Ecstasy of Gold - Now or Never


I am using Emperor. Also, I wanted to use Ultimate artist but I don’t feel like buying it. I wish it was more specific. Or multi stage sub. I do maintain a personal journal. But I will soon update my achievements here.

I was following this journal to know whether I should buy EoG or not.


Exactly what happened to me. Its just amazing.


This reminds me of when I was in Pre-Paid Legal services way back in the day, a favorite phrase of theirs was “Some will, some won’t. So what? Who’s next?” :smiley:


@HappyHero - Wow. This David Snyder guy is awesome. Not heard of him before. Will dive into his materials too. Thanks.


13 days of ST3

Most days I’m at around 20 hours. A couple have been less than 10 due to phone issues overnight (why I sometimes prefer masked). But more than a handful at close to 24 hours. So I will be conservative and say 195 hours clocked.

Nothing new to report. Still being super productive and have a yearning to get things done rather than having to force myself or use willpower. I just do it.

Also been driven to do a lot of inner change work, energy work, and manifesting work at night. This I think has required more sleep of me as well as naps. But no biggie I’m doing this in addition to a bunch of work and getting everything I want to done.

In fact just last night I was doing an exercise on a past traumatic memory and I ended up breaking down and crying which was then followed by a calm euphoria where I just laid there for about 30 minutes.

I still recall 2 very vivid dreams. One from each of the past two nights. (This is unusual for me, usually I don’t remember my dreams and if I do only shortly after waking up and then they are gone)

1st dream: I kept trying again and again to throw a football as far as I could. Like the NFL QB challenges at the pro bowl. However, no matter how much effort or umphh or technique or strength I would put into it, the ball would never go more than 5-10 yards. The whole dream was me attempting over and over. I woke up very frustrated.

2nd dream: A guy cut in front of me to check in at a hotel. I walked up behind him and just started absolutely screaming and yelling and reaming him as well as the lady working at the counter. Another worker asked me to step back in line and calm down. I did, for a minute. But then I went back to just screaming and angrily yelling at the guy and the hotel lady. Then woke up.

That is all, nothing much on tangible results.


Day 14 of ST3

This is the first tiny bit of struggle I’ve had on ST3 and I assume it’s a small reconciliation happening. Nothing even near close to previous stages. And I’m still taking a lot of inspired action and getting a lot accomplished.

Last night and this morning I have found myself with a strong urge to change or add a sub, or even take a break for a couple days. I am really missing the feeling of absolute social status, confidence, and attractiveness that came with dating subs such as AM, S&S, and others.

Random contemplation: It made me think back some. The most motivated and action oriented I have ever been in life was before I knew how to get girls. Essentially all of my motivation to work hard, to make money, to live a cool lifestyle, get a cool car…was ultimately to get girls. Now that I have that area of life very well sorted, what is my motivation for money???

Edit: I also had another very vivid dream last night. In it, an ex-girlfriend (kind of the one that got away from back when I was immature and a dumbass) was telling me all the things I did wrong. Not in a mean or angry way. But in a loving, to help kind of way. Then she proceeded to make out with this fat, no hygiene, slob haha and tell me she was marrying him. I see the humor there, but I woke up feeling really sad and guilt and shame.

Anyway, of course I’m just going to ride it out as I am this far in and have made a commitment to EoG and this is a very minor reconciliation, if any. Could just be a strange day, or hormones, or the moon :man_shrugging:



Funny I’ve had a similar realization…It’s almost like a life hack, what do you need money for if you can still pull chicks without it? :thinking:

I keep focused by telling myself I’m playing a bigger game, one more focused on long term success than short term pleasure.



Yes! Exactly as you stated in your first paragraph.

I’m recalling way back from my pua days (and not sure what’s allowed for naming companies) but a very famous dating coach named Jeffy wanted to get in shape. According to him, and not sure how he did it, but he convinced/brainwashed/ tricked himself into believing that unless he got super jacked and six pack abs, he would never be able to get hot chicks again.

It seems the people I know who are very wealthy have one very deep motivation. One guy I know was a stoner beach bum until in his mid-30’s found out he got a one night stand pregnant. And his kid was his drive to change.

Another guy was the second boy his family had but his parents really wanted a girl so resented him as he states. He has a bunch of stories like his parents getting his brother a nice car for his 18th bday and then him just a few new clothing items. His motivation was kind of an F you to his parents.

I guess reproduction is one of those deep imbedded drivers that motivated a lot of men to get very wealthy across the ages.


Yes. And a very famous dating coach named Julien revealed that negative motivation is just making yourself suffer on your way to your goals.

You can get there as a positive choice, and be happy enjoying the journey too :slight_smile:


Because you can do many dope things having abudance of money


Travel the world go on adventures not have to work a boring job for a living be a philanthropist and help others get free?


It’s a very reasonable thought @Hollywood. And it got me thinking: What other things you might have not yet considered that could be good reasons to make good money even when you can pull chicks without it, that are relevant and important to you?


there’s a guy on twitter @pulte he is a millionaire philanthropist and it’s truly inspiring and amazing what the guy does. He just gives away money and helps people out.


Ever seen this guy?

I would love to give away money to people the way he does. Seriously, tipping a random waitress 10k or a Twitch streamer 10k for being attractive, dropping 20k onto a street from a drone or giving somebody 3 million(!) pennies. I think he’s got a video where he talks to a homeless guy that used to be a musician but had to sell his guitar, so he takes him into a store and buys him a new one.

And of of course the experiments he does. Can 10000 condoms stop a bullet? How many balloons does it take to float?

I often consider that if someone ever gave me 10k to give away to random people, I’d give it to people that hold doors open for others, cover their mouth when they yawn, or pick up someone else’s litter and throw it away. You know, everyday heroes that still know what manners are. People that say please and thank you and actually mean it.

What would you do if someone gave you a 100k but you had to spend it on others? Anyway, probably not something to discuss on Hero’s journal, but since you were talking about philanthropy…



The rest of the quote got left out…lol. But to answer your question…

  • Being able to take care of my mother and give her anything she wants

  • Establishing a good example if I have children

  • Creating programs for at risk youth

  • Give money to charities

  • Travel around the world

Just a few things off the top of my head


That’s very kind and generous @Hollywood. I really applaud you for those goals. Pretty awesome indeed :slight_smile:

I also seem to sense behind all those goals there is a “caring” reason, a kind of father / big brother / caretaker role. Is there anything correct in what I am saying?

Maybe if you thought a bit about the reason behind those goals, it can be enlightening. Maybe it’s the fatherly / big brother / caretaker role, or maybe it’s another one you can think about that is important to you.

What could it be, I really wonder?


I am thinking to buy EoG but i am not sure yet. Your journal is the most detailed and i am reading again backwards

What should i expect on st1 st2?
Was your productivity low in any of them? How can you resist the temptation of adding more subs. For me its very difficult to understand what i want in my life. Amash pointed out my actions point towards financial success but i want everything. Of course running a financial sub doesnt mean you will not be succesful in other areas like fitness or socially

Any insight you could give about EoG or my situation is appreciated


Well, after reading that thread I took a full 24 hours off from subs and have not played subs the last two nights while sleeping. Started back with about 8 loops Sunday and yesterday during the day.

I am attending a wedding this weekend, I only know the bride and no one else but it is going to be like knockouts in the wedding party and attendance. The bride is a model. Yep.

So…yesterday in preparation I brought back my all time favorite Sex and Seduction with a bit of sex mastery. Maybe 4 loops of S&S and 1 of Sex mastery each yesterday and today.

I can’t really explain it but my dating app matches have gone crazy, girls are hovering around me and making stupid excuses to talk to me out and about, one of the hottest girls I have ever interacted with kind of faded out of my life a few months ago. She randomly contacted me yesterday and we are going out tonight.

I also have two dates lined up next week when I return with girls that I thought ghosted me a while back. This is crazy shit.

My confidence is sky high and I feel like I got my mojo back.


Well, if you get the chicks why you need the money? I guess he busy with the chicks. :smiley: Should be done with ST 3 I was hoping to read about the experience moving into ST 4.


Strange happenings on this end.

I had an opportunity come up for business that required me to travel for the last week.

I was going to be busy so just decided to fully take the last week off from subs completely. Both that recent topic on not listening during the night and the fact that I have been on a sub for probably 5 months pretty much 17 hours a day or more now without much more than an unplanned day here or there off.

My motivation skyrocketed. I accomplished so much in this last week even while being busy traveling and on planes and late nights and early flights. I also made a significant amount of money while working when gone.

What came back as well that I have been missing is girls have been eyeing me everywhere I go. I went on a couple dates while traveling just from approaching girls I noticed giving me the eye, and my dating apps have been blowing up.

I think I might take a couple more days off of subs completely and then revisit EoG ST3 on a more conservative schedule.

This kind of makes sense now though, because I had amazing results on S&S when I first found subclub and at that point I hadn’t read the forum so was pretty laid back about listening. I also had a job at that time so probably averaged 5-8 hours a day. And I wasn’t obsessed about getting my 500 hours in. I just let things happen.