etc etc.


8 days on EoG ST3

  1. As mentioned started happening at the end of ST2, I found some “mentors” in the form of life changing programs and books. In fact, one book I have owned for years and was cleaning when I came across it. It’s like an entirely new book this time, kinda when the student is ready sorta thing.

  2. I look forward to and have fun with my sales calls. It’s a complete paradigm shift in mindset. Where I used to dread the calls, fear rejection, fear sounding stupid, now it’s calls = Just chatting with people, having fun, being playful, making the offer, and possibly lots of money.

  3. My everyday conversing and small talk is the best it’s ever been in my life. Things like joking with the cash register person or the server. Or at networking events. Or random strangers. Just the right thing seems to come out at the right time.

  4. My productivity is ridiculous right now. I’m getting so much done and accomplished and I look forward to doing what needs to be done. I can recall only two mornings where I woke up not feeling like doing anything, but it was as if someone took over my body and I just started.

  5. Surprisingly, along with the productivity my social life is crazy in a good way again too. I’ve gone on 3 new dates since starting, slept with two, and have plans with all 3 for future hang outs again. Not to mention, I’ve attended fun events and concerts that I love as well. It’s as if I have double the time available to me now.

8 days, ST3 is a sweet relief and making ST1 and 2 seem worth it now.


So true, I found myself contemplating just this the other night. How with women it’s no big deal, choose from who chooses you, nothing personal.

But with business and sales I was making every call as if it was life or death.

Tony Robbins I think talks about taking some aspect of life you are really good/successful at, and modeling your approach, mindset, actions from that into other areas.


I don’t believe this is realistic of possible to do all the time and with all people.

I won’t go much deeper into why, but you can read this book to understand why, and why chasing control of people is the source of most of life’s pain:


This should be written on every sales page of Khan and EoG :smile:


Yes, this is how it works on every level of life. With women too.

You’re not convincing anybody of anything. You find people who have some interest, and show them you have a great offer.


I totally understand your point here, I’m not controlling anyone’s life decisions. But I’m giving so much value to other person that the other person just doesn’t want to cheat on me. Like David Snyder mentions in one of his lecture that if you give 3 orgasms for three days to a woman, she will be hooked to you for life. So I am giving her value, which she just can’t risk. And there are many more such things. This is just one example.

I’m not controlling where she is going and with whom she is. I’m confident, and this freedom gives me more confidence. Which women are sucker for.

I agree 100 percent that you can’t control people all the time, you can’t control other person’s freedom and such type of control will only bring suffering for both or more people involved in a relationship.


Then @MavericKobra you are very correct.

I agree 100% with every word you say, and you are doing things amazingly well.

I wish you more success. And if you’re consistently using a sub from here, I would love to read your journal.