Elixir of Regeneration


It happened to me a lot too! Sometimes they push the right buttons when reconciliation makes us more sensitive to those triggers. Sometimes they just happen to be there when we are angry and we cant tolerate anything or anyone.


It only happens when healing though


Yeah, that lovely reconciliation!


I get super bored. Possibly reconciliation


I’ve got super bored with my job too but that’s the last day today so maybe it’s more about that fact.


And me, I haven’t had a fight with my gf since I started running this stack which is unusual. Usually we have at least two-three fights per day. Usually it’s just bickering. but it may lead to some more serious confrontation upon a wave of hot, rapid emotions.


Day 5

I haven’t had a fight with my gf since I started running the stack five days ago… only today we bickered a bit but it didn’t change into any drama so I still think the stack has helped a lot improve that aspect of our life. The stack keep my emotions under control and only from time to time I feel a little frustration but it’s like nothing if I compare it to my regular frustrations over petty matters. Another thing, yesterday one of my students, one I had some problems before, did something which would make me angry and scold him only one week ago but I was taken aback when I didn’t feel any surge of anger and I managed the situation with equanimity.

I think and feel the sub has done a lot towards eliminating my father related traumas but it’s too son to say if it’s dealt with it permanently. Apart from that I still hope the stack will help me deal with my brother’s death trauma.


Day off

I’m definitely more stable internally and have much more energy. I’m really eager to see how it goes later on. If I didn’t know I was running a healing stack I would say it was an alpha programing stack since it makes me rock solid.


Day off

On yesterday evening I felt slightly irritated and as if the trauma (related to my father) I thought I had fought off was coming back to me wit its doubled force… I felt a heavy burden upon me but fortunately that state lasted around 3 hours only. Later on I called my family and spoke to my sister, mother and later on to my father. I spoke to him for a long time and it was really pleasant. At the end of conversations he greeted my gf and wished us all the best. It felt really good.

Today I was busy since we’re moving out and when my gf started getting anxious about that I settled her down. I was cool and in control. I like it.


On top of that, I sleep around 7 hours per night yet I’m well-rested and have a lot of energy. I suppose it’s Rich, Deep Sleep and Limitless Physical Energy in action. Moreover, that feeling of being exposed to an alpha programming is caused by Godlike Masculinity, Extreme Confidence, Extreme Personal Power and Weakness Destroyer.

I’ve just learnt Regeneration have similar objectives to Ascension apart from its core and its sexual objectives. Cool. So it’s like healing towards becoming/building Alpha.


I kept asking the question before …why is regeneration making me feel sexual. I also had lots of stares from ladies in stores while on regeneration


They didn’t put all the objectives on the sale page just wrote “and much more” but actually there’s Ascension lite in it so no wonder there’s a sexual edge in it too. But actually it says “Ascension LITE script, rewritten to assist with emotional healing”. You had a lot of stares for being handsome maybe? Or it was just about displaying core alpha traits Regeneration fosters too.


I have no idea were that stares came from but since you have the same sexual experience then something is in there…


Day 8

I’ve noticed I became more patient, understanding and… merciful. One taxi driver fetched my things to the post office and tore a hole in my bag (which was cheap) by accident but I paid him extra money for helping with my stuff anyway since I understand things like that happen. Another thing one guy scammed me for 50$ two weeks ago since he charged me more than the bill said but today when I was picking up the thing I had bough, I mentioned that the bill said a lower price than he charged me and he found a lame explanation but I didn’t demand of him to let me talk to the manager, I just let it go knowing the guy could lose a well-paying job for his foolishness. And I hope he learnt his lesson (since he went pretty pale when he saw me today) if not,well good luck to him. Anyway I feel good about what I did even though I lost 50$.


I certainly hope this stack isn’t turning you into a person people walk all over :open_mouth:


Day 9

Not much to report today apart from the fact that it’s my very first day of holidays at my gf’s home whilst visiting her family. Getting bored like fuck… but learning a bit about the thing I’ll be doing to make money online. I told myself I would start only after the holidays but cannot help it being as bored as I am now.


I doubt the stack is doing that…

When one can control his or her emotions then thats a sign of emotional maturity. By ranting and raving the fault that the taxi drive made will not resolve. So why stir up emotions for nothing.
What @Voytek did could of stunned the taxi driver. It could of also chanhed him for the better. @Voytek also learnt that he rather be part of the solution than create more problems.
At the same time dont let people break down your house…i hope you get the point im making.

I would say well done @Voytek


No, it’s not, I had plenty of time to think about that guy who scammed me and what to do about it and I did want to talk to the manager at first but on the other hand I thought about that guy who commited such foolishness and I pitied him since almost everybody would talk to the manager to get that 50$ back and put the guy in a serious trouble. The issue appealed to my moral and maturity so I didn’t act upon anger, greed or a need of vengeance but upon a moral reflection and mercy. If it had been something more severe probably I would have given him a hard lesson. He tried to erase that stain and got some little benefits for me hoping I wouldn’t learn on the scam or to convince me he was honest or had no bad intentions so I took it into account too. It’s pretty interesting how my system of values didn’t change but acting upon it has making me more in tune with my superego and giving me a bit more control over my impulses, bad emotions and my behavior caused by them.


Well good for you, dude. I like the way you framed it and what matters most is that you’re proud of yourself! Good stuff.


Day 10

Last night I dreamt about a woman who made my life unpleasant at work by undermining me, talking behind my back. I dreamt she went back to our school but this time she was genuinely nice to me and was helping me deal with the new head of our program who is another, nasty story. I quit the job last Friday but still the dream surprised me with its vividness. Then I dreamt about my brother which was my second greatest trauma in my life. I dealt with the trauma related to my father last week and I wanted to be more focused on dealing with the trauma related to my brother’s death. In the dream I was talking to my brother yet he seemed to be a stranger, he even looked like someone I didn’t know yet I knew it was him. Then I woke up and realized that for the last two-three years of his life he was a bit like a stranger to me since he attended a board school and rarely was at home. He changed a lot and so fast and only after his death I Iearnt he was a drug dealer and was getting addicted to amphetamine. That morning realization inclined me to think that my responsibility for his death was much lesser than I thought. I was two years older than he was and I was the last person who spoke to him just before he committed suicide. I didn’t blame myself for his death yet I felt I could do something more to prevent him from doing it… Realizing the fact he was a bit like a stranger to me helped me understand that my understanding of him was poor at that time therefore my ability to help him was weakened. My stack keeps doing a great job.