Elixir of the Golden Dragon - Dragon Reborn Stage 2 + Mogul + ElixirU


Here’s the Empress. It may be the final draft but it depends on the results on DR and Mogul.


Empress? I’m confused


Helping those people is the core of the business I’m thinking about right now.

The Empress is supposed to help me carry out that business. I need to be focused on Love and Hope (which is the heart of the Empress) so those two modules Blue Skies and Hope. Apart from that on connecting with people, helping them and building wealth around it. Wealth = thoughtful generosity.


That’s a killer stack man, and I like the arcana vibes.

Deleted my other post, the less of my noise on your thread, the better. It’s a milestone for you. :muscle:


The Empress is my future leading card according to Tarot. It might be a coincidence but…
I’ll have to work a bit more on that concept.

What I’ve changed is the way I think about my subliminal journey. Before I thought I should focus on becoming someone who would fit in the society, learn the game and simply get rich to succeed in life but I was mistaken, of course. The Golden Dragon and The Empress are based on my natural gifts, preferences, potential and sense of purpose. Those programs are aimed at Thoughtful Generosity which to me is the pinnacle of Wealth. Tat’s just another concept I’ll have to work on.


Arcana vibes !!

Are you building this to run with DR?

For a moment I was like-holy shit Voytek is actually a woman :joy:

Really cool build and aim-thoughtful generosity as the pinnacle of wealth.

What had you decide to drop PCC/HOM or will those come in later?


Same thing I thought


Nope, I’m a male and don’t force me, guys, to prove it the most obvious way I could and no striptease for free, anyways. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Nope, I shall start running it after I’m done with DR transferring Mogul to a stack with The Empress. I’m really excited about that project since it includes ME, my natural gifts, professional skills (I’m a social counsellor - I’ve got a Master’s degree in Welfare), personality type, preferences, my sense of purpose and… MY HEART. The Empress (in Tarot) is a symbol of Wealth and Nurturing Power whose pinnacle is, again, Thoughtful Generosity. Following that archetype/concept, I want to build Wealth around that project developing myself as a human being on that path as well. I’ve improved The Empress a bit and, probably, I’ll change it a bit later on, depending on my results and SC module offer.

These are not priorities of mine, right now, besides my previous custom - Transgressive Will to Power was focused on what I consider something which could help me fit in the society and the general social game (homo homini lupus est). It’s just not me and it would take a lot of time to change into someone who could be a player in that game, on top of that, ultimately it could make me unhappy and my real me would get mutilated and my true value wasted. The Golden Dragon and The Empress which are the key concepts of my way which leads to my ultimate purpose - Thoughtful Generosity. I’ve always felt that purpose deep inside and followed that concept but DR made it more pronounced and gave me more focus on that goal and a lot of motivation and confidence in that project and myself.


I apologize in advance, but this came instantly to my mind when you said that you have red hair :stuck_out_tongue:


Such a tease


Great song, thank you.

Remember, guys, that only a ginger can call another ginger “ginger”. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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@Hoppa Tim Michin is awesome

@Voytek it’s a wig


Is it ok to say ‘red-headed person’ ?


People used to call me many different names related to my hair colour and I’m rock-immune to any names in this regard so, yeah, it sounds good to me. My grandmother used to call me “Rudzik” which in Polish means “robin”:

I loved it since she always smiled with love when she was calling me that name… :slight_smile:


Hmm… Robin Hood archetype is also very interesting in regards to Thoughtful Generosity. That archetype could be the base of my future project which would include PCC and the House of Medici, the main theme in here is, of course, “stealing” from the rich to aid the poor. Interesting concept, indeed. :sunglasses:


PCC/HOM would very much fit that.
I see Robin Hood as the Hunter Archtype- someone who competes and plays in the world for gain/prize
and trickster archetype .


however you plan to do it, you will be one of those rich people soon–so don’t look down on them too much :wink:


That’s correct. That might be one of the future steps on my path. Hard to tell now. I prepared The Empress but still, I may do without it since I have the required gifts and skills, The Empress would make it much smoother though, I guess. I don’t have to think about that much right now, creating The Empress was also about generating ideas and improving the vision of my path. I love the custom and the concepts which it’s based on but life is like The Empress - a woman - unpredictable and changeable. For now, I’m planning on drinking the Elixir of The Golden Dragon button up. :heart_eyes: 400 hours in total. I’m starting on the morrow.