Elixir of the Golden Dragon - Dragon Reborn Stage 2 + Mogul + ElixirU


Total Exposure Time: 78/400

Stage 2 feels pretty much like Regeneration but a bit more profound and I feel much more solid than when doing Regeneration. It may be related to running Mogul along.


Can you elaborate on that?


It makes me more vulnerable and moody (like Regeneration used to make me) but I’m solid in social situations while Regeneration used to make me meek and a bit uncomfortable in social context.

Last night I dreamt I was a spaceship commander. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

JCast Dragon Reborn Stage 1

As I said, I had noticed Stage 2 is very similar to Regeneration which didn’t come as a surprise since it’s heavily focused on healing, therefore, it’s working on a deep level and there’s a scarcity of external results. At least for now, I’m only 40 hours into Stage 2.


Total Exposure Time: 100/400

Stage 2 is making me a BIT uncomfortable in social contexts. It’s due to my ancient issue which is social anxiety. I dealt with it a couple of years ago using alpha programming but DR digs so deep that it comes to the surface, I guess. It was pretty much the same when I was on Regenration but less severe.


Total Exposure Time: 100/400

Although I don’t feel any particular need I’m having two days off to see how it goes.
I feel a bit lighter and more “elastic”.


That’s good. I had to force myself to take a break as well.

Regen had GLM if I remember correctly, do you feel that coming through as well with DR ST2?

I remember Regen + Elix went pretty smooth for me, at least in the month or so I used it. I did only one loops of each per day, but I remember you did like 3-5 loops if I’m not mistaken.

This comparison tells me DR ST2 is pretty potent then.


No, I don’t feel anything like GLM during Stage 2. I think it was at work during Stage 1.

Yes, I played five loops.


Total Exposure Time: 102/400

I spoke to my lady yesterday and after a couple of hours of “emotional negotiating” I finally concluded and told her that I’m the only one who decides on my money and she shouldn’t try to influence me too much in that matter and that I expect of her to improve our sex life which she started neglecting some time ago. In the morning she showed an improvement in the latter matter, we shall see how about the former.


Emotional negotiating or gas lighting?


There was a bit of gaslighting in it too but by “emotional negotiating” I meant talking about all that bullshit women tend to try to put on you. Blaming, accusing, trying to put you into guilt and shame, and all that crap.


Total Exposure Time: 126/400

I switched from using my mp3 player to using my phone and I feel the subs are affecting me stronger while listening to them. The results also are more pronounced. It’s interesting, I thought the only thing which mattered were headphones.

  • My dreams are more vivid and meaningful. Last night I dreamt about a very old friend of mine. Our friendship broke apart and I felt some resentment towards him but in the dream, my attitude towards him was healthy and even compassionate.
  • I’m more dominant in my relationship and I drew the line firmly.
  • I’ve started reevaluating my values related to money and getting rich.
  • Finally, I understood that the game changer in getting rich is distinguishing between I need “x” because THE REASON and I want to have “y”.
  • I understand myself better.
  • I have a clearer vision of the path I want to follow if it comes to personal development.


Those are some powerful breakthroughs, @Voytek :+1:


This is incredible to read, Jesus - so many results I’m reading tonight! Glad it’s going well for you brother. I’m still jealous my dreams aren’t as vivid as other peoples or that I can’t remember them.


Total Exposure Time: 150/400

This stack makes me even more solid, assertive, dominant and clearheaded if it comes to the path I follow… I didn’t expect changing my player for my phone could give me so much more results. Also my water intake is significantly higher now and I feel my listening is more taxing than it was before changing the players.


Total Exposure Time: 180/400

Although I’m still on holidays I’m learning about cryptocurrencies vehemently. I’ve learnt the basics and now I’m following the news where they’re talking about Ripple and XRP being sued by SEC. Basically, now I’m doing my homework on history of cryptocurrencies to learn more about its dynamics (in the past, of course). I think Mogul urges me to start my financial education from learning on cryptocurrencies. Before I was more interested in learning on starting a new business but I think what I’m learning now is far more important since everybody can use cryptocurrencies, not only businessmen.


Total Exposure Time: 210/400

After pondering for a long time and learning what I needed to learn I finally launched my online enterprise inspired by the book “Crush it!” (Gary Vaynerchuk). The name of my project is… “Elixir of the Golden Dragon” and it’s focused on well-being as I have a Master’s degree in Welfare and I’m strongly interested in a variety of topics related to well-being, like health, relationships, career and finance. It’s going to take a lot of time and effort but hell, it’s about following my heart and helping people! :heart_eyes:

Today, I didn’t do much apart from creating a Gmail account, a Facebook fan page and a Youtube channel. I also studied how other people in that filed run their Facebook fan pages. The very next thing I have to work on is my blog where I could share my knowledge and experience in my field. I also have to read some more books, articles and watch some videos to make it a habit since to be an expert I have to constantly learn, practice and synthesize.

My current stack inspired me to go back to my field and emphasize health/healing as the axis of my activity. I have a little idea on what I’m doing if it comes to undertaking this kind of project but I’m going to learn the ropes.


I love this.

Congrats on launching your venture. Any book someone says inspires/causes a proactive big step like that I’ll read. So it’s on que for next month.

What’s your sense of DR stage 2 in regards to physical healing (or even neurological)?


Many years ago I got electrocuted and since then my left-hand little finger and ring finger used to get numb from time to time. It was like that for years. Since I started using Regeneration and DR later on my fingers got strangely warm from time to time and they haven’t got numb for over two months now. I attribute it to Regeneration and DR, so definitely, there’s some neurological healing component in both programs. Or maybe it’s Elixir… I’ve been running it since I started running Regeneration and now it’s stacked with DR.


What’s the plan for monetization? Infoproducts, coaching, affiliate products?

Don’t forget to setup an email list. Money is in the list.
I use ActiveCampaign. I’ve heard good things about ConvertKit.