Elixir of Regeneration


Day 22

Day 23

I had a conversation with my gf about our relationship and the result was she got so desperate she said she would kill herself if I left her. Poor girl… I was calm and concrete explaining the reasons I was considering a break-up.

My past relationships with people are kept being reframed in my dreams.


Day 24

I felt blue and was annoyed today since they didn’t want to fix my laptop within the warranty although it was the producer’s fault it got broken. On top of that, I waited for my laptop for almost 7 weeks and once I got it I got a lame feedback; no can do, sorry. Well, Thailand. When I got back home I ran one loop of Elixir and the magic happened, I regain my good mood and I’m at peace again. I felt better after playing it for 10 minutes only. Wow.


Day 25

I was depressed a bit and irritated today with no particular reason. Maybe the stack is digging really deep and it was some kind of reconciliation. It was very similar to what happened to me yesterday (described above).


Day 26
Day off

I might be getting a slight reconciliation since I felt a bit uncomfortable in social situations today. I’m considering reducing the number of loops for Regeneration from 5 to 4 but it depends on how it goes later on.

I’ve decided to play my stack for 42 days in total since the old technology recommendation was 30 days so it’s also 30 days of running my stack if we exclude the days off. Besides, I have a feel the stack has done the main work already and I just want to see if I can get something more out of it in the short term. I’ll be switching to Khan Stage 1 when I’m done and stick to Elixir.


Ah! Good old 42. It’s my “lucky number”. I just see it a lot.


For me it’ 44 so… :slight_smile:
Another thing is Khan Stage 1 is a healing program similar to Regeneration so I consider it a natural transition on the way of my subliminal evolution. I was pondering on using Stark with other programs and I concluded it should be my leading archetype program when running other subs unless it collided with some of them. In other words, I want to stack it with almost every program I’ll run in the future since its archetype is the potential in me I want to unlock. Ultimately, I shall build a custom based on that archetype adding to its flavour what’s necessary like modules improving social skills, boosting cognitive power, oriented on wealth, status and women. Besides, it’s available in Q, T and Ultima which gives you a lot of options of using it.


Day 27
Day off

I feel refreshed today, I needed those two days off, now I’m ready to keep going for another two weeks.


Day 28

There’s been a lot of confusion I went through since the newest subliminal - Dragon Reborn is a really tantalizing sub and I read people are getting great results so I was considering giving it a try myself. I was tempted by Khan too, however, at the current point in my life it would be best to run Emperor since I’ve just started as an entrepreneur, I don’t have any income source at the moment, no money to invest in something bigger and I have to learn the ropes first. Playing any other wealth-oriented sub (apart from Mogul) wouldn’t be a good solution for me right now and it’s money which should be the main focus right now. Apart from it, I feel I need to improve my productivity, determination and decisiveness and Emperor fits that needs perfectly. There will be some better time to play Dragon Reborn or any other major title than right now, I believe.

Apart from that, I just keep healing myself although I don’t feel I still need it. Oh well, two weeks left. Gonna see how it goes.


And perfect time to do so too just after your Elixir Ultima + RegenerationQ run. When I ran Emperor after EU + RQ, I could feel that I was reaping the rewards of emotional healing.


This is what @Dragonrider mentioned too. It’s interesting and makes perfect sense to me since while being healed your “energy” is being rechanneled from sustaining “bad things” to fostering “good things”. I may stack Emperor with DR down the road since there must be more to rechannel in my mind. I was a real emotional “invalid” for the lion’s share of my life and although I’ve been using mind programming for almost six years and it’s healed a lot, there hasn’t been a program like Dragon Reborn before. I’m sure that kitten would do me a lot of GOOD.


Day 30

I miscalculated the days it’s day 30 today, oh well. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ve decided to finish the run today because I haven’t noticed any changes for some days and I think/feel the sub has done the main job for me. It’s cleared out the major traumas of my life, reduced the negative self-talk and made me a bit more grounded. It’s been a great run and I didn’t expect that stack to do for me as much as it did. I didn’t even think I needed any healing but I was wrong and the stack showed me what needed to be cleared out and it did that for me. However, I think I need a deeper healing which includes more levels and nothing better than Dragon Reborn to do that. I’ll be moving to DR tonight.


Here be Dragons! Very soon SubClub will be the source of more Dragons than Valyeria itself (the land in Game of Thrones where Dragons come from. And am saying that loosely)


Yes, dragons like mushrooms after the rain. :stuck_out_tongue: I was tempted by Emperor but ultimately, since I have five months to myself (at home) I want to devote it to healing even though Emperor could help me a lot. I may stack it with DR later on which I doubt for now since it’s better to focus on healing first and then try to become Emperor.


Amen to that. I didn’t want to advice you to do that but it’s the best option to be frank. You root out everything and then build. That’s much better than destroying and creating at the same time.


I’m wondering how much shit it’s going to kick out of me. I was surprised this stack had kicked out a lot of it where I thought “noway, there was nothing special to clear out”. I was wrong.


All I can say is: “Looking forward to be kicked in my “dragon egg ass” multiple times by this multistage” LOL